Spreading the Guru’s Light in South America


It is so amazing to hear the stories of the group of Sikhs that are traveling all over South America on the fourth Guru Ram Das Lord of Miracles Tour. They are not just any group of Sikhs though, since I know them all personally. Quite a few of them are from our little town of Espanola, New Mexico (USA). My mother (Sat Kirin Kaur) is also part of the group, and I am happy that she is part of this tour again for the second year.

Guru Bachan Singh who has been leading this effort is such an awesome and servicefull person. He is one of those huge tall Sikhs that loves to serve (especially food! He always cooks for everyone). He is also Harimanderjot Singh’s father (Chardikala Jatha). Bhai Sahiba Bibi Inderjit Kaur (Yogii Bhajan’s wife) is also traveling as part of the group. It is such a beautiful experience to be able to teach, share and serve people in this way. I wish I could go with them. One day maybe!

When I spoke to some of these sevadhars about the previous tour of South America (2005) they expressed that it reminded them of how it was for them (20-30 years ago) when they were teenagers and just learning about Sikhi. There is that yearning to learn more….and just getting started on the path as a spiritual person and Sikh. There are not very many Sikhs in South America, but I see the seeds being planted :)

What is beautiful is that most of these people are learning through experience. An not an intellectual thing. More and more these days I have received emails from people starting to practice the Sikh lifestyle. No one is converting people or telling them to become Sikhs either. It is just a natural attraction after having a experience and learning about the teachings of the Gurus.

It is amazing seeing how a having a few seeds planted and nurtured, grow and then spread more seeds. Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) used to always tell people, "I am not here to get students, but create teachers for tommorow". I see this now as more and more of those people that were like uncles/aunties/friends of mine are now spreading the light of the Gurus and helping uplift people’s lives. Every where I look I see someone doing awesome work in the world!

Over the past 30+ years we have all learnt so much from Siri Singh Sahib. We used to look to him for leadership in so many areas. Since he passed away I feel like we have all taken it upon ourselves to take more of a leadership role in teaching and serving others. There is so much pain in this world and things are getting more and more crazy by the year. This is why it is important for us all to be a lighthouse for others. We have to get out there (yes…outside the Sikh community) and serve! If we as Sikhs are not known for our service then we will have more problems than we have today.

The latest stop in South America was Bogota, Colombia 
It seemed like they made quite an impact in this city; and this is just one of the many stops on the 40 day tour. All kinds of people from all different religious backgrounds are learning about Sikhs, learning to meditate, becoming more healthy with Kundalini Yoga, and chanting to Guru Ram Das ji.

Teaching at schools, doing radio interviews that were Broadcast all over Colombia. Doing a television program for 2 complete hours that is seen not only in Colombia but also in Europe, Australia, Iceland, and Africa. That’s great positive exposure for Sikhs if you ask me!

"We were asked every topic imaginable about our Sikh way of life, Kundalini Yoga and our tour. The response was so strong that the telephone lines of the network were inundated with listeners trying to find out more about us.

The following morning we left the hotel at 5am to teach a class with the Bogota Police Department. To our surprise more than 1300 policemen attended the class that was filled with kundalini yoga, meditations and chanting to Guru Ram Das. In our life, it was such a miracle of Guru Ram Das that this whole event even took place. Just imagine in Bogota more than 1300 policemen who were patrolling the streets that day had already done their spiritual practice and chanted the Naam before coming on duty! The Commandant and the Generals present were so impressed by their personal experience and the response of the police department that they requested us to develop a program for the Police Academy making Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan available to all cadets in the future. Wahe Guru!"


See more pictures and read some more details of this part of the tour in Colombia 

5 Responses to “Spreading the Guru’s Light in South America”

  1. Prabhu Singh says:

    Dhan Guru Ram Das!

    “pooree ho-ee karaamaat aap sirjanhaarai Dhaari-aa”

    “Perfect is Your miracle; the Creator Lord Himself has installed You on the throne.”

  2. Thanks Gurumustuk for sharing this article. It really inspired me on this day. It was so touching. Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das!
    Greetings & peace.

  3. Happy Singh says:

    I really enjoyed reading this inspiring article. My question was that how just a few sikhs on this amazing mission got ttreated with such a welcome to a foriegn country? Did the arrange all the interviews and Radio programs etc. before hand or did this all happened when they arrived?

  4. Happy Singh… I’m sure that many of these things were arranged in advance. This is the forth tour and is not the first time to South America. I think from previous visits they have built up connections and a reputation. There are already growing Sangats of Sikhs and people practicing Kundalini Yoga/Meditation which I am sure help in each of the city.

  5. Ramanpreet singh says:

    I was in tears while reading about the way you are spreading love and teachings of Guru Ram Das ji.

    Gurmustuk, i don’t know whether you remember me or not , you visited my cyber cafe (cybercity) ,Amritsar in 1999. I am a regular reader of your blog and i think i always looked in to your noble work as a critic but veer .. You guys are doing so much sewa … that people like us should definitely learn something from you.

    wjkk wjkf