Simran, Karams & Rehat (Punjabi Lecture)

Here is a Punjabi audio lecture by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa. I’m not sure when or where this was recorded…but very likely from Singapore or Malaysia in the late 70’s or 80’s.

My thanks to Lakhvir Singh (Kenya) for taking the time to translate this lecture into English, for those who don’t understand Punjabi.

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I was shocked to witness yesterday that the Jakara was proclaimed in Ardas without the recitation of the Dohra ‘Agya Bhaee Akaal Ki, Tabhe Chalayo Panth. Sabb Sikhan Kou Hukam Hai, Guru Maneyo Granth.’ Because in the Dohra, Sikhs have to proclaim ‘Raj Karega Khalsa, Akki Rahe Na Koe. Khuar Hoye Sabb Milenge Bachey Sharan Jo Hoye.’ That Dohra makes it clear that ‘Khalsa will rule the world, and that all shall be safe in the Divine fold and rule. That’s will be so because we are slaves of none, but are people of an independent land. Americans recide independent in their country because they are enslaved to none.

But I am often told that if a matter conforms to the rights of Sikhi, we will accept it, otherwise we shall have to part ways. I visited two Gurudwaras here (one was a newly built one, and the other where I am now) and neither of them recited the Dohra. I demanded to know why the Dohra was not read and remarked that all you have done is followed your parts of Sikhi that pleases your own manmat (self will)! You come and bow down to your Guru (Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and then you chose not to recite the Dohra (Sabb Sikhan Kou Hukam Hai, Guru Maneyo Granth. Guru Granth Ji Maneyo Pargat Guraa(n) Ki Deh. Jo Prabh Ko Milboch Hai Khoj Shabad Mein Leh . . .’ And then you omit the remainder (Raj Kerega Khalsa, Akki Rahey Na Koe)! Hear me out, you all Government moles, that in your very own Gurudwara, you desist from reciting the Dohra! Go ahead and do all your stupid things, but you have you have gone as far as turning you back on the Guru! The Dohra was ignored in both Gurudwaras, and no one raised a whimper. You are all engrossed in building these Gurudwaras, electing and getting elected and yet none of you live the Sikh way of life. I’m told that the Guru’s Sadh Sangat is present here [in these two Gurudwaras], so why did they not recite the Dohra which is recited at Akal Takht, Harmandir Sahib and all other Gurudwaras around the world. Even in America, where we are only a handful, even there we recite the Dohra . . . has anyone bitten off our heads there? Are the Christian not ruling there? We are Sikhs and will will run Sikhi the way our history dictates, so why should we not read the Dohra?

You’ve completed you Ardas and proudly proclaimed ‘Bole So Nihaal!!’ of your proud Tat Khalsa (Orthodox Khalsa) . . . then rip off that sign outside your Gurudwara that claims to be proud of your Khalsa pride. Talk only of that which teaches you how to live!

Today I want to speak to you about Simran. Simran means the way of harnessing that Divine Light from which the entire universe sprouted. Now ponder over whether a human can give you this way (Simran) of harnessing the Divine Light. There those that blow into the ear (to give you the Simran) and then take away your dollars in exchange of it, and then instruct you to keep reciting it in secret. The same is repeated for others, as their dollars are taken away from them. But there are two ways of taking birth in this world – one is through Naad, where one becomes a sacrifice to the Guru’s Word, and is declared as a child of the Guru (Naad Puttar); while the other is born through the mother’s womb (Behd Janam). Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a Behd Puttar as he was born through the combined tap (meditation) of both Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and Mata Gujri Ji. But Bhai Daya Singh was a Naad Puttar who was born in the house of Guru Gobind Singh Ji as Daya Singh sacrificed his head to the Guru and earned the right to become the son of Guru Gobind Singh. Like Daya Singh, we are all Nadd Puttar (children born through Guru Mantar – Waheguru.

