Arpinder Kaur: Piloting A Life

One of the latest SikhNet Youth Film Festival (Junior) submissions was by 17 year old Raj Singh from San Antonio, Texas.

Video Titled: "Arpinder Kaur: Piloting a Life".

"Arpinder Kaur has been dreaming of flying an airplane since she was a young girl and after not only pursuing, but accomplishing this feat, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a short documentary on her inspirational life that breaks the ‘Career Field’ norm held to be true within the Sikh community."

It is really great seeing all the youth use their creativity to share their lives. This is a nice video about  Arpinder Kaur sharing her life and stories of strugging to do be what she dreamed of being (a pilot). It can be difficult for woman to "go off the normal track" and do something different such as this. The pressure from family, being a woman, being a Sikh…and wearing a turban, etc. You really have to be focused and determined to make your dreams a reality, in spite of the hardships.

Arpinder Kaur

Ps. It sure has been quiet here on the blog lately. Maybe all the regular commentors are on vacation. I guess I haven’t been posting any juicy, controversial stuff to debate about. I always try to post comments on other people’s blogs when something interests me because I know how it is when you wonder if anyone is there reading (though I have good webstats to know for sure).


What I need is a good vacation! Seeing Sukhmani Kaur’s blog where she posted lots of pictures from her trip to Greece makes me remember mine and Arjan’s hope to one day have a family vacation in Greece and Italy. It’s hard doing stuff like this as your family gets bigger. For our last family trip to India (2003) we saved up for most of the year and then the trip flew by in a flash. I think the trick is to find a "get-away" place that you can get out of your normal every day life to relax and have fun (without spending a load of cash). I still haven’t found the secret to this "trick" though. If someone knows THE place…let me know.

Right now I have to stay close to home since Charanjeet Kaur is still pretty small (to travel) and Arjan needs my help. Normally we go to Georgia to visit Arjan’s family and then to New York where my parents are…but because Charanjeet was born during that time we didn’t do that trip this year. I know there are lots of cool places to go…but have been thinking about taking a trip sometime to Vancover, maybe in the spring at Baisakhi time. We’ll see what happens.

Well…I have gone way off the original topic in my "little" PS. …So Over and out….

9 Responses to “Arpinder Kaur: Piloting A Life”

  1. Bhaji Gurumustuk Singh jee,

    The SikhNet Youth Film Festival videos are great. Its great seva you are doing and it is bringing young Sikh talent to the surface. May Waheguru bless all the young people who have made the films with further opportunties to excel in media and make the Sikh community proud.

    Guru Rakha.

  2. Kiranjit Kaur says:

    Hey GM…

    How do? I good. Just wanted to say that life is well short and that if want to take a family trip then u shud just go for it…stop wasting time on planning for a convieniant time…just do it!!!!

    lots of pyar


    P.S its 21* in London this afternoon the suns shining brightly but it still feels a little cold.

  3. kulwant says:

    what a great idea to visit Vancouver

    i will be waiting to see u guys in person

  4. Jaswant Singh says:

    Vancouver is a great idea! I remember you mentioned a while back that you love it when it rains in Espanola … in which case you will absolutely adore Vancouver. ;-)

  5. Bir Kaur says:

    Yes, yes- Vancouver would love to have you and your family!!

  6. simmal tree says:

    vaaheguroojeekeefatheh !!!!!

    Yes! Come to Vancouver Singh jee!

  7. naveen says:

    location of vacation is not as important as state of mind during vacation. if vacation brings peace and elevates us spiritually then it has done it’s job.

  8. Balraj says:

    First of all can I say the video was excellant! I am so glad that other Sikhs are now taking up flying.
    Currently, I am a trainee pilot and felt very proud and happy to see that Arpinder penji is a flight instructor. Well done! Penji if you are reading this, am I right in saying that your flying the C152/172. I just recently did spinning in C152, it was amazing. But normally I fly Katanas which unfort dont spin very well. Anyway, Happy Landings!

    An excellant video which is very inspirational.

    Balraj Singh
    (Glasgow, Scotland)

  9. Hardeepsingh says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki fateh
    I really think that what aprinder bhenji have done is great,I live here in a Small town in Amritsar Sahib and just five minutes walk from Harimandar Sahib,where i do not see much everyday but i do feel really happy when i see sikhs going on really chardikala levels.
    it just makes me happy…………… see Guru sikhs