Still Going…

Things sure have been busy these days. The past week or two I’ve had to pull back on my blogging activities which take a huge amount of my time. All the Youth Film Festival stuff took a lot out of me, trying to keep things going, and co-ordinating all the pieces so that it all came together. It feels like a calm after a storm. I’ve also had to spend more time with my family. Having a 2 month old baby requires much more time for the whole family. I guess I just need a little break. Tonight I was just thinking how I am in front of a computer must of my awake hours. From after I wake up….at the office…then back again at home till late in the night. It’s always a challenge keeping everything in balance (SikhNet, family, financial, personal, excercise, fun, etc). Tonight rather than spending hours on the computer/blogging I opted for relaxing and watching a DVD. What a concept! I guess I always figure that my time is better spent doing something that inspires or helps people…than a few hours of idle entertainment for just me. There is the feeling of expectation now….that I have to live up to with the blog…and have to keep it at a certain level to keep going. Anways…I guess I’m kind of rambling. I think I’m just feeling that I am taking some time off the computer to renew my creative energies and take care of myself and family. I still feel the "vacation" urge….but you know how it can be when you are just in the busy’ness and you have to make an effort to plan something. It’s hard to really take time off when you are at home. It’s too easy to do work around the house and chores. One has to get away to let it go. 

So, I probably won’t be my normal daily punctual blogging self for a bit. I would rather not post anything, than post something not very interesting. Hey…why not explore the blog archives? Or browse through the "Category Cloud" on the side navigator. Even I find it interesting to read/watch/listen to some of the older posts. There is lots of good stuff…that hearing more than once is benefitial.

Ok…time to get to bed a bit earlier than normal.

3 Responses to “Still Going…”

  1. Prabhu Singh says:

    There are thousands of great things in the archives!
    Thanks for everything Gurumustuk Singh Ji!
    I’ve been getting less visitors lately to my blog and I wonder if everything is just kind of slowing down. I don’t know how you manage to keep up with everything. Maybe you can get the other contributors to your blog to step in when you’re feeling tired and also get some new people to contribute.

  2. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Sounds like you want to restore your soul. We should all pay attention to your expressions today and ask if we have some soul work to do as well.

  3. Navneet Singh Saini says:

    Sat Sri Akal gurumustuk ji,

    Its been about 5 years since I was first introduced to by a fellow classmate at Khalsa College, Sri Amritsar. And my affection and appreciation of your work, your seva and your attitude etc. everything… it just keeps increasing.

    First all, the Gurbani Archives was a great initiative from where one could download.

    Second, back then in 2001, was the only place where I knew I could get Sikhism related Wallpapers and Photos.
    Just one humble recommendation here, All of us use some kind of media player to listen to music (may it be Real player, or Windows Media player or Wimnamp). One thing which I tried searching for and still could not find was – some Sikhi related themes for the player – so that everytime I start the program my first impressiosn and everything is linked with Sikhi. Considering the vast outreach of you and your team, I feel and believe that it would be another great initiative if possible.

    Third, the launch of
    This I can definitely say is one biggest milestones and must be listed in “The Top 10 Inventions which Impacted Mankind in the 21st Century.” ;-) And if this sounds exaggerated – in one word all I can think of is – AWESOME! Keep It Up.

    Fourth, considering this is the age of Media, and that media affects two senses out of atotal of 5 – that of Sight & Sound – both at once, its needless to say how important and fruitful was the next milestone to add Audio & Video Archives.

    Fifth and the most recent one, the Sikhnet Film Festival. WOW! The Sikhnet Team is truly doing big work and inspiring all to do the same as well. No fancy words. Just the same old line .. Keep It Up Sikhnet Team. YOU RULE ;-)

    Sixth, there is one video which is absolutely wonderful and I think it would be great if you can include this in your Audio Video Archives as well… or atleast Watch it, Review it and them Mention it on your website or blog because it truly is great and I feel its highly inspirational and awakens the ‘Beer Rass’ inside of the Sikh, so more the number of people wathcing it , the better. The webaddress is :
    and the Video is titled: Gatka Tape Volume2.

    Seventhly and lastly, through your seva and devotion to your mission, you have commanded my respect and gratitude, and similarly of millions all around this planet. While each one of us may not come here and say this for reasons unlimited – but just so you know… We Love You and the Sikhnet Team ;-)

    Sat Sri Akal.