The Rounds

IMG_9165, originally uploaded by Gurumustuk Singh.

Circling around the Siri Guru Granth Sahib During the Lavaan.

7 Responses to “The Rounds”

  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I was just wondering why the families sit around the parkarma and stand up during lawan. I have seen this at a lot of punjabi weddings as well, and I do not understand why it’s done, nor its history. If someone can explain it, I will be greatful.

    If you don’t want to post this on your blog, I would be greatful if you can send me and email r seomthing with a response


  2. Harjinder Singh Khalsa says:

    Its not usually the family that sits around the parkarma, rather the brides brothers or any other male relative. The reason why this is done (according to my grandmother)was because in the olden times, the bride would cover the whole of her face with her chunni, which we refer to as ‘chond kadna’, and whilst taking the lavan the groom would guide her with his ‘pulaa’ and the brothers would assist the bride safetly round Guru Ji. I think that was to prevent her from falling.

    Hope that makes sense…but its good seeing a mix of people around the parkarma.

  3. Lionchild says:

    did you know original sikhi weddings don;t go around the SGGS? i guess it’s a cultural thing now.. dunno.

  4. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I think you are mistaken lionchild, however I could be wrong. I believe Guru Nanak Dev Jee got married by walking around a Ik Oankaar. By the time Guru Granth Sahib was physically completed, I believe the Sikh Marriage involved revolving aorund the SGGS

  5. simran kaur says:

    I’ve actually heard a different explanation as to why the brides brothers stand around Guru Ji and guide their sister during Laava however i don’t know whether its 100% accurate.

    Apparently years ago in rural Punjab, bandits used to come to weddings and steal the bride- she was beautiful and had lots of jewelerry etc on her- so to prevent this from happening the brothers would stand around Guru Ji so the bandits dare not come near her.

    Sounds like a strange explanation i know but its what ive heard but then again dont take it as gospel truth.

  6. A.K.Sandhu says:

    Simran’s comment made me laugh

    I think Harjinder singh’s explanations sound more realistic

  7. Harjinder Singh Khalsa says:

    Yes I have to agree with A.K. Sandhu, Simran bhenji your comment made me laugh. Its just as well that within Amritdhari weddings we wear and carry loads of shastars, so i don’t think the bandits will be after us.