Thur/Fri, August 24-25: Sikh Student Camp

Latest report from Guruka Singh in Chigwell, England at the Sikh Student Camp

"Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

Thursday at camp was an absolutely smashing day. It rained most of the day, a steady downpour that kept us all inside, so we had a full camp turban tying party! Lots of campers who had never tied dastar before got to experience the wonderful experience of Guru’s crown for the first time. We had some very creative turbans as well. Sodhi (that’s the jolly fellow in the photo with me) tied a green plaid pug with a dashing tail hanging down. But then again, he always cuts quite a figure poking and uplifting everyone with his sharp wit. Two Singhs tied a proper Nihung Dumalla on me (picture shown below). It took them nearly half an hour. I guess I have a somewhat slippery head ;-)

The day was filled with so many smiling faces! In the afternoon the sun broke through as we began the Nishan Sahib Seva. The school where the camp is held is in Chigwell, in the London suburbs. It’s the Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa School. In front of the main school building entrance is a beautiful Nishan Sahib, and we spent the afternoon yesterday lowering it, cleaning it and redressing it with a new orange cover (chola) and a new nishan (flag.) The entire camp participated over a period of several hours with continuous chanting and scores of Jaikaras (shouts of "Bole So Nihal!") Everyone got hoarse (but filled with joy) and after the footwashing the whole camp posed for a group snap.

The camp sevadar team is awesome! Not only do they plan and coordinate the camp, but they serve all day and night on every level taking care of everyone, guiding the day’s activities and taking care of camp security. That’s security team captain, Dala, and the camp security hound, "Tiger" (he’s the dog) in the photo below. Tiger is fed some milk and langer in the morning and perhaps a bit of cold pizza for lunch, so he’s a fairly hungry, grumpy Rottweiller come evening time and he’s ready to take a nice bite out of anyone who approaches our camp with bad intentions. The camp sevadars give all their time to the camp as seva – many taking over a week off from their jobs and family to serve the sadhsangat here.

In the evening we had an special Keertan Darbar with Guest ragis like Amarjit Singh, who sings Keertan in classical Raag (there are 31 ragas in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.) Midday Langer yesterday was delicious Saag dripping with butter, fresh hot roti and daal. Evening Langar was take away from "Rocky’s", a London institution known among the campers for it’s huge, yummy vegeburgers and chips (French fries.) The evening Keertan went on past 11 PM, so everyone was pretty tired, but this morning (Friday – the final day of camp) everyone was in Cherdi Kala as Navleen Kaur began her talk on Seva. She called me up to share the stage and sit with her. She’s the most lovely, inspiring, dedicated and divine sister – beloved of the Siri Singh Sahib and a great teacher as well. I’m sure she’ll visit Espanola soon to be with us in our Sangat there. I have met so many bright, open hearted, shining young Singhs and Singhinis here, and my heart is so full of love for everyone that it’ll be hard to leave camp tomorrow when we all pack up and depart. So to all my beloveds in Espanola, I’ll see you soon and I send you a proper Jaikara from Sikh Student Camp… Bole So Nihal!  Saaaaaaaat Siri Akaaaaaal!!!!"

GMS Note: Below are some Gurbani MP3 audio clips from the evening Gurdwara this past Tuesday. The Kirtan is great and I particularly enjoyed the short "katha" that Guruka Singh did in two different shabads near the end of the audio. The photos below were taken by Ravinderpal Singh (Nishaan Seva) and Jasdeep Kaur (Ladies turban tying.)

Aad Gureh Nameh

Jaag Saloonariay – with katha by Guruka Singh

Mohi Na Bisaru  – with katha by Guruka Singh
Complete Audio from Evening in One File


My first dastaar! 

 Tying a turban 


Love and Respect… 


Guruka Singh wearing a Dhumalla Turban 


Our youngest Singhini 


Joking around 

Dala and Tiger 


In Meditation 


Joyful Singhnis 



Shouting the Jaikara – "Boleh So Nihal, Sat Siri Akal!" 


