Ik Ardaas Bhaat Keerat Kee

It’s late Saturday night and I am going through some of the raw audio files from one of the Summer Solstice Camp Gurdwaras (June 2006), editing out some of the Shabads that I like. Then I come across this one: "Ik ardaas bhaat keerat kee gur raamdaas raakho sarnaa-ee" (shabad text), sung by two of my favorite young musicians (Dileep Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur, both from Canada). Quite a few of my friends have been gifted with such beautiful voices that really come from the heart and take me to another place (Hari Bhajan Kaur and Snatam Kaur included as my favorites!).

Press the play button below (if you are not already hearing the shabad) & read on

[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3player/Western%20-%20Non%20Traditional/Dileep%20Kaur/Dileep%20Kaur%20and%20Nirinjan%20Kaur%20-%20Ik%20Ardaas%20Bhaat%20Keerat%20Kee.mp3|loop=yes] Download

As I listen to this Shabad my stress from the day just seems to melt away. I feel myself start to breath deeper; inhaling in, and out, as my muscles relax and my eyes close. I feel myself travel to another place in my mind; sitting before Guru Ram Das Ji; tears of joy flowing down my face as his gentle glance seems to take all my pain and troubles away. I feel the warmth of the Guru surround me, re-assuring me that everything is taken care of, and all is in his hands. The love of the Guru has awakened my heart and roused my soul. Wahe Guru! It is such a blessing we all have as Sikhs to have such a Guru! Yet, we only need to "wake up" and surrender to our Guru. Leaving all your sorrow, worries, pain and troubles for him to take care of. God can revolve the earth, so he surely can take care of your affairs!

As you listen to the shabad; close your eyes; slow your breath down; consciously breathing in slowly, and very deeply (through your nose), filling your whole lungs. Then slowly exhale and let your breath out. Continue this long and deep breathing (in and out) as you listen to the shabad, feeling the Gurus Bani fuse/join with every cell in your body (Ang Sang Wahe Guru!).

Shabad Translation in English: "I am overflowing with sins and demerits; I have no merits or virtues at all. I abandoned the Ambrosial Nectar, and I drank poison instead. I am attached to Maya, and deluded by doubt; I have fallen in love with my children and spouse. I have heard that the most exalted Path of all is the Sangat, the Guru’s Congregation. Joining it, the fear of death is taken away. Keerat the poet offers this one prayer: O Guru Raam Daas, save me! Take me into Your Sanctuary!"  – SGGS Page 1406 – Swaiyas In Praise Of The Fourth Mehl, Bal

Musicians: Dileep Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur (Vancover – Canada) 

Shabad: Ik Ardaas Bhaat Keerat Kee Gur Raamdaas Raakho Sarnaa-ee

Listen to previously featured MP3 audio by Dileep Kaur 

14 Responses to “Ik Ardaas Bhaat Keerat Kee”

  1. Aman says:

    Dear Gurmustuk Singh,
    Thank you for sharing this file with everyone. Please send more when you have time. They are absolutely amazing and much appreciated!

  2. daljit singh says:

    sat sri akal dilip kaur nirinjan kaur combination is amazing do you have more they are blessed by akalpurakh

  3. Daljit Singh, Some of the audio from Spirit Voyage Idol has both of them. I don’t have much else.

  4. Sarabjit Singh says:

    Beautiful voices – May waheguru keep the singhnis in chardi kala so that they can continue to record many more shabads… Satnaam!

  5. grace says:

    what a beautiful blog! what a great tribute to your faith and to God! this site is a true gift to the ‘net and to all who read it. thank you.


  6. Ekoankar Singh says:

    Can someone tell me what Raag ( Ragas) this shabad is being sung? Thanks

  7. Hari Singh Khalsa says:

    Wow! What a blessing to hear this beautiful shabad on the net. It takes me back to that bliss filled evening at Ram Dass Puri when these two angels sang it live and I mixed the live music for the sangat.

    Thanks for posting it Gurumustuk Singh.

  8. Manjit Singh Maan says:

    I Just happened to be surfing and came across this shabad sung by Dalip Kaur+ Nirinjan Kaur Ji. What a combination.Very nicely composed and presented. It is absolutely heavenally when the words and the music come togather. My congratts to both singers.

  9. Surjit Singh says:

    Thier voices combine like two flutes playing in harmony, thank you very much for sharing this with the rest of the world, in times of such bad news around the world, these voices take you away from every day life and you feel closer to God. The words that go with this is make you feel happy and alive.

    Thank you again!

  10. amandeep kaur says:

    dear gurmstak singh veerji. i have seen almost all the videos and tried to listen to all the audios posted by u and i am glad that i did. i sent a msg before as well. i wish to meet u and ur family and also guruka singh uncleji.i have sm personal problem which i wish to solve as per gurmat. but not geting the path. my email adress is already posted please if u can help.

  11. Tim says:

    Nirinjan Kaur is blessed with a most precious, beautiful devotional voice. One that will touch many people and help them on their way home. I hope and pray she will find a way to sing and record more devotional songs – she has a true gift. Nirinjan’s inspire me so greatly. Beautiful, truly beautiful! Om, Tim.

  12. jass says:

    omg this is sooo goo its mydream to go to miri piri academy but m parents dont let me go there amritariii and everything ……. but i  dont let me go …. please do ardaas forr me so my parents le me goooo pleeassssseee …. my names jaspinder kaur ….from u.k … i doo kirtan tooo …… add me heres my hotmail. [email protected]….noo capitals…… please doo ardaas forr mee …….

  13. Jasmeet Kaur says:

    Thank youu soo much for uploading this shabad. Its soo empoweing. Im actually sitting at work and was thirsty for some spiritual nutrition, and feels so blessed after listening to this beautigul shabad. May Waheguru ji always bless the sewadars for their committment and dedication. Guru Nanak bless!!!
    Jasmeet Kaur

  14. sarbjit singh says:

    very good voice. guru ramdas ji di bohat kirpa hai .maharaj sab te eho jehi kirpa banon.