The Guru Mantar is the key needed to open the lock of the mind. Just like a key has to be cut precisely to fit the measurements of the keyhole to enable the lock to be opened, the mind can only be opened with Simran – which is the key, cut just right, to open up the mind’s lock which opens up the Divine Mystery. No matter how big a lock is, it will only open, even with a tiny key, if the key is cut to specifics measurements. As Simran echoes in the mind, it gets absorbed into the blood
-stream which flows all through the body and then the individual becomes enraptured by the Divine Light. That’s the time when the human being gets a taste of the Divine Light – a taste that is above all other tastes. That’s the power of Simran. This ladel of the Guru Mantar (Waheguru) has to be stirred in the mind for the human to be able to connect with the Divine.

Then there are those who keep asking how the Sri Guru Granth Granth can be considered Guru. I ask in return, why would not be considered as Guru? In all the other 7 major religions, if there is any one else that has give Guruship to the Word of God, then show it to me. You will find enough gurus, satgurus, yogis, swamis and mahapursh but you will never find any other scriptures that has been bestowed the title of Guru. Did you know that the number of letters contained in Guru Granth Sahib Ji is equal to the amount of breaths you take in a whole year? And when a Sikh reads JapJi Sahib, the reading become the jaap.

During the compilation of the Ad Granth Sahib Ji, there was an ocean of bani available but those banis that did not conform to Naad (essence of all sounds) did not qualify to be included in the Ad Granth Sahib Ji. The Guru conferred the status of ‘Pakki Bani’ (complete Bani) only to those banis that met the qualifications of Naad – be it the banis of Bhagats, Sufis, Peers or of the Gurus. After having put together all the banis that were in Naad, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji possessed the complete powers of Naad. Those that recite the Naad, will be filled with the Divine Light – that is why Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Guru. Guru Granth Sahib Ji has eradicated all middlemen and when a Sikh desires to meet the Guru, he will bow (before Guru Granth Sahib Ji), perform Prakash of the Guru, and no matter where he begins to begin reciting, he himself will read, listen, do jap, do simran, and through the Naad, will be able to reach the realms of the Divine. In all this interaction, there is simply no place for a middleman. Sikh Dharma is one for the alive on how to live, as there is no hypocricy in it . If there was hypocricy in Sikhi, there would be no power in it today.

Christians ask me to explain how I’ve managed to reform all those people who are on much medication and indulge in so much alcohol and drugs. I haven’t reformed anyone. But yes, in my classes, they come and exercise with which the body, glands and nervous system become pure. After that, they sit for an hour or two to do Naam Jaap. bow before Guru Granth Sahib Ji and then get going their way. Those who so desire, become Sikhs and those that have no such desire, remains as they wish. You ask any of these Sikhs (American) in private and they will tell you that they came to realise they were Sikhs when they became Sikhs (adopted the Sikh way of life). These people have no qualms over what anyone will think of when they are seen wearing turbans. All they say is that they love the Guru and all they desire to do now is to please the Guru – what’s worth in trying to please people? If they are happy today, they’ll be upset the next day.

A lady once called me to say that she can no longer live with her husband and that she was coming over to see me. She came along with her kids and started weeping before me. On asking her what the matter was, she said that she could no longer stay married to man who does not believe in the Guru. When we got married, we were instructed to be dutiful to Akaal Purakh first, then to the Guru and then to my husband. I could not say this on the phone because he would have lied to you about it. I then called up her husband to asked him to come over.

When the husband caught an overnight flight and reached here, I told him that he had gone against the addict of the Guru and that is why your wife does not wish to live under your roof any longer, and neither does she want any of your influence rubbing off on the children. Hearing this, the husband was in denial. The wife asked me to question him how many days in the past month he had sat to do his Nitnem. He replied that due to work, he may missed about only about once or twice. She responded that the even with the one or two days that he had missed, it was equal to missing out on it all. She said that if he cannot do his Nitnem in the love of the Guru, then what was there she could ever get from him by living under his roof? ‘Further on, the children would be influenced’, she added, ‘and they too will get lost in their work. Then my own mind will waver. I have recieved the house of the Guru through a lot of effort. Please draw a decision for me here, as I cannot go on putting up with this headache (husband).’