Young Gurveer Singh blowing the conch.

Sodhi and Guruka Singh

Wearing her first dastaar ever…

Manmeet Kaur offers up a crisp 

Sikh Student Camp Participants 


Panj Piaray during Nishaan Seva


Lowering the Nishaan Sahib 



Washing the Nishaan Pole


42 Responses to “Thur/Fri, August 24-25: Sikh Student Camp”

  1. Gurdev Singh says:

    I am a senior athlete aged 68 and won 5 medals in Arizona State games and news regarding this appeared on the Sikhnet a copy of which can be sent if you so desire. While I was looking at the blog I find that Guruka Singh ji is not in good shape. I feel every Sikh should be in good shape as was during Guru’s period and Khalsa Raj. The Sikh Camps should encourage participants in this respect also in addition to Gurbani. They should be guided in respect of eating habits and exercise.

  2. Gurdev Singh, congratulations on your achievements! This is great. Myself and Guruka Singh greatly value good health and eating well. Guruka did have a major injury falling off the roof of his house and shattering is leg in quites a few places which took a long time to heal. He is still recovering uses a cane sometimes to give support.

    The blessing of this accident is that it changed the direction of work that Guruka Singh was involved in. After the accident he came back to work at SikhNet as our Executive Director. Guruka Singh started SikhNet in 1983 as a BBS system (before the internet) so our involvement together goes way back with SikhNet.

  3. harmeash kaur says:

    vaheguru Ji Ka khalsa vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    Spending the week at ss camp was absolutely brilliant, an enlightening experience.
    For me Guruka singh u made the camp. in the disscussions u would explain any concept in such a simple and clear way, and u always bought a smile to my face!!!
    The atmosphere at sikh student camp was boosted, chardikala, peaceful, fun, loud all mixed in 1!!!! At SS camp i got the opportunity to have a personal hukanama, take part in the sehaj paath, learn basics in playing the tabla, experience tying a dastaar, meeting people from diffferent backgrounds, hearing about and learning from their life experineces; hear such amazing kirtan every night, and chill, meet new people and make new friends!!!!!

  4. SikhSpeak says:

    I am sorry, I have a real issue with this; “CHIPS” not french fries (“.)

  5. Varinder_Kaur says:

    I WAS AT THIS CAMP!!!! it was amazing meeting Guruka! he inspired so many campers and sewadaars!

    i really miss camp…the sangat/sewa/simran! Cant wait til next year!



  6. Sifar says:

    Beautiful Shabads, Sung beautifully as well…. WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaherGuru

  7. Reema says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    I was at this camp (in the love and respect pic in aqua!) and I have to say.. I had the best time ever!!! When I was there Sodhi Singh asked myself and other campers to express how we felt about the camp and to share a few feelings and so on. When I had the chance to give my view, I said I had a roller coaster of emotions whilst there. Now I am home and I am thinking about the camp, I realised that if I did have to sum up the camp I would definitely say it was a ..roller coaster.. simply because you wait months and months for it to start and you get all excited, nervous and in my case a little scared because you don’t know how everything is going to go.. but once your there.. on the camp ride.. you don’t want to end.. and when it does.. your like … wow.. its over already…! In all honesty I cannot express enough the amount of love and respect, that I felt in the camp. To feel everyone’s love for Guru Ji, for everyone who is buzzing of each other and for everyone to be constantly in Chardi Kalla is so beautiful. If you have never been to Sikh Student Camp, I definitely recommend it.. you really need to be there for the whole week to get the full experience but even if you are there for a few days, you will still be inspired! I can’t wait for the reunion, to see all the people who taught me this week will be a blessing. All I can say now is bring on Sikh Student Camp 2007!!!


    Sat Sri Akal!

    Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

  8. Rishi says:

    Everything happens in such perfect divine order. For the Beloved’s way is perfect. Her creation is nothing but perfection, Her language is so sweet and Her way is so Divine.

    These are some of the things that “I” have come to realise at Sikh Student Camp.

    Entities like Guruka Singh were a massive part in realising this perfection.

    Thank you Guruka, Thank you Sikhnet and most important of all Thank you Vaheguru.

  9. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    Before I arrived at SS Camp I was LOST. Waheguru Ji called me to this years camp as how I found out about the camp is another story all together! I arrived with a big burden on my shoulder but like veer ji says

    “If God brings it you to it He will bring you through it.” Everything happens for a reason – God puts us through the lows to appreciate the highs. By day 3 boy did I appreicate it!!! I was in chardikala!



    So when I say I was lost – I was lost about who I am – where I belong – to what religion. These were my struggles on the first 2 days of camp.

    Through Guruka’s words and others, I found who I was… who I have always been. I am a Sikh. This is what broke me down in tears – the realisation of who I am. I felt so much pyar for Guru Ji and eachother it was touching. :D

    I wore the dastaar for 3 days – I took it off last night after going to my local Gurudwara. Wearing it felt so right I cannot begin to explain. I was in so much chardikala I didnt even recognise my own self. It truley felt like 10 fingers on my head. I didnt wear it because it suited me – I wore it because it was meant to be.

    I have so many highlights of camp but one experience I will never forget is when I wore the dastaar and kirpan at rehraas and chaupaee on the last evening…… I was BOOSTED!

    SS camp has given me the ooumph to learn Gurmukhi and more about the teaching of Sikhi, and spread the word about Sikhi.

    Thank you Guruka and Navleen Penji. Thank you Waheguru ji.

    PS: See you all at SS CAMP REUNION!!! Cant wait!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your experiences from the camp. It’s really nice to hear the details. I wish I could have come this year.

    Jasdeep Kaur, did you take all those pictures on your Flickr Account? They are nice pictures…and helped me get a sense of happenings at the camp. Upload more if you have them :)

  11. Satbir Singh says:

    This camp was the best ever!!!! Everyday was amazing but the dastaar tying was the best, everyone looked beautiful!! :)

    Too boosted

    Twada Veer
    Satbir Singh

  12. Ravinderpal Singh says:

    Waheguru. I cannot believe Guruka is on the plane back to USA. It was just like yesturday when we went to pick him up. How amazing it was to have him and share this wonderful week with him. He is truly PERFECT. JUST PERFECT!!!! Touched MANY hearts. Right up to the last moments of camp where he done the final talk as everybody left. It was so emotional. And so was the Mool Mantar that followed.

    Will miss you…

    from us crazy bunch of people!!!!

    Take Care and lots of Love


  13. Gurmeash kaur says:

    sikh student was amazing

    this was my first camp and i can’t wait for next year, the sangat was amazing there was sooo much pyaar and i made sooo many good friends.
    evry night the kirtan was amazing, everything about the camop was brilliant, the talks and discussion really made me apprecaite soooo many things in life.
    thank u to all that organised such an amazing camp.


  14. Jagdeep Singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!!

    This was my first camp and it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The pyaar I felt from the sangat was truly out of this world!! Everything from the inspiring speeches of Roop Singh and Guruka Singh, to the football match between the campers and sevadars. The great organisation by the camp sevadars made every day unique and extremely enjoyable. I have learnt so much about Sikhi and myself on this terrific journey, and made many new friends on the way.

    Cannot wait until the reunion and the camp next year, which I’m sure will be just as BOOSTED as it was this year!!!


  15. Harpreet (aka digestive) says:

    Ever felt so restless that you didn’t know what was bugging you? Ever felt like no one would understand your spiritual struggle? Your questions/doubts, your understanding?…….ever feel alone on this journey that ironically we all take?
    Ever craved for spiritual company and conversation? …………this is how I felt………
    All I can say is…..if you want soul food, don’t go KFC, come Chigwell!

