Youth Questions and Answers – Singapore – 1984

I have been going through some old lectures of Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa and came across a question and answer session that he had with the Sikh Youth in Singapore. This session was held at Gurdwara Katong in Singapore on January 18th, 1984. The Q&A session was over an hour long so I went through the audio and edited out some of the questions and answers into individual audio files for easy listening. You can also listen to the complete audio which has all the questions (some of which were not edited into individual audios).

Some of the topics might be considered controversial, so please keep any comments civil and neutral, or they will not be approved for display. (The blog isn’t really a discussion forum).

Eating Joota food of someone who is not Amritdhari and topic of Langar. When an Amritdhari is eating can we eat together with him?

Are Sikhs allowed to eat meat? Beef ? What are the benefits of being Vegetarian?

Should we read the Raag Mala, some don’t, why?

Why do some people stand while others sit and Sing Aarti (And other questions)?

What is the correct way to meditate?

What is the gateway to God, Simran? Seva, or Something else?

Why do we keep bottles and other containers during Akhand Path?

Why should Sikhs not cut their hair?

Are Sikhs supposed to keep our hair covered at all times?

Are woman allowed to administer Amrit?

How can we spiritually enhance ourselves in this modern age?

How do you recite Mul Mantra?

Is Yoga used to concentrate during Simran? If yes…what about those who don’t know how to do yoga?

A person is said to come to this world with his destiny written, how can he change his destiny if he is not fated to change?

Full (uncut) one hour audio of all the questions and answers
(many which were not posted above).


All these audio files are downloadable as MP3 files in the Audio/Video Archive

15 Responses to “Youth Questions and Answers – Singapore – 1984”

  1. Lionchild says:

    well that meat section sure made sense… people get worked up about such nonsense as this and forget about the larger aspects of sikhi. People jsut want to live their lives and move on – enough contraversy.

  2. Harmeet says:


    Where can I download this whole lecture? (I didnt see it anywhere no this page)

  3. Gurpreet singh says:

    THANK U for this…it has made things alot clearer to me. :)

  4. Harmeet you can download from the Audio/Video archive at:

    Under “Educational” – “Siri Singh Sahib” – “Malaysia QA”

  5. Puja says:

    Sat Sri Akaal Gurumustak ji, thank u very much for posting this. a lot of these questions have been on my mind for a while. Thanks
    hope all is going well, i havent been commenting much but have been checking up regularly, also checked out Dharma ji’s blog, nice to see him get setteled there.
    love to all, Satnaam !! :)

  6. Sudarshan says:

    I tried downloading the audio files. The problem that i face is that the connection resets after 2 mins.

  7. Mandeep Singh says:

    Simply perfect…

  8. Mohinder Singh says:

    veer gurumustak singh,

    I want to download the one hour “questions answers” lecture of yogi ji but I was not able to download it. i went to the audio and video archive. but it started playing. no option of download was given. please help little more

  9. Mohinder…there is a little down arrow image which you click on to download.

    Sudarshan..there is an issue that I am trying to resolve regarding downloads stopping in the middle.

  10. Jasmeet Singh says:

    Thank you for this audio paji…really helpful.
    Gur Fathe!

  11. Hardial Singh says:

    I’ve been listning to Yogi ji’s lectures since 1980. I visited Singapore and my uncle got all of the Yogi Ji’s lectures on Tape. My dad copied a few of them and these days I’ve been talking to my friends and was thinking to convert them and burn them onto a CD to share. Then I noticed you had posted these lectures on your website. My work had already been completed by you and I am very grateful. These lectures are really helpful in understanging the inner meaning of Sikhism.Thankyou.

  12. Harinder Singh says:


    Thanks for taking the time to bless the Sangat with some historic pearls. Yogi Bhajan was truly an amazing soul, and it’s a beautiful thing that his katha continues to influence the masses.

    Thanks again for your sewa, keep posting and we’ll keep listening/reading.

    Stay in chardi kala!

  13. Kurunveer Singh says:

    These are the teachings that we need to know and prepare ourselves for in life. By listening to the questions and answeres and by reciting the name of Guru and maeditating on God we can live a peaceful life. I have found other podcaste that are also good and teaching, go to itunes and click on itunes store, thent type GGSF and download the podcast for FREE. You can also search Gurmat Audio and get other Sikh podcaste free There is podcast for Kirtan, and Sikh lectures

  14. nkm says:

    i wish i had met baba Harbhajan Singh….he's so cool…!
    a lot can be learnt from his lectures..

  15. parry singh says:

    Sat sri akal to all
    I want to tell to some special things about todays sikhs that they imagined that Guru Gobind singh was taken the meat at Qila anandgarh sahib at that time.But it is totaly false. If someone asked that it is not wrong to take jhatka meat, it is bad and totally bad. i want to pay request to all sikhs to plz read the hukamnama written by guru sahib where they are strictely proscribed sikhs not to take meat what soever it may be. so plz if you are really sikhs plz avoid that kind of impurities.A pure means try to be sikh.