Email Going Google – October 15th Email

For many years SikhNet has offered a free email service where you could get an email like "[email protected]". However, in recent years the company we have used for the email service has gotten pretty bad about having annoying and innapropriate advertisements (along with other annoyances). Unfortunately there was no alternative service, so we couldn’t really do anything about it without paying huge sums of money to the company to have premium accounts. Also, so many people use the email service so we couldn’t just shut it down.

The good news is that recently Google started testing a new service (Google Apps) which allows people, schools, organizations, companies, whoever, to setup email, calendar and a few other services under their own custom domain (will all the same features of a normal Gmail account). So if you have a domain like "" you can register and have a way to give all your users email accounts on that domain. Those of you who have used Google’s Gmail (email) service know that it is a great service. Plus it’s totally free! Cool eh?

We are now in the process of helping all the existing email users setup new google/ email accounts. If you currently have a email account and wish to keep the address you must register with SikhNet before Oct. 15 which is when we switch over to the new google email service. Information on how to register was emailed to all email accounts.

If you do not currently have a email account and want to get one of the cool google/ email accounts then you’ll have to wait till after Oct 15th which is when we will open up email registration for the public. This will be your chance to get a unique email address (before some of the good ones are taken up). It reminds me of domain name registering and how few good names are around anymore. You have to think ahead. I registered an account for my son Narayan who will eventually use email…and for the heck of it I registered Charanajeet Kaur too. Hahaha… I know it will be a bit longer before she is using email, but who knows what the future holds?

Ps. If you are a webmaster who wants to setup something like this for your domain, keep in mind that there is no way for users to sign up for an email account on the web directly. YOU (the admin) have to manually create email accounts in the web admin interface individually…or via a CSV file import.

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  1. real good google apps are standar edition is free 50 users limit for an organization like say web team thats just enough, i am reading old posts and remember reading it when it first appeared on

    i too am using google apps for websites

  2. rishi singh says:

    main rishi singh chahta ho ke sikh samaj ek apne guru shri guru granth sahib ji de ardas kiya kare.sare deare sadde guru de banai nahi hain.hume kisi deh dhari de uttai viswas nahi karna chaihai.thanks

  3. rishi singh says:

    singh hmesha king tha king hai aur king rahega.