    I am feeling camp blues people  a big thank you to the sevadaars for the kirtan MP3…..its like a life line……never experienced cravings like this before.

    Waheguru willing, see you all at camp reunion!!

  16. Siri Simran says:

    Sikh Student Camp was utterlly amazing. It is beautiful to see how everyone was so full of love for each other, and to live as a sangat.

    Everyone, including all the speakers but especially everyone at the camp was full of joy and there wasn’t a moment when I felt down because there was always someone laughing or getting someone to laugh.

    I especially loved the opportunity to learn more about Gurbani and the raags, and the openness in the Gurudwara, where anyone could serve to read, sing, carry the Guru, make prashad… everything.

    Definately see everyone at the reunion!

  17. Satpal Singh Kalsi says:

    This was the first Sikh camp I have ever been to and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was really good to chill with good sangat and listen to sweet kirtan everyday. I was also blessed enough to get a personal hukamnama from guruji and participate in the Kirtan on friday night (Big up all the 3C boys – we smashed it). Big shout out going to all the dorm boys – Jagga (you took soooo long doin your dhari in the morning man, your so vain), Gursevak, Rana (u got slapped hehe), Billa, Gajan (tell us a story mate), Charankamal (you got so much pyaar for guruji (respect), Gurvir (good luck for UCL) and big up our part time group leaders – Happy, Jagvinder and Sutej.
    THanks for such an enlightening camp and see you all next year. I’d also like to thank god and guruji for taking me to camp and blessing my soul

  18. Jaimal says:

    Well done to the new and improved Camp organisers. Looks like a chardi kala camp. Good to see that you stuck to your guns this time.

    Good luck with next year. Word of advice, keep the same team of organisers

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

  19. Gurminder Singh aka Billa says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    I have to say this years camp was CK (Chardi Kalan). I truly felt the love and compassion from sadh sangat. I could see the hunger to learn from everyone’s eyes. Sikh Student Camp was amazing. It gave me the opportunity to be so close to Guru Ji.

    I’d like to thank everyone involved with Sikh Student for making this camp so spiritual and so high spirited. I miss camp aso much nd its people. Wish everyone the best of luck in “the real world” and always stay CK all the way!

    Akaal Hi Akaal, Sat Sri Akaal! Gurbar Akaaal!

  20. Teet Singh says:

    I would like to express all my thanks to the camp sevadaars especially security and langar whom i worked so closely with, but most of all is satbir singh for the constant demand of very sweet tea at unsocialable hours and Dr. Mandip Singh (the only amritdhari eye surgeon in the UK) for unbelievably amount of seva he did for the langar at camp.

  21. Kaur says:

    updated ;)

    lol@ teet singh and his cha requests!!

    BIG UP THE DR!!!! he was amazing! cant wait for all the pictures for camp!


  22. Jugtaar Singh (Juggy) says:

    In a world of Lust, Jealously, Pride, Attachment, and Anger i found my peace in Chigwell,

    I had been attending various Sikh camps over the years in England to build my Sikhi, step by step. Pardeep penji at the start of the camp gave the word ‘pyar’ (Love) as a word for the week…..and thats exactly what i found.

    Love for Simran
    Love for Sangat
    Love for Seva
    and a ‘Boost’ in love for my Guru Ji.

    I met so many Singhs and Singhnis from a vast range of backgrounds, yet it felt i was reunited with family. Growing Relationships with Brothers and sisters that were based on Respect, Truth and Love.

    I am self admitted ‘trim singh’ Who never wore a Dastaar due to Life experiences which Veer Roop Singh knew all about, but after camp and with great help from Satbir Singh, Jaspal (Swedan) Singh and Mahraj, i was reunited with my Dastaar. After six long years

    If this is not a ‘Boost’ and ‘Pyar’ then i dont know what is…..

    Weheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Weheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  23. Lakhjit Singh Dhaliwal (Lucky) says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    My First time at Sikh Student Camp, where shall I start? First of all I would like to thank the waheguru, maharaj, organisers, security and the sangat! For making this camp happen!

    This camp is the best ever, I’ve never been to a camp that has so much pyar, affection, emotion and just the true word BOOSTED! This camp was seriously so Boosted. From the sewa, simran, kirtan, from the lectures, work shops it just put everyone and me in chardi-kala. I want to thank maharaj for introducing me to my new brothers and sisters. Sikh Student Camp was so well organised (touch wood it stays like that), everything was so on time and everything that we learnt was amazing. Its been 4 days since the camp and I’m still living in Chardi-Kala, I cannot stop listen to simran and kirtan its just a part off life. I just feel to myself that my day isn’t over if I don’t listen to simran or kirtan. This camp has really made me one step closer to god, which means god is taking 100 million steps closer to me. The distaar tying was a great great experience (I was told I look like jassi sidhu lol) but it was really a great experience and that same day as you can see from the pictures above we did the Nishaan Sahib Seva. I cannot express how I feel about this camp, the camp was just so amazing (touch wood again). Every day waking up early, Japji Sahib, breakfast, lectures, discussions, Langar, sports/activates, rehraas Sahib and many many more things we did everyday and the main thing I wont be able to forget it the sangat! I met so many new friends and life long companions, I just cant wait until the reunion.

    Just a Message to the people who are writing bad stuff about this camp and trying to stop the camp. Sikh Student Camp is the best camp….waheguru has chosen for this camp to take part and it will never stop the only person who can stop this camp if he chooses to is maharaj. Stop all the bad comments and let us enjoy the experience off Sikh Student Camp.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    Akaal! Sat Sri Akaal!

  24. Gursavuk SIngh says:

    its the first time ive been to SS camp and it will be an experinece i will never forget. too many good things to say about so il just tel u wat my highlight was. Satpal me jag n rana doing kirtan 4 the first time was gangsataa man! N satpal voice was jus next level! all im sayin is this nxt man called rumtha has got competition!lol. Actuali MOVE OUT DA WAY rumtha cuz satpal cumin thruw! lol. Na but on a serious note this camp and the sangat around u can change a person in a week and u will have so much more pyar for sikhi. Big thanks to all the organisers who helped run SS camp. and not 4getin varinder PenJi who sorted out the cocco pops!

  25. Parmeash kaur says:

    There are no single words that can describe the experience at S.S camp.
    I am so grateful for the experience, it was an amazing oppurtunity to look within yourself and realise and see things that may not have been so clear otherwise.
    Camp was like a ocean of beauty, below a sky of pefection. An ocean made from the pyar of ALL those involved, from campers to sevadars, Along with the kirpa of our satguru, perfection themselves….

    Gurfateh Pyare Sadh Sangat Jeo.. (S.S.)

  26. Prabhu Singh says:

    Wow the camp sounds like it was amazing!
    Maybe I should plan to go next year.
    Thanks everybody for sharing.

  27. sewadar singh says:

    wow guys,
    i think we can trully say it was our pleasure as so called sewadars to be the humble servants of our guru, we done nothing. he played his game through us and others who wanted the camp closed. maharaj was just remiinding us that we were getting relaxed and all the bad pr woke us up to the real world agian. i thought we had a tough job with security but maharaj works in weird and wonderfull ways, wow he done all the security himself, and the camp went so well. guys next year this camp is gonna rock england, imagine the camp, bigger better and STRONGER, they wanted us closed but instead they made us stronger and more eager to make it a success, i hope we can put to rest all the ad rumours, the proof is in the pudding, in this case the proof was in the success of the camp.

  28. Lakhjit Singh Dhaliwal (Lucky) says:

    Respect to that sewadar singh! Akaal!