When I asked the husband what his say was, he pleaded to be forsaken this time around as her had realised his error. ‘From this time forth,’ he said, ‘if ever I miss my Nitnem, I will accept the separation as my punishment.’ Then I further requested the lady to accept her husband’s plea and go on along home with him. ‘You have made your life successful, and you can help make his, and your childrens’ lives, too..

But she wouldn’t hear of it and she said she didn’t need any bait for she had gone through enough challenges in life to get to this state, released from lowly past lives spent. ‘And now that I have found the House of the Guru, I cannot forsake it to live with one who cannot even maintain his Nitnem.’

Before the couple could take their leave, I requested them to stay back a few minutes and allow the Sangat to know about this matter. When the Sangat heard it all, they all agreed with the lady’s stand, and disagreed with me in having to send them back together. The Sangat declared (Hukam) that only when the husband spends 90 days in his Nitnem kirt, and under the vigilance and  approval of a Sikh priest, will any decision to allow him to live with his wife be made. Since I am not higher than the Sadh Sangat, I could not challenge their Hukam even when I had come up with my own solution to the problem earlier on. The Sangat went on further to tell the lady’s husband that only after these 90 days of complete Nitnem would he be able to live with her wife again in his next life. ‘As for now, we (Sangat) will look after your wife and children for she is a blessed daughter of Guru Gobind Singh as she loved her Guru above all and chose to detach herself from her worldly affairs. And for us, she’s a revered one.’

The husband folded his hands before the Sangat, and begged them to take pity on me, allow me take care of my family. I then humbly requested the Sangat to allow the man to be given a second chance as he had accepted before the Sangat and sought solace in the Guru’s Darbar that he would reform his ways and dedicate a full year in complete Nitnem.

A doctor once told a Singhni that she should not tie a turban on her child, else the child’s head will not grow with his age. She replied that she didn’t have any us of it (child’s head) even if it were to grow to the size of a pumpkin. ‘My father has a big head’, she said, ‘ and the moorakh is ever indulged in drunkenness. I’d rather have a smaller head for my child and he remains a Sikh of  the Guru. You keep your medical wits to yourself.’

These kind of Sikhs have earned their Sikhi. They have realised that [due to their lowly deeds] they have become worthless after having exhausted options and then coming to seek the solace of Simran.

I once went to a Hare Krishna Mandir and was told by a woman devotee there that they used to live the life of dogs (living on other people’s offerings) but now we have come to learn how to live the life of gods. ‘So what if we dance about in the streets?’ she remarked, ‘we’re dancing in Divine Ecstacy, while the world dances in drunken stupor in the evenings. My father asked me why I go about dancing on the streets, and I retorted in asking him in return why he himself needs to drink himself down and go and dance in the club in the evenings. ‘You dance in clubs to satisfy your lustful desires’, she told her father, ‘but I dance in the Praise of God.’

Why have these people (Americans) reached such a spiritual state? Because they have seen the ends of wealth and indulgence. They are not beginning to do Simran just because they needed money, but because they have spent sleepless nights. The day they read about ‘Nanak dukhia sab sansaar’ and ‘Se sukhia jis Naam adhaar’, they asked for proof. And all I told them is to contemplate on these verses for 90 days and find out for yourselves, as I no one proove them. In doing just that, they began to develop love for the Guru.

When those that have established abodes of the Guru (Gurudwaras) in America are asked by those back home about the trivial of matters, all they say is that they don’t care much for anything else but can only say that with the Grace of Akaal Purakh, a handful of Sikhs come to the Gurudwara every single day and get enjoined in Naam Jaap. There is so much Kirpa of the Guru here (in India) . . . everywhere that you look, you will see dastaars of the Gurus as you sit here in Sangat. You go to America, the dastaars have made a disappearing act. In their greed for dollars, these people (Sikh immigrants) have lost their Guru. They have their Gurudwaras but the womenfolk present themselves at the Gurudwara at 12.30pm, just in time for Langar. They hastily listen to Anand Sahib, and instruct the Granthi there to perform the Ardas in 5 minutes with no need to make mention of  the Guru. Then at Langar they start chattering about each other’s outfits and complimenting on the other’s husband’s new suit and talk of all other social issues and do not even think of the Guru. I tell these people to simply open a club and do all these things there as for them the Gurudwara is nothing less than a social hangout.  And then they pride themselves over the contributing to the overflowing bank accounts of the Gurudwara and yet have no dimes to spare for the education of their children. Those that pump up their chests over the money of the Guru have only brought down their lives to the level of insects.

