Leadership by Turban

Leadership by Turban by Ravi Singh

Today in my daily blog browsing I was reminded of this book written by Ravi Singh. I have seen the cover of the book on and off over the past few years but had never actually read the book. This time when I went to his website and checked out all the sections I noticed that he made an eBook (electronic book) version of the original paperback, which is now totally free for download. The ebook is like the real book and very visual with loads of images.

It was interesting to read his experiences being a Sikh wearing a turban; trying to accomplish his goals in a western world that knows very little, or nothing about who Sikhs are and what the turban represents for Sikhs. Hopefully the experiences that he went through will be of value to other Sikhs who probably go through the same type of challenges wearing a turban.

Here is Ravi Singh’s Description of the Book and the link to download and see/read the book is at the bottom of this post.

"I wear a turban. What does that mean today in the United States of America? Can I wear my turban and fit into the American mainstream? How do I balance my identity with my daily activities? After years of searching for the answers to these questions, I’ve discovered they don’t lie in the words of great authors, scholars, philosophers or CEO’s. They lie in myself. In my life. In my experiences in academics, politics, business and  religion. These experiences have shaped the values and principles that now guide my life, giving me reason to continue wearing my turban. Through trial and error, I’ve learned more than I’d ever thought possible. And more than I’d care to admit.

Until now, I’ve been reluctant to write down these stories. But I’ve come to believe that truth is the most valuable gift you can share with other people. Who you are-and what you do-is priceless. That’s why I’m sharing my experience. My stories. My truths. So that we may all come to understand each other a little better. So that we may all find our own definition of what it means to be successful. So that our generation will be
prepared to lead.

After reading this book, I hope you’ll gain some insight into what it means to wear a turban in America today. It hasn’t been easy. But it has taught me some interesting lessons about leadership."

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  1. Turbant should not be wore as fashionable matter. It’s true however that there are many way to tie a turbant which beside should allways be accompany with a kasky under the turbant.