SikhNet Radio – Make a Gurbani Request

If you listen to normal FM radio you have probably heard radio stations that have a "request line" where you can telephone/SMS/email in and ask the DJ to play a certain song live on the radio.

A few months ago we added a new feature to SikhNet Radio which allowes you to see the artist and shabad name that is currently playing. We used to get many people that would listen to SikhNet Radio and wonder what they were hearing.

The latest improvement on SikhNet radio is a cool feature to be able to actually make a request of something that you would like to hear on SikhNet radio. We have setup a cool interface for you to browse by Musician/Artist or do a search. When you find a shabad you would like to hear on SikhNet Radio all you need to do is click on the name and it will then be put in the "Queued Requests" to be played. If there are no other requests ahead of yours in the queue then it will play immediately after the current shabad finishes. Your request will then be heard by all listeners of SikhNet radio!

Want to Try it Out? Make a Radio Request Right Now


We are also testing out a much higher quality 96Kbps audio stream for those of you that have broadband (fast) internet, which enable you to hear much higher quality sound when listening to SikhNet Radio. If you do try it out drop me a line and let me know how it sounds. I am interested if the audio gets "choppy" frequently when listening.

In case you missed the info earlier: If you have a blog/website, you can add a small SikhNet Radio website player to allow your visitors to hear SikhNet Radio while surfing on your web.

SikhNet Radio is one of the first internet Gurbani broadcasts and has been going 24 hours a day since 1996 when I used to manually play CDs and tapes at my desk during the day while I was working. Nowadays you will hear from a selection of hundreds of musicans and thousands of Shabads.

6 Responses to “SikhNet Radio – Make a Gurbani Request”

  1. Khalsa Ji

    Wow, you have an amazing collection of Gurbani! Is there anyway that the sangat can download specific shabads/kirtans from the database (your collection)?

    If you could make this possible it would be a huge sewa for the panth, since many of the audio files you have arn’t available nowadays.

    Maybe you could allow premium users to download at leisure – while paying a small fee monthly?

    Thank you Ji,

    Harinder Singh

  2. Bikramjit Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Singh:

    Its pretty good idea, I was about to request you the same thing. But you guys listened us all before we speak. Thanks a lot.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Je Kee Fateh,

  3. BALLU says:


  4. Singh says:

    It is a very good feature. However the purpose is defeated if you have to be waiting for hours for your choice to be played. Just now I noticed atleast two requests with more than an hour in each file.
    Therefore I think only those shabads with a maximum lenth of about 10 minutes should be permitted in this feature.

  5. Singh: I have limited it to one request per user at a time. Because this is a new feature there is naturally more interest and many people are making requests. It is true..that some of the audio tracks are quite long….but we dont’ have a way to prevent users from adding them…without taking them off SikhNet Radio.

    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback!

  6. Bikramjit Singh says:

    Gurumustak Singh Ji:

    Though its an extreemly good effort to provide facility for requeting tracks for online radio. But when user is on request page, player stops after playing one track. I guess, thats happening becasue you refresh the page each time to display the new track. There is small suggestion to it that if you use Ajax technology. This technollgy will help to refresh the portion of the page, then you don’t need to refresh the entire page. If you read about Ajax technology, then you will have more idea.

    Bikramjit Singh