Birthday Cake

Arjan’s Yummy Birthday Cake for the Party

4 Responses to “Birthday Cake”

  1. avneet k says:

    many many happy birthday wishes to Narayan. looks like he had lots of fun.
    All the best for school too.

  2. Harleen Kaur says:

    Happy Birthday wishes to Narayan!!!
    The cake sure does look yummy……………was it home made by Arjun??
    If so, could i possibly have a copy of her recipe for the cake (i assume it was eggless??), it is so difficult to find eggless cakes that it would be great to make them my self.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Harleen…Yes…this is a home made cake :) We never buy them from the store. Most store bought cakes are pretty junky and we prefer homemade goodness! You can get egg replacer (which is what we use) and bake your cakes.

  4. Hartbhajan says:

    Happy Birthaday Arjun, and please help me, i m looking for Harleen Kaur Chahal, if she is the one who posted a birthday wish to Arjun, could she please contact me on [email protected], please, and the cake really makes my mouth watery, happy birthday