The Trampoline

For Narayan’s Birthday some of our family got a Trampoline. He has so much energy that he needs to keep active. What better way than to jump around?

3 Responses to “The Trampoline”

  1. Trampolines can be expensive…but nowadays with everything "Made in China"…things are sometimes cheaper. Though it did help to have different family members chip in for it. It's not every day that you buy something like this. This is the kind of thing that one hopes to have for 10+ years for all the kids.

    This one is quite large (14 feet) and cost about $280 Dollars US (with the side protector).

  2. A.K.Sandhu says:

    Wow is Narayan lucky to have a trampoline as big as that.
    U know in da Uk those trampoline’s are expensive.


    Best Wishes for Narayan on his Birthday!

  3. avneet k says:

    oooo that looks fun . I have been telling my dad to get us a trampoline have fun