Gursikh Speed Meeting – Toronto, Canada: Sept 2nd

Gursikh Speed Meeting"Good relationships are built on understanding, communication and trust. We all know that only happens face-to-face. GurSikh Speed Meetings provide a way for individuals to meet with other GurSikhs one-on-one to see if there is that "CLICK".

The main purpose of the present seva is to formalise a meeting process for Gursikh individuals. Embracing modern concepts and utilising technology, the concept of GurSikh Speed Meeting involves:

  1. An equal number of Sardars and Sardarnis need to register
  2. Each Sardarni will spend a number of minutes chatting to a Sardar
  3. The Sardars will rotate after the specified number of minutes and chat with the next Sardarni
  4. All Sardars and Sardarnis will have a chance to chat
  5. Each individual will decide if they "CLICK" with who they chatted with
  6. If there is an agreed "CLICK", GurSikhSpeedMeeting will facilitate an exchange of details

Gursikh Speed Meeting Schedule

  • New York City Pilot – Sunday, April 30th – SUCCESS!
  • New York City – Friday, July 21st – SUCCESS!
  • Toronto (Canada) – Saturday, September 2nd
  • San Francisco – November 18th or 19th pending venue availability
  • Chicago – 2007
  • London – 2007

Do not miss your opportunity! There are a limited number of seats and based on the previous events, they do go quick, first come-first serve, so reserve your seat today!

To request further information and/or register, please send an email to [email protected] specifying the location of interest, so that we can include you on all communication. More info online at:

This service is Not-for-profit and done as seva. Registration fees are to cover venue costs. Event suponsored by SikhNet.

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