Finding Your Direction

A while back in March of 2006 I was thinking about how we all go through life and make different decisions which can bring us closer to our "soul" or move us more out of touch with it. At the time I wrote about thoughts that were on my mind in relation to being a Sikh or not and how we are influenced by the things around us, society, and your own mind. I think it was the morning after I wrote that article I came into the SikhNet office as usual and found Guruka Singh and Guru Darshan Kaur talking about related experiences. I quickly got sucked into the conversation and as I noticed it was a very interesting discussion (and I am always in "journalist mode") I switched on my video camera which I luckily had right there. This is a recording of the casual talk between us about being a Sikh and finding your direction.

As I was editing the video to post online I watched it quite a few times, and found a lot of the points very thought provoking. Hopefully you enjoy it too and get some inspiration from it.

Guru Darshan Kaur is a good friend of mine and I have been reading her emails which she has been sending to me and other friends about her life in India right now. She is still on her "journey", and just last month moved back to Amritsar, India (working at Miri Piri Academy) after living here in Espanola, New Mexico for quite some time.

Download: Video (95MB) / Audio (10MB)

11 Responses to “Finding Your Direction”

  1. Guru Darshan, Guruka Singh, Guru Mustuk, Thank you so much for sharing this conversation. My husband & I went for a walk on the beach this morning and spoke of the transitory nature of this life, how tragic it is, always letting go, the loss, the grief but with Dharma, with meditation on the Guru, touching your light to the infinite light, another reality, far different than this world we live in, can bring such joy and bliss. “It is not the life that matters, but the courage you bring to it.” The game is on from the moment of birth and our job is to get out on the field and play as well as we can until we hang up our uniform and go back home. It was a delight to spend this half-hour listening and sharing your thoughts. These are the conversations that foster compassion and peace in the heart.

  2. Guruka Singh says:

    Oh wow! So cool that you always have that camera at hand. Watching that video really made me miss hanging with Guru Darshan Kaur. I didn’t even know she was in Amritsar (mmm… thought she went to California.) Hey, Gurudarshan Kaur Ji…. if you’re reading this, give me a shout.

    All love, …..Uncle G

  3. Raminder Kaur says:

    Really awesome! Thanks for sharing! BTW, who is the audio by that is playing in the background, it sounds very soothing, I would love to get my hands on it :)

  4. K Singh says:

    its a really inspiring convo, N what Guru Darshan Kaur Ji said by we should lead by example was spot on, well said

    N Guruka Singh finished the video off with an amazing ending

    thanx for sharing

  5. randeep says:

    Gurumustuk paji, thank you so much for sharing this video. I come back here frequently to be inspired by your well-documented journies. There have been two moments here in which Guruka ji has moved me and enlightened my understanding of myself and of my path through his talk of Guru’s teachings. They have been profound and moving experiences, each changing dramatically the way I experience Sikhi and continue to live my life. Thank you.

  6. Guru Darshan Kaur says:

    Gurumustuk Singh, Guruka Singh & Gurudarshan Kaur,
    Thank you for another in an inspiring series of talks by Guruka Singh et al. I was struck especially by the reminder that living my spiritual name can be an inspiration to others. Although I’m no longer physically part of the Sikh community, I’m still with you in spirit and stay connected through this blog.
    Sat Nam and Peace to all.
    Guru Darshan Kaur (Nancy King)
    Charlotte, NC

  7. Angad S says:

    This is simply an awesome Conversation . Guruka Singh Ji – Hats Off to you . You are a very Blessed and Lucky soul . Waheguruji’s , special grace shines on you . It is evident from your words , your teachings and the twinkle and love on your face .
    Keep sharing Guru’s Love and Teachings with all Sangat .

  8. co says:

    Would be nice if you had a link “e-mail this” on your each entry.

  9. Thanks for your suggestion. I have added the “email post” feature to the blog. So if you like a post and want to email to a friend you can do so by clicking on the link at the top of each blog post.

  10. Wow…I forgot about this conversation…I remembered having it, but not what we said. How funny is it that I was talking about when I was in India then…and now the Universe has opened me up to living here in India and teaching photography at Miri Piri Academy (change of plans, I know). It’s really fun to have surrendered to this reality – though I miss you guys so much! Please email me Guruka Singh with your email ;)

    I am inspired from this conversation and so thankful that you captured what was coming through us in this moment in time, Gurumustuk. And it is amazing that we ended on the meaning of my name, as I just had an amazing meditation in Anandpur Sahib on my name. So synchronized!

    Send your family and everyone there my love! Thanks for reminding me of myself and of our capacities as human.

    Sending you love and light from the Sweetness of India.

    Lots of love

  11. Gurmukh Khalsa says:

    i really enjoy listening to every one of these video i am trying to really find my purpose i need to fight the distration thank you very much for helping me understand