Yogi Bhajan Punjabi Lectures 1970s

Yogi BhajanIn the early 1970’s Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (AKA: Yogi Bhajan) visited Singapore and Malaysia. During that visit many of his lectures in the Gurdwaras were recorded and distributed on cassette tapes. I have posted a few of these punjabi lectures in the past 6 months, but was just able to get a bunch more. Many people had requested that I post more of the Punjabi Katha/Lectures. I must admit that I don’t understand most of what is being said in the lecture so can’t give any kind of summary or information relating to the content of the lectures.

If you are able to…you can help by writing a summary of what is talked about in the lecture (Just post it as a comment).


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  1. Jasvinder Singh says:

    Thanks Veer Ji for posting this.

  2. Gurpreet singh says:


    Thanks for this lecture, but although im punjabi, living in england i don’t understand it well. Could you please post a lecture in english!

    Thanks again


  3. Karambir Singh says:

    To the guru’s form Khalsa sangat Ji. WJKK WJKF!

    This is done to best of dass’s ability, and i have tried to keep it as close to the actual as i could.

    Translation of Singapore Lecture (Punjabi)1970s

    My sisters and brothers.
    I life there reaches a point where the unknown (soul) is recognised by the person it is not that rare, especially in the Sikh dharma, and also other dharama’s it’s also the same. The dharma cuts the karma, therefore who do not wish to be grinded in the grinder (grinder karma)and want to join the dharma and be blessed and happy, there in no other path for them other than dharma. God gave the man “man” (like a Jamaican would say it) to serve the man but, the “man” has turned on the man to make him serve him.

    Over night we talked much, and if i can tonight catch a plain in going to catch the plane and go back. for you who think different now that im going, and you are more open and able to discuss, talk about some things that you could not before, you can do now, but it’s all ways same for me coming and going.

    There is a thought that “Sikh dharma” is in danger i do not agree with this. I believe that the real education and Sikh word being put out has started now, the Khalsa representation, Khalsa rule talk has started now. Today the Khalsa has recognised the Bana, Bani, Sewa, Simran, today by the grace of the all might god, Sikhism has crossed the boundaries of sutluj (a river, i think near Delhi), today everyone (rich, poor, educated, uneducated and so on) has tried to live proper lifes, with higher consciousness.

    Dharma is a juice, nectar, i used to say you drink to your harts content take $25 and get another bottle of alcohol, what do we care. If you can not make nectar with the machine inside you (soul) and cut this world misery with it, then what good is this external drinking, if your inside is not happy. Stupid people do so they will do so because a stupid person can not produce anything (nectar, Peace of mind) from in side so he starts to take a loan from outside (THIS IS SIGN OF A STUPID PERSON). So is some one can’t strengthen their inner spirit, strengthen your outside and be happy by drinking. This life has not been give for these kinds of things, these have no link with the soul progression (the journey) these thinks are (money, property, beauty, clothes). This physical for was given to recognise the inside the secret unknown (soul), the man has not found a way to recognise it. We are not without a guru “without guru the name is bad” or that who plays with the rules of guru is bad. And to betray guru over a little thing a tiny thing and become “without guru” (nagura). and that little mistake is that people stand infront of the mirror and have the short comings. The english bit you can under stand so the punjabi after that is that what the mirror reflects that is the limit people limit them self’s in this way, for this reason Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave Sikhs the
    “Rehit” rules and guideline, and said the rules are important to me not the Sikh, because who follows the rules is a Sikh other is not. Today people who live the rule the sikhi have been born wether it’s one or two, they live far apart from one another but keep the flame burning strong and spreading the light, even though there are facing hard obstacles in their way they carry on the faith Sikhism ever strong. We owe it to you that you are our brothers and sisters and Sikhs you may hate us, call us this or that, diss our Yoga but we still love you and your hurtful things we cherish them like butter. WHY BECAUSE WE ARE THE KHALSA RULE AND WE CAN NOT FORGET YOU! WE CANT NOT SEPERATE FROM YOU AND WE CANNOT LEAVE YOU. Even though we had to bear the hardness seeing you the energy in us has come back, and have been strengthened inside and are thanking strong long steps because of you to reach home because of you the hight that the sages have not achieved in 100-1000 years. WE HAVE BORN AGAIN WITH A CLEAN TRUE SHORT LIFE. You are fortunate to have been born on the land where the gurus walked and have touched the same dust, someone hear me out that, please recognise your inside, what i say is not that hard to do, it easy and simple. “One who drinks knows and recognises.” For this get up wake up for Sikh dharma, you are drunk from else worldly pleasures and mesires crashing from here and there from this shore to that shore, for this i am sad and miserable, i look at your wise ness. Get up today and have the courage to do, so you don’t need to say do it/ not do it every day. We come for your good, so you can see that guru lives and can never be ended, we come to give you the courage and strength to follow your dharma. We are Sikhs of the guru’s rule, to who no one has been able to say anything bad to. My lovely beloved brothers you are very pretty who has welcomed us here we have come from the punjab, and you have welcomed us here very nicely. To say that i have a part in sikhi. You are the spirit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji we know that and we recognise that. If we live we live to serve all.

  4. Thank you Karambir Singh for taking the time to translate the lecture!

  5. gurmeet singh says:

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh
    it was great finding this web it has stopped all my research
    great great great

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    i love yogi ji

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    yogi ji is great , and by listening these lectures i feel he is with us always,