The Deep Gaze

Charanjeet Kaur giving me one of her deep looks.

3 Responses to “The Deep Gaze”

  1. Mohinder Singh says:

    Sat Shri Akal charanjeet kaur Ji,

    You are really very cute! You look like your Mummy !! Grow big soon and help your daddy managing this blog. Narayan has started taking some pictures for him. For now, you can give him cute smiles and he will work hard for the whole sangat !!!!

  2. It has been one week plus a few daze since I have seen charanjeet Kaur and I am amazed at how much more form and character she has in her face. Coming into this world is a very Divine and amazing process of awakening.

  3. Tarvinder Singh says:

    To me that cute little face looks like Narayan. I instantly knew that this could only be Narayan’s sibling. Anybody else agree?
    Tarvinder Singh
    (UK, Wolverhampton)