World Premiere of: “Divided We Fall”

An Evening in Honor of
Balbir Singh Sodhi

the First 9/11 Backlash Murder, and All Hate Crimes Victims

September 14, 2006
Phoenix, Arizona

Divided We Fall makes its world premiere  on the eve of the five-year memorial of the murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Hosted by the Phoenix Sikh community, the event honors the memory of Sodhi and all hate crimes victims.

About the film…
When a turbaned Sikh man is brutally murdered in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, a college student journeys across America to discover who counts as "one of us" in a world divided into "us" and "them."  

Armed with only a camera, Valarie Kaur encounters hundreds of stories never before told – stories of fear and unspeakable loss, but also of resilience and hope – until she finally finds the heart of America, halfway around the world, in the words of a widow.

Weaving expert analysis into a personal journey and cross-country road trip, the film confronts the forces dividing a nation.

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