There are four cardinal sins that get you thrown into the birth of an insect – no leanings towards the Guru, spending the money of the Guru, misappropriating the kirt of the Guru’s money and stealing anything that belongs to the Guru. Those that are guilty of these crimes against the Guru are thrown into the cycle of 84 million life-forms, Each year spent in these lifeforms is equal to just a single solar day, and for 84 million births, these culprits will be born as insects. Calculate for youselves if you want to revolve in these endless circles.

One day, Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s hawk brought back a hunt of a pigeon. Guru Ji separated the two and he began to de-feather the pigeon while his hawk ripped off its flesh. A Sikh of the Guru was aghast at the sight and questioned the Guru, ‘O Guru, Lord of both worlds, this pigeon has come to your Grace. Have you no pity? If your hawk has caught the pigeon and brought it to you, why don’t you release it?’ Saying thus, the Sikh turned and walked away from the Guru. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the knower of all inner thoughts, commanded Bhai Daya Singh to recall the Sikh to him. When the Sikh returned, he did not greet any Fateh to the Guru and stood there in a sullen face. ‘Upset with me?’ asked the Guru. The Sikh refuted that he was. ‘But you have some doubts in your mind,’ replied the Guru. Even that he refuted. ‘You were fine just a few minutes ago, go on, speak up now!’ the Guru remarked.

‘What’s there to say?’ the Sikh said in complaint and disgust. ‘Your hawk brought you a pigeon and you started dicapitating it when you could have released it to freedom. What childish behaviour is this of yours? We are moorakhs but you are a Guru!’

‘Indeed you are moorakhs!’ replied the Guru, ‘because I know you are one! So what is it to you?’

The Sikh went on to complain all over again, ‘This poor pigeon has come to your Grace and all you do is decapitate it and offer it to your hawk to munch on it. What’s that? I tell you what it is, this is contrary to mercy. It’s murder. This is not right!’

‘What are you so charged up about?’ the Guru questioned him, ‘why don’t you ask the hawk and the pigeon about all this?’

‘These creatures can’t talk! What can I know from them?’ the Sikh asked the Guru. ‘Go ahead and ask,’ ordered the Guru, ‘satisfy your disgust.’

‘What if they don’t talk?’ the Sikh asked. ‘Ask them!’ the Guru said, ‘if they don’t answer, I’m the one who will be proved to be a liar. What are you going to lose?’

When the Sikh finally turned to the two birds to ask them why they are engaging in such a despicable matter, the hawk retorted that this was a matter before the Guru and the Sikh had no right to interfere. ‘How can this be a matter before the Guru?’ the Sikh asked.

The pigeon replied that in a past life, both the hawk and itself were Sikhs of the Guru. ‘I had needed some money’, the pigeon said, ‘and I approached me friend for help. Though he helped me with it, I did not return it after the need. In this life, were were born as the feathery creatures and since the Guru is our friend, the only way I could get released from this life was to get my flesh eaten up by my friend who I deceived in my past life. If I don’t do this, I’ll just get enraptured in the 84 million life forms.

O Sikhs, who serve the house of the Guru as sevadaars, believe the Guru as partakh (visible as alive in flesh and blood). I say so because this body that you have, it has been blessed with due to the Grace of the Guru, it hasn’t been given to you for nothing. So don’t fill it up will all kinds of trash. Become humble and become the servants of the Guru and enrich your Panth. Enrich your coming generations. The Gurudwara is not the name given to these walls, but these walls become the Gurudwara if the Guru is present within them. A Sikh is only a Sikh if  the Guru’s Rehat resides in the Sikh. This can only happen if the mother teaches her child in the matter. And then you complain about your kids that they don’t listen to you. If the Sahibzade of Guru Gobind Singh could not be corrupted by the Emperor’s offer of weath and comfort, it’s because they were taught to be upright in rehat. Your humility is just a farce. First you turned your feet away from the Guru, then turned your back on the Guru and now that’s how you come here – walking backwards. Then you turn around to greet Fateh. The Sahibzade refused to be referred as offsprings of a snake, but said they were part of the Divine Light. They invited the Emperor to go ahead and spend his misfortune on doing whatever he wanted to do with them. ‘Go ahead,’ the Sahibzade said, ‘as you fulfil your vile deed, watch us as we remain in bliss.’

