Quote of the Day

"Those who cannot speak kindly and who cannot act compassionately, it does not matter who they are, they have not yet learned to be human. Forget about being divine. It doesn’t matter which country you belong to, how wise you are, how rich you are, how fulfilled you are and how miserable and terrible you may be. How painful your life is and how low it is. Remember, start talking kindly and living compassionately. You will be surprised. The almighty creator God will start walking with you hand-in-hand and be a friend forever." —Yogi Bhajan, March 1, 1989

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Sifar says:

    Off the topic but important news that may have repercussions that might affect Sikhs in US due to the alleged terror plot that was foiled in UK.

    Air travel Carry On restriction in US

    Ps. Thanks GMS for putting this up…

  2. Harkiran Kaur says:

    Agreed 100%!

  3. A.k.Sandhu says:

    Mitha bolra ji Har sanjan swamie mora
    Ho sombal ta ke je ho kedo na boley kora