The Sling


Walking around the party tent with little Charanjeet all snuggled up close to me.

3 Responses to “The Sling”

  1. ik singh says:

    hi gurumustak, i saw arjan with a bjorn and you with a sling…i always wondered which is better (for the baby and you)…just wondering which one you and arjan like better? again congratulations charanjeet’s a cutie pie! gol matol! :)

  2. Ik Singh…I personally like the sling which I am wearing in this picture much better than the “Baby Bjorn”. In the sling the weight of the baby is much more spread out and makes it much more comfortable. The baby bjorn always hurts my sholders after a short time. The sling also is quite flexible and you can hold the baby in all kind of different ways.

  3. ik singh says:

    thanks. godWilling i’ll try the sling next time. women are just so much stronger than us…:)