As the Sahibzade were being bricked alive, the elder Sahibzada began to weep. ‘Why do you cry, O brother?’ the younger one asked. ‘I’m crying because I came into this world before you, but you are leaving it before me, and rushing first into the lap of Akaal Purakh. This is such injustice!’ The younger brother said, ‘Don’t you worry, brother, I’ll not rush into the lap of our Creator and will wait for you until the bricks reach to block your breaths.’ All this while, the two Sahibzade were reciting the Guru Mantar of Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru . . . until the wall consumed their mortal bodies.

Now you tell me, why should your children listen to you? You yourself have not listened to your father Guru Gobind Singh! Your children are just as worthless as their worthless parents. If you would obey your Guru pita Guru Gobind Singh, your children have no power to not submit to your instructions. If you would get up at Amritvela, take ishnaan, do prakash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, do your Nitnem and then set off to your worldy duties with in the Grace of the Guru, your children would be warrior-saints. That’s how you make a Sikhs.

If I were to tell these Westerners to become Sikhs, they would question me in return, ‘Why? What’s wrong with us in being Christians?’ I just allow them to see what a Sikh way of life is like. I don’t even encourage them to emulate the way I live my life as a Sikh as it’s a Hukam for me, not for them. Like when they ask me why I do ishnaan with cold water when hot water is available, I tell them it’s just Hukam of the Guru to do so. Then they argue that there must be some secret behind the cold ishnaan and I just tell them I have no clue to that. All I know, I tell them, is that if I cannot seem to get up in the ambrosial hours, this cold ishaan certainly will awake me.

One day, I was burning in fever and yet I insisted on taking a cold shower despite a fellow Sikh’s advice that i could take a hot one for a change. My friend told me that I should go to the doctor to get my fever checked, I told him that my doctor was awaiting me underneath the tap. The moment the cold water hit my body, I jumped up and and screamed ‘Waheguru!’ as the chill gave me kick of breathlessness. If you have ever stood underneath the cold tap, the kind of ‘Waheguru!’ you proclaim is indeed powerful and you can’t even say the complete ‘Waheguru!’ All that comes out from your shocked body is ‘WahGru!’ There is no need to go and act up in reciting ‘Waheguru’ before someone. The cold shower will do all the work when you scream ‘Waheguru’ when you’re underneath it. One such ‘Waheguru’ you say is enough. You don’t need a second.

When I was done with the shower, I dressed up in my Bana, went and sat in class and performed my Sadhana. When it was all over by 7am, I then went to lie down and invited the doctor to take my temperature. When he did so, he found no trace of fever. But at 11am, I was again engulfed in fever. This would be the case ever single day – the fever would rise and fall on its own. The doctor remarked that this seems like a new kind of fever as it shouldn’t drop in the morning. All I told him was that this was a fever of my karams, let it do as it pleases. When my karams are better, I rise, otherwise it rises. I just told the doctor to give me whatever medication I need and not to ponder over the nature of my fever. As yogis, we’ll continue doing what’s required of us and the fever will continue doing whatever is required of it – it will pass of on its own. It’s a know scientific fact that the blood capillaries do not open without being place under cold water. The body can never stay free of ailments, that’s a medical fact, too. There are two things that can never happen – one is for youth to wear out quickly and the second is for the body to fall victim to an illness if it is subjected to a cold shower. Blood begins to flow in those tiny blue capilaries the moment the body is place under a cold shower and when at the same time the person jumps up and shout ‘WahGru!’ Once these capilaries open, the body cannot fall victim to any illness.

