Shocked! – How low can some “Sikhs” go?

I just finished my doing my banis this morning and went on to check my email as I normally do in the morning and was shocked to hear about what happened last night in England. There have been some people who have been on a mission to discredit and shut down the Sikh Student Camp (which is an awesome camp) which happens every year in England. It seems that they will go to any lengths to cause problems. When I read the below messages from those involved in the circumstances and talked with them about what happened, I wonder how a Sikh can justify doing such things. In their mind it must be some "religious crusade to rid the sinners". It really shows the state of where some Sikhs are today….and how far off track they are to stoop this low.

"As you may have heard, we were attacked at home last night by two youths wearing black balaklavas (ski masks). This was a planned premeditated attack, as a number of youths were waiting outside the house in car.

The attack occurred at our front door, after we had just returned from the gurdwara at 11.15pm. Two youths dressed in black, attacked my brother from behind, forcing open the door, and then proceeding to assault him inside the house. My elderly parents were at home and are extremely shocked and scared to say the least. 

My brother, the only Amrithdhari eye surgeon in the country has hurt his neck and his right hand and fingers, and it is unclear if he will be able to operate again in the near future. 

We are extremely hurt and dissappointed by the actions of a  few fanatical so called "leaders" of the youth, who now seem willing to go to any level to achieve their goals. Rather than work with us, these individuals have taken this to an inexcusable level. 

We urge everyone to intervene and stop this unjustifiable mindless violence escalating, before it is too late."

Later on at 3:30AM this morning another sevadhar’s car was petrol bombed (Molotov cocktail). "His 3 kids and eldery parents are visibly shaken. The unfortunate thing is we know who is behind all this… but they use others to do their dirty work."

I just called friends in England to make sure everyone was ok, and found out that one of the persons who was involved in the assualt was followed home and is now in police custody. Apparently they are not giving the police any information.

Sikh Student Camp started today in spite of all the hardships, and is at full capacty! As a precaution and for safety reasons Police are stationed at the school where the camp is held. If you are a parent, no need to worry :)

One has to try to find the good from these bad situations. I find that things like this can bring people closer….as we support each other in the hardship. Hopefully we can all learn from this.

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  1. Jagjit says:

    i cannot believe what I am reading..

    this is a bad day in the history of sikhs ever!! dont call yourself a sikh if you dare to do all this…

    Please attend the camp and learn something.. you need it badly.. rather than attacking another sikh and taking away his livelyhood!!

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  2. Shan Singh says:

    How do you know if this is a Sikh? Maybe it could be a hate crime from a person of another ethnicity, or did someone tell you who the criminal was or did you see for yourself?

  3. Shan Singh…I don’t have all the details since I am in the USA…however they did catch one of the persons and apparently a witness who saw the person throwing the petrol bomb had a beard…and this was not in a Muslim area.

    Two incidences in totally different places, both targeted at sevadhars of the Sikh Student Camp, the day camp was starting, is definitely a clear sign of foul play in my eyes. This is highly unlikely to be a general hate crime from someone who is of another ethnicity.

  4. Truly shocking!
    I think we need to target the head of these misdeeds!
    It’s gone on long enough. Your time has come.
    This kind of desperation shows the lack of control these “Sikhs” really have.
    Sorry to all the Moorakhs who think Sikhi belongs to them. In case you didn’t get the memo ‘WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa.’ The Khalsa belongs to God, not to you!
    This is a message to those who reduce the Sikh Dharma to rules. This is where your narrow mindedness and lack of faith in the Unity AND Diversity of God will take you… To acts of desperation.
    These violent criminals will end up in jail. They will bring a bad name to Sikhs in the media. They have created a karma for us all to handle.
    God has truly blessed us to see such a foolish act. So that we know never to involve ourselves in it.
    Even if you disagree with every single aspect of the Sikh Student Camp, our Guru never gave us permission to act in such ways. It’s time to stop slandering and policing others. In comparison to the Guru we all know NOTHING.
    In the equality, the infinity, the oneness that is God we are all the same, no matter what we believe in.
    Sat Naam.

  5. Khalsa Wannabe says:

    Prabhu singh, i pray with all the energy that i have that the people who commit these crimes, read your comment, and realise their mistakes, for as you said, the oneness of akaal purakh maharaaj mean’s that all of mankind are our brothers. How can we claim to be accepting of other faiths when we cannot tolerate differance’s in our faith? My brothers and sisters, diversity is beautiful and is god given, embrace it, don’t hate it. No two people’s personalities and thoughts can be exactly the same, so this belief that “doing sikhi” one way is correct and all other ways is wrong is an ellusion – it is an immpossibility!

