Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara – Southhall

8 Responses to “Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara – Southhall”

  1. Sat Nam,

    I’m wondering if those great talks Garuka Singh gives to Sikhnet are prepared in advance or off the top of his head on the spot?


    Deva Kaur

  2. Deva…that talks with Guruka are not “prepared”. I just sit down with him and ask questions or give topics and Guruka Singh just shares.

  3. A.K.Sandhu says:

    I go pass that Gurudwara every weekday as my journey to uni begins.

  4. taranjit says:

    wow what a beautiful sikh gurdwara .
    if i see such a pic like that i am impressed about our lovely religion . sikhi is the best

  5. davinder pal singh malhotra says:

    seriously i got impressed to see the gurdwara sahib,thanks to show the gurdwara sahib on the website

  6. Kiran says:

    Its really a beautiful Gurdwara.

  7. inder jit singh says:

    You are doing best job in the world.shub karman te kabho ta taro

  8. Mrs Dossani says:

    I am a language teacher in school and I would like the children of class 4 to visit the Gurdwara as part of the religious studies.Could you pls tell me if it is possible to accomodate 60 children and also would there be a guide to help us around and explain the importance of Sikh,s practises.Appreciate your reply.
    Mrs Dossani.