You have no understanding of a shower. Sit in the hot bath-tub for an hour, followed by a massage, after which you will begin to sweat. Right after that, jump underneath a cold shower. That’s the medical world’s way of dealing with fever. Do you have so much time? You spoil yourself with a hot shower, and then even recite JapJi Sahib in the shower. Then you complain that you cannot seem to still the mind in prayer. How can that be possible when you do not support the mind? You got the mind as a servant (for seva) but you have made it your master. No wonder it commands you around everywhere else and you are left standing no where. That’s why I tell you, if you must indulge in fashion, then dress up like the Guru instructed, decorate yourself like the Guru (bana) and live and die like the Guru. Let go off this life that’s here only for four days and will not go along with you. Get together, put your wealth together and educate your children with the teachings of the Guru. Get the best of parchaaraks and teach your children the best of raags, Gurbani and go along with them so that their future may be promising. That’s the only gift you can give your children. Tell them that they have been born in the Guru’s family and we’ll help you attach to the Guru. Teach your children how to do Kirtan and its importance.

Once a man came to me saying that two of his sons were riddled with cancer and sought to get them healed through some miracle. ‘Is there some miracle in your religion witch which the unexpected can happen?’ he asked. I told him that the unexpected miracles themselves hang around our religion. That’s why we do not perform miracles, not because we are now allowed to, but because miracles are fall at the feet of Sikhi. That’s why we do not boast around about miracles. I told him there is a shabad in Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the True Guru, sung by the Bhattas and let your family practice it for 2 and a half hours every day and the Guru would bestow His Grace. He said that he does not know how to do it (paath). I told him that I certainly have no cure myself.

The man asked the manager of his company to summon four Sikhs who worked in his firm and get them to come over to his residence. He instructed his manager to get them to recite that shabad for 8 hours a day for which he would pay them a handsome amount. These Sikhs called me up to questioned me over what sort of mess he’s got them into as they didn’t even know the basic Kirtan. I wondered why he got hold of them when I had asked him to do it himself. Anyhow, I told these Sikhs to recite the Kirtan from ‘Amrit Kirtan’. ‘What are you all complaining about? You’ll be getting four times better pay for it’, I told one of them.

‘It’s difficult’, one of them remarked. But since I was not going to be of any further help to them, they managed to put themselves together and did as the man had hired them for the matter. The sons were completely cured of their cancer and are well even today. Though they are American Christians, they nevertheless do kirtan every morning. They proclaim that power which kept their sons alive and saved the honour of the house, they would ever honour that power through jaap. When we ask you to do the same, you ask of what use there is in it. Why don’t you try and find out for yourselves? If for whatever reason a certain problem fails to find its remedy, do the jaap of this shabad and Guru Ram Das himself will be a part of it. You have been blessed with such a priceless jewel of Simran and even then you do not do it. Then you freak on what others will think and say of you. By thinking so, you cannot earn Sikhi. Sikhi is the way of life for the fearless braves, the way of living. This is the path of Guru Gobind Singh. That is why I have agreed to come here so that I can tell you that in the West where there was not a mention of Sikhi, there is today a ready tyar-bar-tyar fauj of the Guru.

This video which you will see shortly, is about those women who were known to smoke down packs and packs of cigarettes and who could not sleep at night without having downed at least half a bottle of alcohol. They have exhausted all the tools of make up in their country. To their hair, they have done enough stunts, leaving little resemblance between them and pigs. Now take a look at them, how they have become Sikhs. If you are blessed with enough money, come over to the States and see to what extend Sikhi has reached there, and you too will find out how much of Sikh you are yourself. For 16 hours a day, right from 4 in the morning to 11 at night, not a minute do they allow to spare, but they still maintain their Sikhi duties. When I invite them to attend the Sikh camps for women, I encourage them all to take part. Here I tell them each one of them is a woman first, then mother, then wife and then all other matters follow, so I tell them to increase their strength of woman. At the camp, they first started the day with Yoga, Naam Jaap and Gurbani after which they had their breakfast before moving on to learn the art of wielding the sword and all other forms of Gatka, trained with a rifle and learned parade. Then they attended science classes and lectures on human psychology and then sit the evening in Rehras. The last thing they were then tutored on was about being a woman issues related to womanhood. Then there was more recitations of prayers in the evening. Throughout these camps, they even went swimming, played badminton, learned horse-riding and all other worthy lessons of life. After 8 weeks of camp, they returned home with the chants of Waheguru after which the state of their homes changed completely. That woman that used to bitch all the time, is now reciting the Naam of Waheguru.

