Cool Dynamic Screen Saver to Show Sikh Photos

Many of you have probably heard of the cool photo website called  Flickr. This is probably one of the best places to find pictures. Especially Sikh related pictures. For years I have wished there was a place where photographers could post Sikh pictures that the general public would have access to view. There are loads of awesome pictures on the website, and for the past couple of months I have been posting some of my pictures every day or two. It’s kind of like "photo blogging" since it has a whole community aspect with friends/contacts, commenting, etc. You can check out my photos on flickr if you like.

The point of this post was to share a cool free screen saver program (slickr) that enables you to have an always changing selection of pictures. You’ll need Windows and an internet connection in order for the screen saver to download pictures. Works best with broadband (fast) internet access.

Download slickr Screen Saver More info

Here are a few screen captures of the options for to control what to display on the screen saver. You can enter different words/tags to control what types of pictures to show. If you select the "group" option this will show pictures from particular picture groups that have been setup on Flickr. For example, there are two Sikh related groups. One is "sikhs" and the other is  Golden Temple (For this one you’ll have to put in this: [email protected] ). The screen saver will then cycle through the pictures in that photo group.


If you like a particular person’s pictures you can select to only show pictures by that Flickr User. In this example my use ID "gurumustuk singh" is listed. With this setting the screen saver would cycle through any pictures that I post on Flickr.


If you select the "Show file info" option then you’ll see the photo title/author when the picture displays. This is nice sometimes if you want to get more information about the picture which is on screen. 



Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Pressing ‘D’ on your keyboard will set your wallpaper to the current image that is on screen.
  • Pressing the Space bar on your keyboard will open your browser to current image.

3 Responses to “Cool Dynamic Screen Saver to Show Sikh Photos”

  1. Windows? WINDOWS? Excuse me??? where oh where are the Mac lovers amongst your readers?? Rise up I say, rise up and protest!

    OK. Enough ranting. I have a cool desktop collage thing going on anyway, consisting of pics of my kids mostly in India, a lovely photo of Golden Temple, a smiling pic of SSSji, and one of me and my non-Sikh son. Fun!


    Your blog, as always, is lovely, inspiring, fun, and every other good thing.


  2. Haha…. Gurukarm… I actually thought of you when I was putting this program on…since I knew the MAC folks such as yourself would be inquiring. There is a program with similar functionality as this one for MACs. I misplaced the address and haven’t had a chance to find it again.

    You could help and try searching for words like “flickr” and “screensaver”

  3. Tarvinder Singh says:

    waheguru ji,
    i want to the beautiful photo of gurumukh jan & gursikh & enjoying the sikh  in whole world