Film Opening: Divided We Fall

Valarie Kaur and her team have been working extremely hard for the past five years on a documentary titled: “Divided We Fall“. They recently had the premiere for the film in Phoenix, Arizona, which was held on the eve of the five-year memorial of Balbir Sodhi’s murder. I enjoyed reading the narration of Valarie’s experience of the opening and thought you might enjoy it too. The issues that are covered in the film are EXTREMELY relevent and important to Sikhs everywhere. We should all take note.
Read the Valarie Kaur’s Blog Post about the opening of the film.

A turbaned Sikh man is murdered on Sept. 15, 2001 by a man who calls himself a patriot. In the aftermath of 9/11, as grief turns into rage on American city streets, temples are burned, homes vandalized, people assaulted. Barely broadcast on airwaves, these stories travel by word-of-mouth to the far reaches of a small California farming town, compelling a college student to step beyond the familiar threshold of her life.

Photo courtesy of Christian Parley, The Fresno Bee

Armed with only a camera, an American college student journeys across the country to find out who counts as one of us in a world divided into us and them. Valarie Kaur captures hundreds of stories never before told – stories of fear and unspeakable loss, but also of resilience and hope – until she finally finds the heart of America, halfway around the world.

Nearly five years in the making, Divided We Fall weaves expert analysis into a cross-country road trip that confronts the forces dividing Americans in times of crises.

Two filmmakers. One camera. 14 American cities. Four months on the road. 130 hours of footage. And the question: Who counts as American?

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