Even you have money and properties here, do such things here too. Over the holidays, get your children to learn Gursikhi and take part in the camps too. Learn how to live and live and show others the path too on how to live as Sikhs. Tell people the meaning of ‘Sikh’ – not through word of mouth or through the press, but through living it yourself. Sikh cannot be appreciated by mere talk. Show all those that are packed with make up that you look more beautiful in comparison and that your face is radiant with the Light of Akaal Purakh. When people see that radiance, they proclaim you as a revered and holy one. Back home, I’m asked why the faces of the Sikh there are so radiant in glow. ‘There is no make up on their faces,’ I reply. ‘In the morning, the blood in their veins begin to run in eager flow, their health blossoms, does Naam Jaap, are filled with Divine Ecstacy and speak well all day.

Even now, the Grace of Guru Maharaj is still upon you and you have not reached ruin yet, and don’t let it advance closer to you."

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    When Yogi Ji said there is a shabad in the Guru Granth Sahib that makes miracles, I am just wondering what is that shabad?
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    What is so wonderful about this translation is the way that the Punjabi original is so smoothly recast into a moving English version that is idiomatically English. Another example of the talent on Sikhnet.

  7. WaheguruJi Ka Khalsa. WaheguruJi Ki Fateh.

    My humblest apologies for the petty grammatical errors in the translation. I was typing like a fury because when Yogi Bhajan speaks, you want to hear more and more and more. But the next time, I’ll take greater care and proof-read my errors. Do forgive your erring brother, Khalsa Ji.

    WaheguruJi Ka Khalsa. WaheguruJi Ki Fateh.

  8. bhupinder singh says:

    If anyone of you are interested also try following link of yogi ji’s punjabi lecture!Open

    its hillarious at various ocassion


  9. Charanpal Singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

    Is it possible that the lecture pointed out by Bhupinder Singh ji from Sikhnet can be provided in mp3 format for download ?

  10. jot khalsa says:

    waheguru ji khalsa,waheguru ji ki fateh. sir i am very happy hear jogi ji bachan. zt lezst i can listen in office also. by internet. thanks lot.

  11. ALL i can say is WOW!!

    I love Sri Singh Sahib Ji.
    His way of presentation and his word, are as sharp as a Khanda but synonomously soft as a feather.

    What a chardi kala gursikh!
    May his words bless others, the way in which my ungreatful self was blessed today.

    Mera Vaid Guroo Gobinda
    Akaal Heee Akaal

  12. Angad S says:

    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa , Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh .
    What a Soul stirring Discourse by Sri Singh Sahib Ji ? I am simply Spell Bound and with tears in my eyes the following Shabad comes to my mind –

    jis neech ka-o ko-ee na jaanai.
    That wretched being, whom no one knows

    naam japat uho chahu kunt maanai. ||1||
    – chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he is honored in the four directions. ||1||

    darsan maaga-o deh pi-aaray.
    I beg for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan; please, give it to me, O Beloved!

    tumree sayvaa ka-un ka-un na taaray. ||1|| rahaa-o.
    Serving You, who, who has not been saved? ||1||Pause||

    jaa kai nikat na aavai ko-ee.
    That person, whom no one wants to be near

    sagal sarisat u-aa kay charan mal Dho-ee. ||2||
    – the whole world comes to wash the dirt of his feet. ||2||

    jo paraanee kaahoo na aavat kaam.
    That mortal, who is of no use to anyone at all

    sant parsaad taa ko japee-ai naam. ||3||
    – by the Grace of the Saints, he meditates on the Naam. ||3||

    saaDhsang man sovat jaagay.
    In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the sleeping mind awakens.

    tab parabh naanak meethay laagay. ||4||12||63||
    Then, O Nanak, God seems sweet. ||4||12||63||