International Day of Peace

International Day of PeaceOn Thursday, September 21st, 2006 the world will celebrate an International Day of Peace. The United Nations designated this special day to non-violence and invites all governments and citizens of the world to support this peace initiative through education, meditation, and peaceful action.

Of course it would be good to do things every day to promote peace in our lives, homes and world; but this event is an excuse (if you may call it that) to make an extra effort to do something for peace.

On a daily basis so much of what we hear and see around us shows all the hate and violence around the world. We hardly hear about the "Good News" of the world (as if there was none). I think people love the sensationalism of war/violence/politics/etc.

So, why not be a part of this movement of peace and do something in your community? Whether saying a silent prayer, or getting some friends together and doing kirtan in prayer of peace, or doing something in your community.

My wife Arjan has been getting involved a lot in the new school that Narayan is going to. She has been organizing an all day event at the school to celebrate the "International Day or Peace". They are going to do all kinds of activities and have different people come and give the children and experience of "Peace". It’s cool seeing her organize this event in spite of having a 2 month old baby. I plan to go in the morning and will take some pictures and maybe some video.

If any of you do something for the day of peace, please let us all know, and post it as a comment on this blog. 

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