I am a Disco Dancer

It’s friday so I thought why not post something a bit different….even though it has nothing to do with Sikhs. It’s just a flashback for me. I just happened upon one of my friend’s myspace page and found a funny song which I remember hearing often in the 80’s. While I was in boarding school in India (Mussoorie) we used to have a “town leave” around once a month where we got to go into the town of Mussoorie (which is a hill station in the mountains above Dehradun, India). During the town leave we used to sometimes go to this roller skating rink. Hey, it was the 80’s, and roller skating was totally the “in” thing. This was a time when “Disco Divani” and Disco Dancing was popular (Even in India!). I remember hearing the song “I am a disco dancer” quite often during that time, and we used to joke about it. I think most of us students will remember this song.

I did a few searches online and found an actual video that someone posted online. Apparently the song was part of an Indian movie called “Disco Dancer”.

It’s quite funny watching the video which is a combination of bad dancing and cheesy gangtser fight scenes from the movie. This movie came out in 1982, so it is pretty old.

I wonder if others out there heard this song/movie when they were younger. This might be boring for many of you…but for me it was one of those silly things I remember from when I was a kid in India that we all joked about, so it was cool to see that it actually existed and wasn’t just an imagined thing from my past. Who knows?? It was hard being a little kid and being in boarding school half way accross the world.

This was the same time when we had the Human Powered Ferris Wheel, and used to get rides while THIS very music was playing, and the guys that were spinning the ferris wheel would do tricks while they were spinning us around. Open up the picture and click on the large version and you’ll see them in the center of the farris wheel.

You can watch the video below, or if you don’t have broadband internet you can hear the audio clip

Dishoom Dishoom!

7 Responses to “I am a Disco Dancer”

  1. was surprised to see it on your blog. i thought i was the only one with a taste for old bollywood flicks. i remember this movie. it shaped the 80’s as we know it. this guy dancing, mithun chakrabartee was someone in between micheal jackson/bruce lee. we still joke about it now..

  2. Manminder Pabla says:

    I think Mithun is a good actor. He was Big in 80’s. I like his Films. His Son is coming into films as well.

  3. jim beaux says:

    Wow, I didn’t remember it having dub beats. It sounds like Lee Perry mixed it!

  4. Puja says:

    Hi Gurmustak ji,
    lol …i like this post …see i didnt know this movie was that old…i mean i thought it came out in like…89 or something, i was born in 87 and even i remember dancing to this song with my brother one day and we turned up the music so loud and then got in trouble for it…haha !! fun times..!!
    hope everybody is doing well !!
    SatNaam !!

  5. Sairb Singh says:

    Gurumustak, I actually have the dvd in my hands at the moment. What a time warp! I haven’t watched it yet and I’m not sure whether I could make it through the whole thing, I did scan through the songs though. It is just tooo funny.

    The video you linked to is something someone must have put together from various scenes. The song has its own wacky dance number in the movie.

    I was shocked to discover just how many mega hits came from that movie. We heard them constantly growing up. It came out in 82 but was popular all through the 80’s. A real benchmark in cinematic history. LOL : )

  6. Jimmy M says:

    [on 03 Oct 2006 at 11:52 pm jim beaux
    Wow, I didn’t remember it having dub beats. It sounds like Lee Perry mixed it!]

    The version used in this video clip is a special disco remix that I was behind.

  7. Sat Kirpal Khalsa says:

    The London electronic artist M.I.A. has redone one of the songs from disco dancer “Jimmy” and made a hot video to go with it. Complete with 80’s bollywood lighting and film quality.