Mangala Charan (of Jaap Sahib) CD

Sat Kirin Kaur - Mangala Charan

Earlier in June my mother taught a workshop at the  awesome Jaap Sahib Course which was held here in Espanola, New Mexico. Her workshop topic was to discuss and meditate on a part of Jaap Sahib which is called the "Mangala Charan". In preparation for the course she created a nice up-beat new Audio track (and then a CD) which is a meditation on the Mangala Charan From Jaap Sahib.

Some of you might know my mother Sat Kirin Kaur and her beautiful music. She plays classical Gurbani Kirtan very nicely, but in some of her recent CDs she has created a unique sound which fuses east and west. This style has had a wide appeal within the Spiritual/New Age/Yoga/Meditation class of music…which has allowed people from all faiths and religions to enjoy and meditate on Gurbani, which I think is awesome!

The energy of Jaap Sahib is very different from other banis that I have done. When I do Jaap Sahib I feel lots of Energy. It is a very powerfull bani that is hard for me to explain how it makes me feel when reciting. The audio that my mother put together I think is keeping in with this energy. When you hear the below audio clip you’ll of course notice that it is very rythmic and up-beat. The actual CD is 62 minutes long with 11 repititions. It is intended to be used for meditation and chanting with.

Sat Kirin Kaur – Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib

Chatara Chakara Varti - Jaap SahibAnother similiar CD that my mother put together is "Chatar Chakar Varti", also a mantra from Jaap Sahib, by Guru Gobind Singh ji. This track is originally from the CD album titled "Lightness of Being" but was changed a bit and extended to about 62 minutes long for use as a meditation.


You can hear a 2 minute clip from this CD by clicking one of the below links:

lo-fi: dial-up
hi-fi: broadband

If you like any of these CDs, want to purchase copies, or just want to hear some other CDs by my mother Sat Kirin Kaur, head over to CD Baby which is a store that sells her CDs.

14 Responses to “Mangala Charan (of Jaap Sahib) CD”

  1. Sukha Singh says:

    Fateh to all!

    These two CD’s are summed up in two words – CHARDI and KALA!

    What more can I say!!!


  2. Please know that a great feature of these productions is the heartbeat rythym and the booming and accelerating voice of Yogi Bhajan driving your sunee-ai into a deep experience of this ‘Bani’. The Mangala Charan Cd actually contains a ‘kriya’ for experiencing your intuitive projection. Guru Gobind Singh perfectly personified God/Wahe Guru in this opening prayer of Jaap Sahib.

  3. singh123 says:

    Very nicely done. The beats are very up beat. I do find however that out of the many Punjab Ragis and the new age Yogi Bhajan Ragis or any others who make banee/keertan tapes that is is hardly ever pronounced properly. The above tape has “Kahijay” – but is actual fact it is “Kahijaiii”, it is a Du-Lavaa not a Lavaa. Bibi jee is saying “Chapay Chand” – It is Chapaii – again with a Du-Lavan not a Lavan.

    In my opinion there are very few who pronounce the Banee properly, I encourage evryone to just read what is written and pay attention to the grammer.

    This is not a personal attack on anyone and has nothing to do with the fact that one is not born Punjabi – to use the proper technology of the shabad you must pronounce it properly.

    Forgive my mistakes. Thank-You

  4. Bless you. You are a lucky one to know all this while I labor and still …………Wahe Guru.

  5. G says:

    I have listened to this CD and Found NO faults and her voice is peaceful!

    People if you want to focus on slight degree accent then its your problem! Jin prem kiyo tine hi prabh…….

  6. singh123 says:

    It was not my intention to put anyone down. Why is it we cannot take it when someone points out an avenue to become better???

    Guru Gobind Singh sent a Singh to slap another across the face because he was miss pronouncing the banee – which will change the meaning. Here is an example:

    KaY Janaa Gur Sooraa – means what does the Guru Know – i.e nothing

    The proper pronounciation is – Kaiiii Janaiii Gur Soraa – again With a Dulaavaan not a Laavaan.

    Dasmesh Pitaa said you have changed the meaning of Banee, and that Singh was slapped. The Singh said he was reading BANEE how can the Guru order him to be slapped. The answer is that the technology of the Shabad is only tapped into when it is pronounced properly.

    Yogi Bhajan has said just that – when you read BANEE the way the Guru read BANEE it is on and the same. Otherwise not.

    I realize nobody is perfect and I also make mistakes – but it is important to learn and pay attention to what is written.

    G Singh – maybe you yourself don’t know the proper pronounciation, I don’t know, but slight miss-reading can make a huge difference. It has changed the sequence of the shabad and its understanding in your sub-counscious and conscious.

    Many of the Raagis sitting on our stages and read wrong then what happens is the sangat reads wrong and then we loose our touch to BANEE, and don’t get the full reward.

