Guruka Singh – England Workshop (Aug 19th)

Guruka SinghGuruka Singh Khalsa will be in England this next week (Aug 19th) and is teaching a workshop titled
"LOVE AND THE INFINITE GAME OF LIFE". Many of you have probably seen the interviews with him on this blog over the past years, which are very interesting and inspiring. Guruka Singh has so much love and a unique perspective to share. I encourage you all to meet him and say "hello"…"satnam"…"fateh"…etc.

If you can’t make it to this workshop you can also catch him at Sikh Student Camp (Aug 20-26). He’ll be at the camp all week.

For further information about the workshop contact Angad Kaur at 07771 80 35 62 or email [email protected]

2 Responses to “Guruka Singh – England Workshop (Aug 19th)”

  1. Puja says:

    Happy Birthday Narayan !! Hope Guru’s blessings are always with you. and good luck in Kindergarten.

    Gurumustak ji-please convey above to Narayan, hehe !!

  2. Amandeep Singh says:

    I am looking forward to this gr8 event….

    I am so damm happy.



    Bless u all