Gurdwara Video Lecture

Someone from England sent me an old video tape which is a recording of a Kirtan and Punjabi Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa at a Gurdwara in England (Not sure which one or where). This videos is from 1992. I see Snatam Kaur and others doing kirtan but they are MUCH younger in the video.

Anways… I’m not so sure about the content of the lecture since it is in Punjabi….so if any of you watch it, please do share a summary or some information about the talk. :)

You can also download the video below
Large 241MB – Small (32MB)

2 Responses to “Gurdwara Video Lecture”

  1. Ekoankar Singh says:

    I just finished listening to half of this lecture and mostly it is about criticism. It seems someone insulted Yogi Ji and didn’t let his jatha do kirtan and then challenged that they will take off his turbans if he showed up. So, mostly it seems response to that incident. He is basically criticizing them and exposing. I don’t know the exact history what has happenend but it seems he is very angry while speaking on the stage.

  2. Rajwinder Singh says:

                         Harbhajan Singh Yogi Ji   is giving this lecture  at southall Gurdwara in London Uk.
    He is just explaining to Sangat that last time he came here he was not allowed to do kirtan on the stage but he just mentioned it only twice in the lecture and he is certainly not angry with them this is just his usual way of talking, he explains about the Aquarian age, Khalsa Raj,Akal Takhat Sahib, Darbar Sahib, Baba Khadak Singh Ji, Raj Yog, etc.  there is a wisdom in every word he speaks. Whoever wants to listen this lecture please listen it in full, doing things in half will not make you Whole.