UK Adventures Continue….

More of Guruka Singh’s adventures in England:

Sat Nam!  Today was supposed to be a rest day, but the Guru had other things planned for me. Navleen Kaur mentioned that she was going to teach at the Southall Sri Guru Singh Sabha Children’s Sikhi Camp and invited me to come along, so we co-taught. There were about 300 kids at the camp, ages 6-16. We arrived during Gurdwara which was being held outside under a large tent. Lt. Jagraj Singh, who is a sevadar of Sikh Student Camp (yah, he’s the one in the cool camos), and Ravinderpal Singh did kirtan along with the kids rousing them to ever greater heights by having girls sing and then boys, encouraging them to sing louder with promises of pizza to come in the langar later one. This was the final day of a one week long camp and the kids had developed great comraderie in their sangat together. Then Navleen, Jagraj and I taught a class to the kids on the consciousness of Khalsa and how to deal with peer pressure in school.  Navleen is a great teacher (well, that’s her profession ;-) and we gave the kids practical tips for keeping up.


After the class I met two scoutmasters from the Southall scouts group. They had just gotten off the plane from an expidition to Switzerland with the Scouts and we sat together and chatted during langar. (Langar was a kids dream: French Fries (they call ’em ‘crisps’ here), baked beans and pizza.) Here in England they don’t have separate girl scouts and boy scouts, but the boys and girls are together. Apparently the girls protested that the boys got to do all the cool stuff and they wanted in. Good for them! The Scoutmasters gave me an honorary Scouts Expedition Scarf.

In the evening after kids camp about twenty of the Sikh Student Camp Sevadars came over to Ravinderpal’s house, where I’m staying, for Sukhmani Sahib paath and and langar. After the sweetest paath, I told stories about the Siri Singh Sahib, taught a short Kundalini Yoga class and led a meditation. Then it turned into a rollicking party with a fabulous langar cooked by Ravinderpal’s mum and fresh fruit, cakes and ice cream for desert. Everyone stayed up late laughing and chatting. I didn’t get to sleep till one in the morning, but awoke refreshed around five AM.

Today I’m off to Waterloo to teach an all-day workshop on Aquarian Relationships, then Sikh Student Camp begins tomorrow. Wahe Guru!

3 Responses to “UK Adventures Continue….”

  1. bhupinder singh says:

    Guruka ji stay in chardikala and thanks for doing wonderful job motivating guru’s new kids.


  2. Computer dummy says:

    Bhai Sahib is already in its full strenght i guess.

    I was listening to Katha this sunday..And the chardikala Singh was saying: no outsiders(other religions) will set fire, It is usually the insiders (people from same religion) will setup the fire and try to hurt their own people!…

    Stay in Chardikala Khalsa Jee..We need more Gurusikhs like you (leaders) to lift up sikhi!..

  3. Devraj Singh says:

    It was great to meet up with Guruka Singh even after our long trip back from Swizerland. My mother also met him and was back in surprise when I told her who it was. We all watch you Videos and learn from them.