    Forgive me, these are the ramblings of a young fool,


  6. bhupinder singh says:

    ghor kalyug! i do not understand what kind of environment they get at home. If attackers are sikh they need attendence in camp more than others

    may guru ji give them strength to understand gurbani

  7. Sher Singh says:

    What happened to those two individuals is very unfortunate. But the only story we are going on is the side which sent the email. As far as we know, we don’t really know anything about the other side of the story. So to start judging the other side based on the one sided story is a little premature, don’t you think? As the traditional Indian Pachayat system would do, the elders would first listen to the story from all the different perspectives and then start judging.

    Just my humble opinion.

  8. Sher Singh, I don’t understand what you mean by this. What it sounds like you are saying is justifying the actions of the individuals who attacked other Sikhs. I don’t see anything that could have justified doing these things. What would the "other side of the story" be that would make this ok??

    I am not judging anyone either…merely sharing the actions of some individuals…and how extreme some of the people are who are attacking the camp and sevadhars.

    I know many of the sevadhars and people involved with the camp and they are honest, open minded people who are really making an effort to serve and help the youth. I know and trust the source who was involved in these incidences. I’m sure more information will come about in the coming week.

    Many of the people who say they want to help the camp appear to be set on having things change in only a way that THEY think…otherwise it is wrong in their eyes. It’s like having an argument and not really wanting to work things out…but prove you are right and the other is "wrong". This of course doesn’t work. There seem to be other agendas and grudges that are clouding people’s eyes.

    We waste enough time arguing and fighting with each other. If we could just use that same energy to uplift and help each other in a postive way.

    Sher Singh… please don’t take this as an attack on you. I sincerely want to help.

    I’m not sure what your relation is to this whole thing….and why you are taking the defensive on this. I would feel bad if ANYONE was attacked or hurt…whether they were a Sikh or not. We as Sikhs should never take an offensive, ESPECIALLY on other Sikhs. Any action such as this should be condemned by all Sikhs.

  9. Manjit says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji,

    I am shocked at all this and don’t understand why would some body do this? A lot of questions come to mind especially knowing that you have done some posts before too and how negativily it is affecting you and others. Is it something personal? What are these people so angry about? Did they not grow up in healthy, happy environment and carry a lot of hate in general towards everything. Eventhough most of the English and Canadian youth of Punjabi or Sikh background are great Sikhs but ther is definitely a small bunch that is involved in gangs and drugs, creating trouble and seem to be lost and seem like they are trying to find their identity in in the countries like England, Canada and others by acting out tough, committing crime etc. I hope one day, Waheguru would put show them the Gursikh way. Some of them also have their own version of Sikhi where hate towards Hindus, India, Moslems, Whites or in general towards anyone that does share their views and ways of practising Sikhi is prevalent and because they grew up with this hate early on. I just hope community all over would stand against this becuase they sure are making us all look bad.

  10. jamdaar says:

    The main people involved in this campaign are <INFO REMOVED BY MOD>

    most of this campaign has been waged by people who have personal issues with members of the Sikh student camp, and chose to rally the lunatics by using a "save our sisters" + "protect Guru Granth Sahib ji" cries. But this is pathetic.

    Attacking peoples families, young children, elderly is such a low thing to do, I think all the people involved in this vicious hate campaign be boycotted, and shamed publicly.

    This angers me so much, what if the petrol bomb had hit the house and his children had been injured and what if someone had died.

    This is not sikhi this is pure thuggery, and terrorism akin to the 9/11 or 7/7 bombers. They are willing to do anything for their cause.

  11. Sher Singh says:

    Veer Gurumustuk Singh Jee,

    If my life’s experience has taught me anything, it is that when a conflict happens there are always different perspectives of the same story. Just by picking one perspective does not make that one perspective 100% accurate.

    I’m not ‘justifying’ the violent actions of the attackers. I don’t even know the attackers or the attacked. But the truth is we don’t know the other side of the story. All we know is based on one account of the story. I understand that the group attacked are your friends, so you will naturally feel sympathy for them. I probably would also side with my friends if they were attacked. There are a lot of questions to be asked about this before jumping to blind conclusions, and just going on one party’s word does not make their story 100% factual.

  12. PLEASE – If you want to post a comment…keep it neutral and civil. Many of the comments submitted by inviduals have been quite hatefull (and have not been approved for display).