  29. Jasmeet Kaur says:

    Its the first time I ever attended SikhStudent camp and it was boosted…!! I met so many chardikala veer jees and penjees, who helped me open my eyes. The lectures and kirtan all evolved around the theme, “Wake up, O bride with the beautiful eyes”

    The atmosphere was so open and non-threatening. I really enjoyed the entire week. It felt extremely emotional to the leave the camp, it felt like I was leaving my family behind. The kirtan was sooo empowering and beautiful!! The panel was amazing, special thanks to GuruKa Singh and Navleen Kaur explained any concept in such a clear and simple way, and which always brought a smile to my face.

    GuruKa Singh you are indeed PERFECT!! Whenever I asked you, How are you?, I knew your answer would be PERFECT,..that again it always brought a big smile on my face. CHARDIKALA!!

    I look forward to come to next years camp, and hope to see you all too. I have no words to thank everybody whom I met at the camp!!!
    Waheguru bless all and specially the sewadars who took care of all!!!
    Lots of love to all from your younger sister,
    Jasmeet Kaur

    Bole Sooo Nihaaalll, Sat Sri Akaaaal

  30. Jaimal says:

    God bless you Camp walay! You bring tears to my eyes, such brave warriors. Keep up the sewa, you are changing lives all the time.

  31. Satbir Singh says:

    Fateh All

    Teet Singh thanks for giving me laughs all week. Im sure you can get us a cuppa at the reunion ;)

    Juggy love you bruv.

    Every1 —> too boosted.

    Reading through all the comments makes me soooo proud of having attended this camp and being a part of the best camp eva (i have been to loads).
    It makes me overwhelmed to see my brothers and sisters feeling the connection between themselves, Guruji and the power of the Dastaar.
    On the last day it truly did feel like i was departing from my family. So i cant wait to meet up again at the reunion.

    Fateh all!!!

  32. gurmeash, harmeash and parmeash kaur says:

    me n my sistas jus wanna say we obviously felt the pyaar during camp cos we argued half as much as we wud hav in a normal week!!!!! lol

    we jus want to thank all the sevadars for puttin up with us – sukh bhaji n william penji for the cha and the ribena (cos london water is yuk)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n thanks to satbir n guv bhaji for sorting out the chocolates even thou it meant plenty cups of cha!!!
    we also want to thank manjeet penji for sorting so much out for us b4 camp even started.
    Sodhi bhaji the kirtan on friday smashed it!!!!
    Virender n Harmeet penji for being great group leaders n always being there wen we needed them.
    big up to all our brothers n sista’s in 4ddddddd!!!

    A big thank u to vaheguru for bringing us to such an amazing camp.

    can’t wait to c everyone at the reunion

    ‘jaa kai updays bharam bha-o nasai.’
    By their teachings, doubt and fear are dispelled.
    Guru Arjan Dev Ji

