Photo Blogging on Flickr

Every day or two I have been going through pictures I have taken over the past 15 years and posting some of the unique and interesting ones up on Flickr. It’s always challenging trying to only pick a few and ones that I think are better than the rest. Trying to post more quality than quantity. If you are into taking pictures register for an account and give it a try. It can be quite fun…and Flickr makes the pictures look pretty nice.
Just in case you didn’t already notice, on the right side bar (of this blog) there are small little thumbnail images showing the latest photos that I have posted on Flickr. You can click on any of them to view the full image and add comments. You can do all kinds of other cool things with Flickr…so explore way! (Post pictures to your blog, browse images based on location…through a map, make new friends with similar interests, post pictures from your cell phone, etc).

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One Response to “Photo Blogging on Flickr”

  1. gurusharan says:

    I have been really enjoying your Flickr pictures
    especially the older ones.