    Thank you.

  13. jamdaar says:

    Regardless of whom you support or whose side you take

    1) Some ones family was attacked with a petrol bomb, Some ones house! where they LIVE, where they EAT, where they feel the most safe, where you play with your children and invite your relatives.
    2) Women and children could have been hurt, innocent people who have nothing to do with SS camp

    shere singh ji….. Explain does it really matter what the other side is…. it doesn’t really matter; could there ever be any justification for this?

    Or do you think its ok to kill innocent family members of people you don’t like?

    A petrol bomb was thrown at someone’s house, who had young children, wife and elderly mother and father in the house.

    Now tell me what excuse can there be for attacking these innocents what can the OTHER SIDE of the story be?

    Do those kids or those elderly baba and bibi, need to pay for (so called) crimes committed by one family member.

    Shere Singh ji I really don’t understand brother, what are you saying?

    Shere singh do you have children, I have children, and for me this would be the lowest of the lowest thing to do, to endanger a persons family, if anyone attacked my children, I don’t care what reason they had,

    Even if someone was a maha-pappi kanjar, I still would not hurt their innocent family, I would face them like a man.

    Even when the Singh’s fought in wars throughout our history and came across stray Mughal women they did not slay or abuse them they escorted them to safety, they did not commit rape and pillagery like the Mughals.

    So what excuse would there be to attack some one’s family.
    This has gone too far.

    The people who have started this campaign have acted in a disgraceful manner and therefore showed the amount of Sikhi they have in them, they have shamed themselves and also proved that their campaign is not about preserving SIKHI but about HATE.

    Shere singh Ji, brother please explain give us the other side to a story where an innocent family is attacked. And a family that has done seva in camps for over 40 years.

    I don’t care what the other side is when you attack someone’s family, you lose your honour, your respect, your whole meaning and understanding, your cause has become irrelevant as you have already tread on the path of a criminal and a tyrant.

    They said the reason that they were campaigning against the SS camp FOR SIKHI, what Sikhi is this, the Sikhi that says if you want to stop someone doing an event attack their family, kill them, take them out no matter what tactic you have to use, break into their houses and attack them with balaclavas on.

    They have the mouth to say that X, Y Z goes on at Sikh Student camp, even though none of them have ever been there, and most of it is taken out of proportion, but when THEY attack some one’s family with a petrol Bomb

    What do they say?

    “It’s all hearsay, you have no proof, you need to hear the other side of the story… that’s not what happened, it’s all made up…”

    Exactly the same things the SS people said. So if you are so sure about the things said about Sikh student camp by others, then why are you not as SURE about the threats and attacks made to the SS people. So you are right but the SS people are totally wrong, and anything they say is a lie.

    It seems that these people think that the SS people should adhere to strict policing and rules, but they are free to do whatever they want, including breaking the law to get what they want.

    I pray to Guru that these people get what they deserve, there must be no retaliation “as hate begets hate” we must pray that these criminals are brought to justice and be vigilant, because today it is the SS people, tomorrow it might be us!

    maybe one day they think that we are not strict enough, maybe they see us eating in a pizza hut and think it is un-Sikh, maybe one day they see us sitting with friends who are not Sikh, and they disagree. Maybe one day they see us dancing on our brothers wedding and seek to kill us for not being as strict as they like to think they are.

    Maybe one day they might attack us because we believe something different or because we do Simran different or because they disagree with the way we do Kirtan.

    “Na koi Vairee, Nahe beganaaa sagal sang hum ko ban ayee”


  14. Gurinder Singh says:


    I just got back from the camp and confirm that all is well. There is a good turn out of loving Sikhs and the atmosphere is very positive. Everyone should do an Ardas for the camp’s continual well being. Oh and thanks for such a massive hug Guraka Singh….I think you broke a few of my ribs in the process.

    Kind regards

    Gurinder Singh

  15. param says:

    The Sikh Student Camp is AWESOME! and it is good to know everyone is okay after the crazy incidents.

    God willing many of the people who attend this Camp will feel the love of Guru Jee and help spread that love to others.

    No one can escape Karma and we can all do an Ardas to Guru Jee to help bring light to the lost Sikh souls who were responsible for hurting the beloved of Guru Jee.

  16. Dude says:

    Where is the love???

  17. jaspreet kaur says:

    Some facts for those who seem to be going overboard.

    * There is no evidence of who attacked these camp peoples’ house or car.

    * The opposition against the camp isn’t just some individuals, it permeates a lot of the youth activists in the UK.