  33. Vineet Kaur Sawhney says:

    It is hard to put in words the experience we had at the camp……
    it was elevating to be with so many brothers and sisters who are in chardi kala. When they say GuruJi lives in the Sangat……….I guess we really experienced that. It was such a rewarding experience doing langar sewa for both me and hubby Rajinder Singh with all the lovely penjies and veerjis whom we have learnt so much from. Its amazing to have met all these new faces in the Sangat whom it feels like I’ve always known……
    It was an eye opener all the talks, the discussions with Navleen penji, Guruka Singh Veerji, Bhai Roop Singh and inspiring to meet the charity organisations and the lovely twin sisters.And most of all it was so beautiful to be able to sit down near someone in the sangat at langar time or other chilling times and just be able to hear them talk about their experiences about how they have been able to come close to GuruJi and closer to themselves; when the arrow struck them………….coz I did feel like I had been in love before but it never felt it so strong.
    Thank you all for sharing your lovely experiences with the pyaar and honesty….and touching so many hearts. It was also amazing to see just anyone and everyone being able to do the seva like Maharaj di seva everyone having the experience of wearing dastar and feel the energy.Thank You all the lovely penjies and veerjis for helping tie such lovely dastars, so people like me who have never worn one before could experience the grace and energy and feel free in the true sense of the word. The experience with the Rebab and dilruba was so emotional especially with Amanroop penji and Hariamrit penji sharing the history and all the beauty of the raags…..
    It’s amazing how much humour, how much pyaar, how highly spititually elevating, how intensely strong emotions, how much gyaan and how much serenity can be packed into just one week!!!!!!!!!
    It is inspiring to see our dear leaders who beyond all opstacles took charge, organised and carried on with all the work of making the camp such an enlightening and spiritual experience, like Randip veerji, Mandip veerji, Manjit penji, Mr. Toorji, Hardeep Veerji and all the others who worked like a backbone and have shown true leadership qualities…..may GuruJi bless them with His grace as this is such a beautiful sewa. With tears of emotions rolling down my eyes
    Jo Bole So Nihaal……..Sat Sri Akal
    This camp has touched so many hearts and will carry on doing so with the lovely CDs and all these lovely comments on Sikhnet. We do appreciate all the work you put in for this lovely website. May Sachae Padshah bless our lovely gorgeous website so we can all access it anywhere anytime and feel so close to our dear sangat.And most of all we Thank Waheguru for all this pyaar, namreta and grace we can all experience being Sikhs……

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
    WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

    It was quite emotional at the Bhog at Clifton Road Gurudwara yesterday and though some of the Sangat was not present…just like Veerji Guruka Singh rightly said you all were in our hearts :)

    Vineet Kaur

  34. Satpal Singh Kalsi says:

    Everyone check out this link. bring’s back good memories.

  35. jasvir kaur jootla says:

    fateh everone ! I had the most wicked experiance ever at sikh student camp 2006 ! i think it had the most amazing sangat ! i really enjoyed the sports day i did the allo karchi race hehe came 3rd im quite surprized bout that ! the really touching i think the kirtan was proper chardi-kala sprit ! everyone was upset the last as everyone knew they had to go !i think that the lectrues answered most of ma questions that were un-answred ! i just wanted to say fateh to all ma penjis and pahjis out there ! i want to thank toor uncle ji for allowin us to hold the camp ! i hope to be there next year and hope to see most of the sangat there that attended sikhi camp 06 and i hope that this blog inspires other people to cum 2 sikhi camp !

  36. Harvinder Kaur - Lil Pink Penji says:

    “Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

    “WOW” – Thats the first word that came into my head when all the Brothers and Sisters gathered in the Darbar Sahib Hall on the first Day of Camp. I was so “Overwhelmed” with the love I was seeing from everyone, I enjoyed all the activities, my most memorable time at camp was when i wore my very own Dastar!!!! Thats when I really did feel like a True Princess………….

    I learnt so much and really understood how important it is: for youngsters these days to get involved with such events, hopefully i would want the chance to volunteer as a sewadar for next year round, to enable me to show newcomers – the amazing time I experienced whilst my stay!!!!!! ;0)

    Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to meet with some of the sangat at various other events i.e. the East London Nagar Kirtan which was held on the 3rd September @ Barking Gurudawara – hopefully I will meet with the rest of the Lovely, kind sangat at the Sikh Student Reunion.

    ~~TAKE CARE~~

    xXXx H@RVI xXXx – AKAAAAAAL…….Sat Sri Akaaaal!!!!!

  37. Bikram singh says:

    shri waheguru ji ka khalsa !
    shri waheguru ji ka fateh !

    long live guru ji ke pyare !!!

  38. gurpal singh says:

    waddhiya laga vekh k k sada culture india to baar v thik hai nice

  39. proud to b sikh
    Mera rom rom guru ji da dendaar e
    "Bohat janam bichare the madhoh eh janam tumare lekhe"

  40. sudhir chand says:

    sasri akal,
    i want to join you..

    waiting for your reply.