The Climbing Wall

At Khalsa Youth Camp here in Espanola every summer the kids come for two weeks and learn all kinds of good stuff. On the last day of camp they had a "carnival" with fund activities for the parents and kids. I took this picture of a climbing wall that they had which I thought was pretty cool. Rock climbing is a common sport around here and these types of climbing walls (minus the picture of the Sikh/Guru) are what people practice on.

10 Responses to “The Climbing Wall”

  1. Pally Singh, you obviously have a totally different perpsective. First this is a painting and not the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. It is a visual and creative way for kids to enjoy climbing. I look at it as a cool metaphor of climbing up to reach the Guru. I see no disrespect in this.

    I do not bow to a picture and do not worship a picture..or treat it as if it were Gurbani. To me paintings and pictures are only ways for us to remember the Guru. Let us not confuse paintings and pictures by an artist as something real and being the Guru. It's all how you related to it though.

  2. Singh pally says:

    are u crazy how can u have picture like this and used for climbing and on top of that putting feet on it (all non sense ) some of the stuff u try to do with the path shown in sikhism is not good at all and this one belongs to that.

  3. Mandeep Singh says:

    I’m amazed at this living creation of Waheguru. so many different people and so many different prespectives.

    I’m amazed that if I start searching for negativity I can find it everywhere. so this negativity cannot be something outside, it must be somewhere else.

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji, keep the good work going.

  4. Lionchild says:

    Well we really should not have pictures of any guru.. since it’s an artists viewpoint of the guru. Yes, it’s a small detail, nothing to get emotional about. BTW, what guru is was painted?

  5. Manminder Pabla says:

    Even though Sikhs dont bow to a picture and do not worship a picture but dont forget….we should always respect those images that portrait our culture and religion. For example how about if you put Gurbani on the Shirts and sell it in the market. Wont that concern you or hurt your feelings if some drunk guys wears that?

    Same thing with that wall…..On the wall there are rocks on the man’s body and by his face. Imagine how many shoes are being touched to his beared and his turban. I dont think thas rite at all.

  6. Lionchild says:

    that’s a good point manminder! We should be respectfull of it anyways – just like any piece of artwork.

  7. Kiran says:

    its a cool picture….its a metaphore….those who have trouble seeing that have a very small and trapped mind. I do truelly feel sorry for u people. May the Guru take its time to help u. Remember that this is only a painting….an object of someone’s viewpoint and imagination. Why do people have to think so literal?

    On a more positive note…I agree with GM….its good picture and the rocks just symbolise the steps we take in life in order to reach the guru.

    Lots of Pyar

    Kiran xx

    p.s its 23* in London today and the sun is shining brightly. May rain later though….

  8. pally singh says:

    the question is not whether i am talking of mine be negative or narrow thinking ,most important thing is that if something like this is wrong i will say it is wrong . moreover if it really does not bother u then why all of us keep calendar’s and posters of our Guru’s at home , don,t keep then or through them out for people to keep there feet on them . who cares this is not real picture of the Guru hannah GMS. what ever is associated with Guru is respected and that’s what i mean to say.I think so things like these only can show ur concerns with the relegion ,ur attachment and love for the Guru . whatever do what you want to do…………………….. , if Kiran wants to say that this eg can be taken for overcoming hurdles in life there are many other hundreds and thousands of ways to show ..


  9. Prabhu Singh says:

    People like to find problems with everything!
    So people don’t do Puja to this painting, so what?
    Children reach for the image of a Sikh. Do you think that the Guru’s own children or grandchildren didn’t run up and climb on them as well?
    Kids are always jumping and climbing all over me, they love having an uncle who will play with them. I never think maybe they should be bowing to pictures instead.
    In this case shoes are not touching any beard and turban, they are touching paint. Who is telling the truth and who is lying? I think we’re both telling the truth. God is truth and God is everywhere. God is in the make-believe Gurbani t-shirt and God is in the real people who get drunk while wearing turbans.
    Guru Nanak said in Mecca, point my feet where God isn’t. It couldn’t be done.

  10. SikhSpeak says:

    “Reach for the stars” – Buzz lightyear (Toy Story)

    Camp seems like a cool initiative CONGRATS, I know personally, the UK SMS Gurmat camps really helped me as a kid! (OK, So im now a big kid lol)