    * The camp organisers have admitted they have had problems with some people (one of whom is a person whose ‘katha’ is prominent on this blog)He is now banned from the camp.

    * Unless you know the full facts and especially the background to the camp please do not exacebate matters by making accusations.

  18. Jaspreet, I don’t know of any specific evidance to prove this, however the recent occurances did appear to be targeting Sikh Student Sevadhars. Time will hopefully tell who those people are. I hope and pray that we are all wrong and no Sikhs had a part of these actions.

    The SUPPORT of the camp is not just by individuals, but also other youth activists and organizations.

    All organizations and camps have problems. This is just part of every day life. The key is that we all suport helping make things better and remedy issues in the best way possible.

    The main reason I have taken a stand in this matter is that many of these sevadhars are friends of mine, and I have seen them work hard to do what they do at the camp. Obviously there are differences in opinion in certain areas, which cannot always be resolved. However, I find it sad to see fellow Sikhs trying to tear down other Sikhs. No matter what the reason. It has come to a level of fighting and hate. Many of the emails/comments I get are laced with so much hate and anger. Why is this? There has got to be a better way. I may not know all the issues at hand but I know that there is a honorable and just way to doing things.  The things I have been seeing happening are not at this level. THIS is why I take a stand. It’s about how we communicate…how we try to force our beliefs on others and try to prove them wrong.  That is what I am againts. What I see is little openness to other perspectives and little tolerance. There is no ONE way of being a Sikh. Who can define THE correct way?? There is always room for interpretation. Being a Sikh isn’t black and white.

  19. Doesn't matter says:

    I actually do understand what Sher Singh is saying

    I think the natural first reaction is to condone the actions but as in all similar situations if you want to move forward then you need to determine why did the situation get to this point.

    I personally find it difficult to believe that jealousy was the sole reason.

  20. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I agree that this incient is dispicable to say the least, and hopefully was not commited by Sikhs.

    However, I fel it is a little premature to make any comments on the matter as the only people that really know what happened or why it happened are the people that commited the crime, and maybe the organisers. Until all the police works comes to an end, I don;t think we, as people living in foreign countries, should be able to pass any judgment on this case.

    Hopefully when everything comes to pass, it wasn’t a Sikh that commite the crime……satguru kirpaa karan

  21. jaspreet kaur says:

    Jamdaar you write eloquently about what Sikhi is, please tell me is it also Sikhi to make accusations against your camp’s opponents when you have NO PROOF that the attacks were organised by them. The original email just states that they wouldn’t do that attack themselves but get others to do it! That kind of accusation can be used to throw mud at anyone. Until we have firm evidence please refrain from making wild and unfounded accusations. For someone who asks that the camp be given a fair hearing you are quick to make unfounded accusations yourself.

    I can understand the need by you to blow this out of all proportion in order to deflect from the problems with the camp but really to call an attack on someone’s house as akin to 7/7 when 52 innocent people were blown up is a bit of an exaggeration. Whoever carried out the attacks and whoever organised them needs to be punished under the full force of the law.

    Your comment

  22. Manmeet Singh says:

    It is VERY CLEAR who were behind the attacks. But such cowards got others to carry them out. Mainly people associated with OTHER camps that run in England (which are NOT as popular with mainstream Sikhs.) They are just jealous. Simple as that. I was also at te camp yesturday to show support (As well as MANY OTHERS)- and how beautiful it was to be in Sangat of such wonderful, amazing, loving and OPEN MINDED Gursikhs. Roop Singh got the camp underway with a MIND BLOWING kirtan event. And yes it was just awesome seeing Guruka Singh present too. Its a shame that as you enter the camp, our brothers and sisters have had to ask police to protect them. from their OWN ‘brothers and sisters’. I call them extremists. idiots. and then we wonder why our kids are running away from sikhi.

    And jaspreet kaur – please get your facts straight. Sukha Singh is NOT banned. He is away attending a family funeral.

  23. Guruka Singh says:

    Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

    Greetings from the Sikh Student Camp where the spirit is Cherdi Kala and the diwan last night was full of magic and complete bliss! I just want to send my love to our entire global sangat and say that the Sikh youth are the salvation of the world and that all is well on earth and in the heavens. It is all according to Guru’s plan and he tests those whom he knows can pass the test. This camp will go on for many, many years and we will look back and say not “What a tragedy there was,” but we will say “We kept up and Guru’s kirpaa was beyond words to express.”

    Love to all, …..G

  24. niyarakhalsa says:

    Why has there been no media coverage for this attack ?

