Guruka Singh In England

Sat Nam!  Had a lovely flight from Houston to Gatwick. I slept all the way, arrived refreshed and spent Thursday gadding about Southall with Kiran and Ravinderpal. I got Ravinderpal’s enthusiastic tour of Southall Broadway (he seems to know everyone on Broadway even the jelebbi guy) followed by a visit to the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara (it’s huge!) then off to Navleen Kaur’s house for a yummy lunch cooked by Navleen and her mum. We ate with several of the camp sevadars, Navleen’s husband, Har Kamal Singh, and her wonderful mum and dad. In the evening I taught a great Kundalini Yoga class at Pineapple Studios Covent Garden and got to bed around midnight.

Ravinderpal Singh’s lovely sister Indi Kaur is a singer and her new album was just released yesterday. Her first album (released last year) is called "Keep on Walking – Songs of Sikh Saints" and the new one is called "Imajind." It’s full of delightful upbeat tracks featuring Indi’s great vocals. You can hear a sample from two tracks from "Imagind" below. You can purchase Indi’s first album at and be sure to leave a comment telling them that you’d like them to carry her new CD as well.

This morning Navleen and I are teaching at a Sikh Children’s Camp run by the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara (over 100 elementary school age kids) and then tomorrow is my all-day workshop on Aquarian Relationships.  I’ll be moving to another sevadhar’s house Saturday evening and then on to Sikh Student Camp on Sunday. 

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  1. Guruka Singh…you are so lucky that you can sleep on the airplanes. For me traveling long distances and sentences like “lovely flight from Houston to Gatwick. I slept all the way, arrived refreshed and spent” are unheard of!!! Hahaha… I’m glad you made it there safely. We all look forward to seeing more pictures and stories during your visit their in England.

  2. Ekoankar Singh says:

    WOW!!!!! great music. I was listening to MP3 file and it was very soothing. I think it has Japnese touch to it. Also, Gurmustak Singh Ji, could you check your email? I sent you two Nihang interviews and if you find them good please share here on your blog.
    Guruka Singh Ji great to see you on British land and hopefully we will see more of your enlightened lectures.

  3. Satkirin Kaur Khalsa says:

    The Sikh community of England is very smart to have invited bith of you for the summer camps.

    RAvinderpal Singh is amazing and his sister INDI KAUR’s music is amazing. When he cams to visit Siri Vishnu and I for dinner at our home in New york we laughed the entire 2-3 hours…between bites of much celebrated tofu!

    Question beta ji,
    1. What Language is Indi singing on this new album?
    Yes, she is singing English, but then she starts singing something very Celtic soundung…….?
    2. CD Baby is a great online distributor as well as “The Orchard”.

  4. Simran says:

    SatKirin Kaur Khalsa Ji,
    My Mata Ji can certainly learn from you ( I love the way you always call Gurumustuck Beta Ji- Very sweet)

  5. Gagan Kaur says:

    Guruka singh – where could you buy Indi kaur’s latest CD ( Imagind) , Love the samples, have to buy the CD



  6. Guruka Singh says:

    Gagan Kaur Ji – Ravinderpal Singh says he’ll put Indi’s new album up on for purchase after Sikh Student Camp ends. So keep checking back there. Ravinderpal’s email is: [email protected] so you can contact him directly if you like.


  7. HI again!

    Indi’s brother kindly gave us a copy of her cd at the recent Sikh camp in london. Absolutely overwhelmed by it – bought us to tears!

    just ordered two more copies for our sister and good friend’s children who we know will just love it too(although it is equally inspiring for adults) through your web site – thanks for providing the link. we were expecting to have to search and and low as with all good things!

    sat sari akal to all
    amrit and rabindra

  8. bill says:

    songs are soooooooooo wickd, the harmopnys are awesome