Izzat Di Punjab – Bhangra

This Saturday evening during a large party celebrating the birthday of Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa some of the youth from our local sangat did a Bhangra performance for all the guests. A lot of the guests are not Sikhs and it’s always very interesting for them to get a taste of Punjabi culture and seeing the lively and energetic dances.

The boys did some dancing just to the dhol and then the girls came on to the stage a bit after. It was pretty cool how when they were running in from the back of the huge tent past everyone…as people were cheering them on…loud thunder was roaring as the rain poured down.

I recorded this video with my little digital camera so the audio/video quality isn’t that great…but you’ll get the picture.

Download Video

18 Responses to “Izzat Di Punjab – Bhangra”

  1. Harminder Singh says:

    Hey, shouldn’t is be “Punjab di Izzat” (the honor of the punjab)? Izzat di Punjab doesn;t make sense- the punjab of honor? Maybe I’m missing smth here… :-)

  2. Pameash Kaur says:

    What Can u say about S.S camp. Went with no expectations, and came back having seen a sky of perfection and a ocean of beauty.

  3. A.K.Sandhu says:

    wicked, wicked i loved watching it. I nearly started dancing myself.

  4. yeah man… izzat di punjab sounds hilarious…. lol… izzat di punjab… hahaha

  5. Any possibility of putting a download version of it?

  6. Harpreet Singh says:

    izzat di punjabbbbbbb…….. be careful next time guys.
    till then enjoy BHANGRA PUNJAB DA.

  7. Actually the name of the group is Izzat Da Punjab, not Izzat Di Punjab. Since this was my first dance with the group I can’t claim to be an expert on it’s history, but my wife Sita, has been dancing with the group for five year or more. What she tells me is that the group is aware that the name is not structured properly, but that the Siri Singh Sahib gave the group this name (Izzat Da Punjab) and they keep it out of respect for him.

  8. Jagjit Singh says:

    hey there…

    the dancing the video is simply GREAt!!! the coordination with the dancers also mind blowing!!

    U guys danced better than some bollywood movies I have seen!!

    Take Care!!

  9. can u post a download link?

  10. Ok…I have posted the video for download.

  11. That was great! It was fun to see everone dancing together. Ravi, you rock!

  12. Tarvinder Singh says:

    (1) IZZAT DA PUNJAB (as applied by YogiJi)
    subject = Punjab
    description of subject = it (i.e. Punjab) has honour.

    One may choose this as a dance group name to propagate the idea that Punjab’s culture (including it’s dance) is governed by principles of honour.

    subject = honour
    description of subject = refers to the honour of Punjab

    Alternative interpretation of (2) is:
    subject = the dance group
    description of subject = it (i.e. the group) represents
    Punjab’s honour

    Hence neither of these two titles have a structural imperfection. They are structurally correct, but they have slightly different meanings. I would think twice before questioning YogiJi’s intentions!!!! (particularly those expressed in Punjabi, his mother tongue)


  13. ks pandher says:

    what a performance..i am so proud of u guys….not only is it entertaining but also spirtually relaxing.keep up the excellent work.

  14. Yankee Singh says:

    You Guys must come to the uk and compete in some of the Bhangra Competitions.

  15. gurdeep singh says:

    simply great. got bowled over by the effort. keep up high spirits.

  16. ghumangee says:

    d’ont say Izatt di Punjab…
    lets say KANJARAN DA TOLA”

  17. Ranvir says:


    Does anyone have a contact email for this team. They did a great job and what a performance.

    Keep up the good work

  18. Simran says:

    Honestly ghumangee, take your nasty comments somewhere else. At least these kids aren’t smokin up a joint or selling crack in their spare time like a lot of other kids their age would probably be doing.They’re getting in touch with OUR roots, OUR culture, most of our own kids don’t even know Punjabi. People like you need anger management classes, and something called respect for a fellow human being. As for the group, keep it up you guys!