    Aunti Sat Kirin Kaur Jee – don’t take this as a put down. You must carry on with your work for the panth. It is only a god given reminder to pay attention to the grammer. I also was reading wrong for many years – then some great Gursikh woke me up, now I understand how important it is and I can pick up when someone is reading wrong.

    I am also born and raised in the west with no real knowledge of the Punjabi language – I had to learn the hard way as well.

    I hope you will take this into consideration, and not let it pull you down. We must learn from each other, that is what sangat is all about. What I have gained I have gained From the Sangat of Guru Granth Sahib and his followers who have shown me my mistakes in order to make me a better person. If they were to say you are great great all the time, I would have never learned the hard lessons of gurmat and gursikhi.

    The Satguru knows my pure intentions, i ask him to show you as he showed me. Pls excuse my faults.

  7. G says:


    If you think that everyone even kirtan jathe are doing wrong kirtan then you should do something about it since you have all the knowledge to correct it. please do something about it since you have found the faults. Otherwise its easy to pick small mistakes…..

    Instead of picking someone because of their very slight accent, which probably you will not understand, why don’t you provide some kind of service so everyone can benefit from it.

    You need to educate yourself that if someone from another culture who never knew about punjabi or Gurmukhi will have accent, just like you might have accent when you speak english, even if you were born in the western hemisphere.

    You are right that satguru knows your pure intentions, therefore, satguru also knows our pure intentions of LOVE.

  8. A.k.Sandhu says:

    I’m not taking anybody’s side
    But what i’m saying is that if someone pronounces a bhagthie or akher wrong you should tell them

    I’m somethimes a victem of pronoucing akhers wrong but i have my papa on my side to correct me

  9. resham says:

    right pronounciation is more necessary in if you know that i am reading wrong then u must learn .don`t argue on gurbani.plz be a good listener.there is no insult of any body if somebody is telling u a right fateh

  10. resham says:

    there is a story for a good listener.i am telling you to all sikh sangat.the advantages of good listener is written in japji know every body.there are four listen a story about good listener.

    once a time one priest was giving a lecture on bible on the bank of the road.he was speaking from the morning.every body was passing there.but no body stopped to listen his lecture for a moment.perhaps people had no time to listen or they were not interested in priest`s lecture on bible.afternoon a student came.when he saw that priest is speaking something about bible.then he stopped and started listening.after sometime he became mad and he took a stone and strucked to the priest`s priest hadbeen bleeding from his forehead.the student went away.the priest was calling to the student and running behind him.hey sweet guy plz are a nice guy indeed.the student was surprised.he was thinking i hurt this priest but this priest is coming behind me to say thanks.he asked to that priest.’i hurt you but you still say thanks to me.’for what?then priest replied.’hey my son i was giving lecture on bible from the morning but no body listened to me.but when you came you listened my lecture.although you didnot like my lecture this is the other thing.but you listened thanks for listening my lecture

    so sikh sangat ji in sikhism listening for gurbani is called puneetand reciting gurbani is called pavit.this means listener of gurbani is thousand times holy than recitng gurbani.

    suntey puneet kehtey pavit

    satgur rehya bharpoorey
    binbant nanak gur charan lagey bajey anhad tooray

    guru fatey

  11. Prabhu Singh says:

    It is a very common mistake in the east and west to say Lava(n) instead of Dulava(n). I think it’s nice if we can help people with it. I don’t have perfect pronunciation, but I do know a few things which I’ve been taught the same by several sources and trust them to be correct.
    Lava(n) is pronounced like ‘ay’ in the word day. Dulava(n) is pronounced like the ‘a’ in the word apple. These are two vowel sounds which native English speakers can say very easily. It’s just a matter of remembering (or learning correctly). As I’ve heard this pronunciation from many Punjabis as well, I think many westerners have learned to pronounce dulava(n) the same as lava(n). There are some pronunciations which are really difficult for westerners (English speakers), but this one can be done pretty easily.
    As long as we’re on the topic, another mistake I see a lot of in the west is pronouncing kana when it is a mukta. This is really difficult for Spanish speakers because they don’t have a mukta sound in their language, any time you see ‘a’ in Spanish it is pronounced as a kana. Kana is the long ‘aa’ sound pronounced like the vowel in the word ‘hot’. Mukta is the short ‘a’ sound like in the word ‘hut,’ this vowel sound doesn’t exist in Spanish.
    Sometimes I hear ‘AAjooni’ instead of ‘ajooni’ pronounced in the mool mantar and I was taught that these words have opposite meanings, so I think pronunciation can be pretty important.

  12. singh says:

    I was confused in that you were referring to AAjooni and ajooni as opposite meanings so just to clarify a bit.. heres just a small note

    ajooni/aajooni and jooni are opposite meanings. As long as you have an Aa sound in front of it. So if someone says a long aaaajoooonii or aajooni it doesnt matter. What matters is if you put the aa sound in front.

    Let me know if im wrong. I m also learning.


  14. king dhillon says:

    its mind blowing shabad.. i realy like tht .. its awesome….  cam i download this shabad..


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