Innocence of Children

 Since yesterday I have been thinking about the things that happened in England. I was outside walking around in the back yard trying to help my daughter fall asleep. I was looking around at the rain clouds (that are rarely here in New Mexico) as they covered the sky…seeing the beauty of nature and this earth. It made me think about children and how innocent they are. How as we get older most people loose this innocence. This innocence gets replaced by judgements, hate, discrimination, emotional drama, fighting, etc. Seeing my little daughter in my arms, so peacefull and calm, reminded me of this…and of God. It is so easy to loose touch with what is important in life. We get caught up in dramas….our work…relationships…arguements…etc. At the end of the day and when you die…what will matter most? Ultimately it is the time that you make to work on YOURSELF spiritually. Where is life without love, humility, compassion and acceptance? Spirituality and religion is all about these things. Let us not loose sight of this. 

Peace to all…Light to All… Love to All….  

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  1. Puja says:

    hi gurumustak ji, Sat Sri Akaal !! very nice pictures, Charanjeet seems to be getting bigger :-) !!
    i can relate to ur thougts about how u loose ur innocence and how Maaya and Mun take over the light that resides within you always.
    Gurumustak ji, i m not sure if u got my email that i sent a few days ago, but no worries, just wanted to say that i m going to India on tuesday, and will be visiting Harmandir Sahib with Guru’s Kirpaa. hopefully everything goes as planned.
    :-) !!
    SatNaam !!

  2. satvinder says:

    beautiful post (“,)

  3. Sifar says:

    Children learn from what they see happening around them. We are the one who attach them to material world more than the spiritual world. Best example of how babies transform is when the child is pretty young and is holding on to a toy or something, and you approach her and ask for it, she very happily gives it to you. As they grow older you try the same and they hesitate a bit and when they get even older you try getting something from them, they will cling to it, not willing to give it to anyone…. It is said that when a child is in the womb, she is very strongly attached to the “Simran” (meditating on lords Name), when she is born and opens her eyes, the Simran starts getting weaker and weaker as the Maya starts showing its effects on the baby.

  4. Khalsa says:

    The kid is like image of GOD.

    The saint of GOD are similar to attribute of children. In that they don’t have any attachment and are carefree.

    As gurbani tell us time again:


  5. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Hai, it is suprising to see Bibi Charanjit Kaur looking happy and in cheerful mood, when alone. But quite and a little bit soared, in the arms of Parents. Looks like, she likes to be independent. Hope as she grows she will be the same and not troubling the parents.Wishing the Parents all the best. Hope Bibi Charanjit Kaur will grow up as a good and intelligent,and comformed beloved of Waheguruji. Hope both of you will couch her to be one. Thank You.

  6. dre says:

    gmustuk…………oh my !!! have I lost my way
    thank u for reminding………..many many thanks
    to you for your words

  7. Conni says:

    Hi, that’s right what you say, and very good.But the children are the future fram us all. God Bless you all.
    Thank you