    Gurmastak ji could you please get the sikhnet team include this in the daily sikhnet news.

    anyone in contact with panthic weekly and other news groups please send this news to them.

    Indiscriminate Violence against civilians is an utterly condemable act. Even if the camp was conduct great sin (which it is not ) ; violence is not justified.

  25. Manmeet Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    I’m actually quite shocked at the responses of some individuals on this forum!

    Problems within the camp are not endemic to Sikh Student Camp alone, other camps have had problems in the past, yet no-one went to remonstrate to this ridiculous degree with those other camp organisers.

    Fire bombing peoples cars and beating up individuals are not the actions of Sikh’s. There is no justification for this behaviour. Sikh’s in the UK did have a reputation of being honest, law-abiding citizens; however I now feel that this is changing.

    I know that Jaspreet Kaur’s comments regarding the opposition to the camp are totally fallacious. I have noticed that the opposition has only stemmed from one faction and its minor factions contained within it. The camp may have had problems with individuals in the past, but since those individuals have now been banned, does that not solve the problem? I do know that background of this specific camp. This problem has only escalated because of a few ignorant hot-heads, who have more affinity to violence than to their Guru.

    If attending Sikh Student Camp is a mortal sin, then Waheguru will be the judge, not a few individuals.

    I think Prabhu Singh Khalsa Ji summed it up perfectly. The Khalsa is Waheguru’s not of any individual or faction.

    Bhul Chuk Marf Karna Ji


    Manmeet Singh

  26. Yankee Singh says:

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

    Just want to say, its good that the camp has a lot of chardikala people sporting them. Hopefully this incident will EXPOSE certain people who APPEAR to look and talk the Gurus Word, but there ACTIONS are actually the opposite.

    No one is actually banned from the camp; this is not the Gurus way of helping peopling overcome their dilemmas. Certain people have decided for the safety of the campers and families to not attend the camp, as they are aware they cannot prevent violence from escalating by attending.

    I guess foresight is the best way to prevent, so called Crusaders of sikhi from hurting the innocent.

    I just hope that other so called UK Sikh organisations clean under there own manja first, before attempting to clean other peoples manja first.

    Gurmustak singh , can I please ask yourself and the whole cyber community to do ardas that there is no more violence in relations to the camp and that people actually learn show Integrity & compassion to there brothers & sisters

    Best regards to your family


    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

  27. jaspreet kaur says:

    Again no evidence just accusations. I hope none of you are ever called to do jury service. I’ll leave you all to wallow in the mud you have been slinging.

  28. Jaspreet Kaur, Part of this is interpretation. I would look at much of the negative stuff being posted and said against Sikh Student Camp as “mud slinging” too. You are looking at my reporting of the attacks on SS sevadhars as mudslinging, however I don’t see it that way (though some of the comments might be). It’s another case of “difference perspectives” on any situation.

    This is the root of many of these issues anyways. Which comes down to things which people have a difference of opinion about. There are many things in Sikhi which people have vastly different perspectives on. Some might consider one thing dis-respectfull while others don’t. Who is right?? They both are. We can’t expect everyone to follow our interpretation.

  29. Manmeet Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Although Otpreka Singh Shinda’s is interesting, it is merely conjecture. I have no doubts in my mind that you could count the number of Niddar supporters on one hand at Sikh Student camp.

    For those who think that violence shows some kind of machismo, remember that our history depicts more feats of torture than of our heroic Panth picking up a sword. Remember, “Only when ALL OTHER means have failed, only then it is righteous to pick up the sword”.

    And Jaspreet Kaur Ji, I would rather sling mud than sling a molotov cocktail! My conscience is clear, is yours?!

    Bhul Chuk Marf Karna Ji


    Manmeet Singh

  30. Inderjit Kaur says:

    Dear Gurumustuk Singh Ji,
    Just a few things that came to my head as I was reading through the comments. This is a humble request that you allow people to ponder over these thoughts.

    Gurumustuk Ji, you wrote about the hurt and horror of finding out about these attacks. I myself and I’m sure many others felt this shock and sadness when they read your post too. Certainly it is never pleasant to read of attacks on anyone be they Sikh or non alike. However I am a bit disheartened by your reporting plus the comments of some others… I shall explain why underneath.

