Roop Singh from Yorkshire (Touring USA)

"Roop Singh was born and brought up in the UK and became a non-keshdhari when he was 18 until 1984, when the attack on Harmindar Sahib occurred.  This event caused serious interest in Roop Singh, and he then took Amrit.  Shortly after this, he began teaching basic classes to children and going to schools across the UK to speak about Sikhi in the form of a story. Then, shortly  after, he went on his own to speak to schools full-time as a guest speaker.  He now independently promotes the Sikh Religion and visits over 100 schools per a year and reaches over 10,000 students per a year in the UK.  He also conducts workshops worldwide with college students and professionals at conferences and retreats throughout the year.

Roop Singh’s primary duty when he comes to the United States is to understand the problems which the Sikh youth are facing and to find ways to address those issues.  To do this Bhai Roop Singh will be leading workshops, organize mini camps at Gurdwaras, represent Sikhs at interfaith meetings and coordinate a phone/e-mail hot line for Sikh youth to ask questions.  Along with this, Bhai Roop Singh will continue to travel all across the country to tell stories to young school children, to spread the message of Sikhi so that the next generation will understand the faith." –

You can see Roop Singh’s tour schedule and more info about him at:

I love his big fatherly beard :) and when Sikhs wear their beards out in full glory. I think beards look best this way. I personally don’t like the british "tidy" influence on Sikhs beards. Anyone Hahaha…

When I was watching the below video I was thinking about the part of how Sikh children get teased in school about looking different. On monday my son Narayan is going to his first school day in kindergarten. It’s a new school that is quite different than his pre-school montesori classes. He will be in a class with 19 other kids his age who are doing a new program of bilingual learning (50% in English and 50% in Spanish). In order to help him integrate I will be going to the school and sharing with them about turbans, long hair and beards. This will hopefully help Narayan and the kids to know more about us.

Here is a video that aired on TV in England that I enjoyed watching.

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10 Responses to “Roop Singh from Yorkshire (Touring USA)”

  1. Khalsa says:

    he is only touring east side of the country.
    what about the west coast?

  2. Gurkirpal says:


    roop singh… is the best………
    Punjabi sikhs ROCKS

  3. A.K.Sandhu says:

    wonderful, wonderful!

    I got emotional watching this especially when he talked about Harminder Sahib. And believe it or not i cried when they showed the couple going round the Guru Granth Sahib.

    I admire Roop singh Ji very much he’s an excelt example on how to promote Sikhism.

  4. Vahguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahguru Jee Kee Fateh

    Bhai Roop Singh will actually be making 3 other tours before coming here full-time. We would love help from sangat to help sponsor and book Bhai Roop Singh in Toronto, Vancouver/California, and New York. If you don’t live in those areas, and your sangat would like to sponsor a tour in your area, we would be happy to come to that area, no matter where it is. We would even be happy to come to New Mexico as well (hint hint) ;)

    Please email us at [email protected] so we can get the ball rolling!

    Chardi Kalla!

  5. bhupinder singh says:

    roop singh has best roop :)

  6. Manminder Pabla says:

    Excellent Video

  7. East Coast Sikh says:

    With regards to you coming into Narayan’s school to talk – as a Sikh teenager going to school in America, the most important suggestion I have is that you do come in early, during Kindergarten, and not later. As the time progresses, children typically become less naturally curious about things and begin to routinely stereotype. The younger they are, the more eager they are to learn, and the more careful they’ll be not to make fun.

  8. Satwinder says:

    thank you
    excellent video!
    I think youre doing a great thing by going to your son’s school and educating them… I wish someone had done that back in my day.. you soo rock!

    correction Gurkirpal..

    Sikhs rock! :o)

  9. parmjeet says:

    this man represents faith, it seems that the younger generations are letting their culture fade away – at last somebody is making and stand and representing sikhism

  10. Dalpreet says:

    Excellent Video.

    Roop Singh ji’s efforts are admirable.May Waheguru bless him more power so that he can do parchaar in all parts of world.