Sign of the Times


Here is a funny road sign from England that makes me think.

I definitely feel change in the air these days! So much in the world is changing. Are you ready to make a change in the priorities of your life? Don’t wait till tommorow which never comes…take action today! Do something to deepen the connection with your soul and your Guru. We all have the capacity to do great things and help each other; however we have to take the first step and make an effort. The Sikh Gurus gave us a "road" and left us with invaluable teachings to help guide us in our lifetime. All the knowledge in the world won’t help anything unless it is utilized and practiced. Just like a donkey with bibles piled high on it’s back doesn’t make it a priest, we as Sikhs should be a living example of the teachings of the Gurus.

Bhai Gurdas Ji  wrote that if a Sikh takes one step towards the Guru, the Guru shall take thousands towards the Sikh (Read the full shabad and listen to the beautiful rendition of the Shabad below sung by Bhai Chattar Singh.)

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Ps. I doubt the road in the above picture has a "magic rainbow" that changes your life/prioirities…since it really means that one street was the "primary" street, but at the next intersection it would become secondary to the larger street. Anway… I like the funny version better!

4 Responses to “Sign of the Times”

  1. Satnam!

    That is why my humble little blog is called:” Ek penda”.
    A little step towards the Guru…
    and yes, He takes thousands steps towards me…

    Have a nice weekend everybody!

  2. Angad S says:

    GuruMustuk Singh Ji ,
    I agree with your thoughts that so much in the world is changing and a fast pace ; what I intutively feel is that if we have the connection of our souls with Guru’s words as ONE UN-CHANGING CONSTANT , a SOLID UN-WAVERING commitment in our Lives ; then the several changes happening around will NOT affect or de-stabilize us. We will be on the Path .

    And How do we achieve , the above difficult Task – hurrah !! …the Picture you put above answers that very aptly .

  3. Tizarat Kaur says:

    i agree to all of your thoughts i also found the sign very funny when i first read it everyone in the house was staring at me and the worst part was there where guest over it was soooo wierd i couldnt stop laughing!

  4. Bhaji Gurumustuk Singh jee,
    you have written a nice reflection. Thanks for sharing.