Latest Featured Youth Video – Immortality

The featured video today for the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival is an animated film created by 21 year old Jagmeet Singh from Wolverhampton, UK.  Here is Jagmeet’s description of the video:

"A short animated experimental/abstract film of being initiated into the Sikh faith and nation (Khalsa). It describes the atmosphere, mood and emotions of receiving the nectar (Amrit). The aim of this film is to really visualise my feelings and how I saw/felt this Amrit ceremony in my eyes."

If you haven’t already seen the other videos that have been posted online, go ahead and take a look. There are some other great videos by Sikh Youth.

5 Responses to “Latest Featured Youth Video – Immortality”

  1. SikhSpeak says:

    Representing the UK!

    I really like this video…I was lucky enough to receive a copy before and thought it was very, very clever and good…

  2. A.K.Sandhu says:

    Very nice animation. Especially when you could see the Gurmukh script(Gurbani)floating within the amrit (Holy, nectar pani)

    Very intelligently done.

  3. Gurwinder Singh - Kamloops Canada says:

    Heartiest thanks to Jagmeet Singh…

    Definitely, a powerful visual effects to express Guru’s blessing “Khande Di Pahul”….

    Love and Peace,

  4. Randhir Singh says:

    Thats a great movies…I love the bani in the water animation…wonderful. In the Khandani Khalsa clip the music in the end and the beginning of the video…where is that from ? if I may ask…It has such a great beat.

  5. karamjotsingh says: