Winterizing in Espanola – The “Parshad Heater”


The past week or so it has gotten cold all of a sudden here in Espanola. I think winter is coming. As I was looking through some of my pictures I found the above picture of the Golden Temple from my last trip to India in Jan 2005. It reminds me of winter.

Every time I go to Amritsar I always take pictures of Harimandir Sahib. On this trip I wanted to watch the sun rise behind the Golden Temple and take some pictures. So I went up on the roof of one part of the wall that surrounds the Hari Mandir Sahib. It was really cold that morning and I was barefoot with only a small jacket. The cold cement floor didn’t help either. I was starting to really shiver with cold so I paced up and down the wall, waiting for the sun to start to show light in the horizon. Time seemed to slow as I waited. Then, as I walked up and down the roof trying to keep warm I discovered my source of “survival”. I found a spot which was kind of a vent where warm steam/air flowed out. It turns out that this was a sweet smelling exhaust vent for the Parshad kitchen below! Not only did it warm my feet…but the sweet aroma of parshad made me feel good. So there I sat, huddled over the vent, watching the sun start to light the morning sky over Harimandir Sahib, with sweet aromas of parshad in the air keeping a smile on my face.

So the next time you are up on the roof of the wall above the parshad kitchen, waiting for the sun to rise, go look for the “parshad heater!” Hahaha…..
The above picture is from that morning out in the cold, warming my ice cube toes with steam/air from the Guru’s Kitchen.

5 Responses to “Winterizing in Espanola – The “Parshad Heater””

  1. Angad S says:

    Thanks Gurumustuk Singh Ji , for sharing the secret of the small vent or “Prashad Heater” at the roof of Golden Temple . Will make it point to visit it , when i am there .

  2. Sunny says:

    WOW…this is absolutely the most beautiful picture of the Golden Temple I have ever seen…

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Glad you like the picture Sunny. You can see more pictures at , plus if you or others want to get photo prints of the Golden Temple and other Sikh related stuff head on over there.

    You can also see a panorama image from the same morning on my flickr page.

  4. That’s a lovely picture – and it does look winter-y.

  5. dassan dassa says:

    lol ill be sure to check out your discovery of the ‘prashad heater’ next time i go to to harimandir sahib