Kids Growing Up…

Hungry Boy!I was just looking through some older pictures of Narayan and it is amazing how quickly kids grow up. Narayan is such a little boy now. It seems like yesterday he was a little baby like Charanjeet Kaur. It makes me realize that the same is going to happen for her too. Time sure does fly by fast…and the realization of kids growing up makes me want to spend more time with them. Too often we don’t take the time to spend quality time with our children…and before you know it they want to "get out of the house on their own".

Many of you have virtually gotten to know Narayan Singh and my family through this blog, so you might enjoy a few pictures that I found while browsing through my images. Many of them are from when Narayan was much younger (1-3 Years old).  The picture to the right is from June 2003 (when he was not quite 2 years old) and he was eating…I mean talking into the microphone at Summer Solstice Camp…hahaha..

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