    I hope I am correct in saying that as of yet we do not know who committed these crimes. Yes it seems likely that is was attacks by Sikhs rather than a random attack but as for who the attackers were we do not know this at all from the information provided. However it seems from your post, the email and the comments hereafter that there has been a lot of inferring of who committed these crimes.
    Gurumustuk Ji you wrote you will only allow posts that are NEUTRAL and CIVIL and all others will be discarded. This is a fair standard to set. However I do not find comments neutral when they accuse/name people who they BELIEVE to be the perpetrators. Does this not constitute as hearsay, bias and claims based on past grudges and agendas? Surely if none of us know who the attackers were then isn’t it narrow minded to assume it is a certain group/set of people who we do not like?
    Below are some examples of how people have already arrested, tried and found guilty certain people in their own minds without evidence.

    In the Sikh Student Camp organiser’s email to Gurumustuk Singh, he wrote:
    “We are extremely hurt and dissappointed by the actions of a few fanatical so called “leaders” of the youth, who now seem willing to go to any level to achieve their goals. Rather than work with us, these individuals have taken this to an inexcusable level.”
    It seems as though the author of this email has already decided who is behind the attacks. Is this not presumptuous of the writer considering we do not know of yet who the attackers were?

    Jamdaar Ji went as far as naming people in his first post. (Names have now been removed but were available to read before.) Obviously he was convinced these people were behind the attack. Where’s the proof? Or is this a case of: “certain agendas and grudges clouding people’s eyes” As Gurmustuck Ji wrote himself in relation to those standing up against the camp. Veerji you also wrote how you “find it sad to see fellow Sikhs trying to tear down other Sikhs.” By naming these individuals is this not Sikhs trying to tear down others too?
    Also in a second post he blatantly and quite openly accuses: “The people who started the campaign…when THEY attack some one’s family with a petrol Bomb” as those who committed this violent act. Does this not blacken the names of those involved in the “campaign” even though there is no proof as of yet of the attackers and who they are? Is this not a comment blinded by personal grudges?

    I believe it to be incredibly feasible that the attack could have been carried out by a rouge element who took it upon themselves to commit these crimes. How do we know they were “ordered” by people to do it? Infact we do not know anything, so why make such wild and unfair accusations? Just like the organisers of Sikh Student camp are Gurumustuk Singh friends and he trusts their honesty and integrity, There are many out their who are friends with those being accused here and they also trust those people’s honesty and integrity. They are also hurt when false accusations are made against them.

    This is just on example of what I feel to be bias in the reporting of this event. There are other examples also.
    Gurumustuk Ji you talk of how you have taken this stand because: “Many of these sevadhars are friends of mine, and I have seen them work hard to do what they do at the camp.”
    Manmeet Singh wrote: “It is VERY CLEAR who were behind the attacks. But such cowards got others to carry them out. Mainly people associated with OTHER camps that run in England (which are NOT as popular with mainstream Sikhs.) They are just jealous. Simple as that.
    Well Gurumustuk Ji the people Manmeet Singh is writing about are friends of mine. There are only two other camps in the UK, so we know he is referring to the organisers of these two camps. I have seen the hard work THEY do at their camps and thus it hurts me when they are accused of things that may or may not have anything to do with them. I know these people to be honest and hardworking so for them to be accused of such terrible acts is deeply hurtful. Manmeet Ji’s comment seems to be written out of grudges and agendas against these other “competing” camps so to speak. Is this fair, neutral and civil?

    I hope you understand the point I am trying to make. The attacks are deeply saddening but it is also sad to see people accuse certain Sikhs in the UK for the attacks before any solid evidence is found, or even the full picture of the events painted. How can you label these people fanatical and narrow-minded when you have not met these Sikhs and have not seen the love they have for seva and Sikhi?

    Please forgive me for anything I may have said that has offended people. This certainly was not my intention.

    May Guru Ji shower His blessings on all.

  31. It seems like we are just going round and round with the comments and I don’t think anything is going to come out of this discussion here that will resolve the current situation. It is just a back and forth….and seems to be getting worse.

    These types of things are better discussed in person. The internet is definitely not the best place for this, as we have seen how feelings and words can be mis-interpreted and people say things that they might not say in person.

    In order to keep things from getting further out of control (and to keep all our stress level down. Mine especially!) I am closing comments on this topic.

    I apologize if I have hurt anyones feelings or caused any ill will during this discussion. I really do have good intentions. If I could sit down with you all and have a talk that would be so much nicer (for me at least) :) I really would like to “build bridges” and I hope that this has not been a setback for connecting with some people who might have been apposing my views.

    May Guruji give us all the capacity to see beyond the faults of others and have the courage and openess to work together as a Khalsa Panth.

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!