Charanjeet Meeeting Dadaji

Dadaji came to meet Charanjeet Kaur for the first time. There was an instant connection when they met. It was so sweet to watch them.

4 Responses to “Charanjeet Meeeting Dadaji”

  1. Wha he guru. This is a touching! Thanx God.

  2. Desh Singh says:

    Gurmustak Singh ji–

    Great website. I too had a child recently, about 3.5 weeks ago. His name is Akali Nihang Singh. I found it interesting that you had a home childbirth. My wife I chose to have our son at the Children’s Hospital of NY in Manhattan. My wife also did not use an epidural or any pain medication of any kind before or during labor. I found your views on vaccines interesting and wanted to know if you had any scientific studies supporting how vaccines in children are dangerous. You may have difficulties entering your wonderful children into schools without vaccines because there will be the concern that they can transmit diseases like polio, measles, mumps etc. to other children. Vaccines are based on hard scientific evidence. When they authorize these vaccines for children, they do so after having rigorously examining the potential that they vaccines may be dangerous for children. I would be curious to know how you have investigated or researched the danger of vaccines.

    Congratulations you have a beautiful family.

    Desh Singh

  3. Satnam Desh Deepak Singh ji,
    Many blessings to you and your wife on the birth of your Akali Nihang Singh!!!!
    You are very correct in the vaccine issue. Some of our friends have had their children w/o vaccines for 14 years but now that they are going to MOA in India, the children finally have to get the innoculations.

    I think the older the kids are the better it is. I always cringe when I hear about the doctors giving innoculations to 3 month old babies etc.
    Blessings to you with love,
    SatKirin Kaur Khalsa

  4. Desh Singh says:

    Dear Satkirin Kaur ji–


    Thank you for your blessings. I also wish the same blessings on you, your husband and your beautiful grandchildren: Narayan and Charanjeet.

    The reason why vaccines are given to infants is because they have a very weak immune system and thus need the protective effects of vaccines more than older children who have more mature immune systems.

    US public health orgs do an extensive amount of monitoring for vaccines reverting or mutating to active strains. As a matter of fact, the reason why in the US we use the injectable instead of oral polio vaccine (the oral has more advantages and is superior in most ways) is because a small number of individuals acquired polio-type illnesses from the OPV. To go back to IPV was an overreaction but one in the interest of public health.

    The reason a few younger children can go unvaccinated is because almost every other child has been vaccinated and is unlikely to carry active diseases like measles, mumps and rubella etc. that they can transmit to Narayan and Charanjeet. Were it not for these high levels of vaccination, it would be very dangerous to have young children not have their shots.

    Generally, I believe that alternative and complementary medicines have value. I myself read about many of them and will encorporate them into my practice. I hope to get certified in some alternative medicine therapies as well. However, the gold standard of whether something works is always rigorous experimentation and clinical investigation. Without these ways of examining the efficacy of drugs and therapies, there would be no antibiotics, statins, beta-blockers, aspirin or any of the other drugs that are life-saving and life-extending.

    If vaccines are harmful to infants, there should be some data and not conjecture that supports this. To not vaccinate young children is to expose them to risk. To justify such as exposure, we should have strong evidence to suggest that we they are at greater risk by taking vaccines. Millions of young children and infants are vaccinated every year. How many of them are being reported as having acquired illnesses from these vaccines? If there was something going on, some ambitious physician or researcher would want to create a name for themselves by uncovering it. This would be big news.

    Also, most human vaccines now consist of dead viruses particles that cannot be infectious.