Sikher – Open Source Gurbani Searcher

Here is a very worthwhile project that you should be aware of. I hope that you all check it out and give your support and get involved. If we all work together and help with this we could have an awesome tool! Here are some details on what it is all about.

The Future of Gurbani Has Arrived

In the age of the 21st Century, there have been many new technological advancements. Access to Gurbani has also evolved. The future of Gurbani is here. The future is Sikher – the World’s First Open Source Gurbani Searcher – which will make understanding and reading Gurbani simple through translations and transliterations in multiple languages. It has been built fresh from the ground up, to provide an exciting feature set for users, developers and translators alike. Sikher will work on any platform, whether Windows, Linux, Mac or even your PDA or mobile phone. It will help provide guidance when you’re making those crucial decisions in life, it will allow you to understand what is being read and sung at the Gurdwara, and shall help you recite your daily Banis. But that’s just the beginning…


Fresh & Free Forever

Sikher is being developed independently from other Gurbani searchers and so we’ve had the chance to make a really fresh start. What’s more is that not only will Sikher be available for Gurdwaras to download for free, but also if people wish to download it at home, they will be able to for free! And because it is being developed as an Open Source project, anyone can contribute to the project and download the code. So the project does not really belong to us, it belongs to the entire world community and so as long as that community exists, Sikher will continue to be supported and developed forever, and will always be free.

Our Unique Features

Our feature set is very impressive and unique. Here are a few tasters of what’s to come:

  • Open Source program which is community driven and free forever
  • Cross platform program (l10n) which works with Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Multiple translations & transliterations of Gurbani available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish & Russian
  • Project function which allows a user to save the order in which hymns appear
  • Export function which allows a user to export hymns in a variety of formats including text, (x)html, pdf & xml

The full exhaustive list of features may be found in the Features section.

Supporting Sikher

The Sikher team have put a lot of their own time and money into trying to complete Sikher Version 1.0. Much of the code for Sikher has already been written, however the project is still lacking both human and financial support. Please help us in any way you can, we require translators for French, German, Spanish & Russian and if you are a Java or XML coder we shall have use for you, but at the very least help promote Sikher and spread the word that the future of Gurbani has arrived and its going to be fresh and free forever. Ways you can help are by:

Some Final Thoughts

Some people don’t realise the importance of this project, but this is the single most important tool for the 21st Century in allowing people speaking different languages and living in different areas of the world, the opportunity to understand the simplistic message that the way of life of Sikhism has to offer. The Sikher team hopes to have translations and transliterations in all languages eventually, so this project will be an ongoing mission to provide the world with understanding and guidance. We hope for Sikher to become an integral part of the Gurdwara and to play a major role in educating youth about Gurbani, and indeed the rest of the world. Please be proactive in helping us achieve this vision ;). Satnaam.

Humbly yours,

Jasdeep Singh

7 Responses to “Sikher – Open Source Gurbani Searcher”

  1. SikhSpeak says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC program – this should be good and revolutionise gurdwaras and the use of technology!

  2. Pindu says:

    Great tool. It is trying to get to the next stage, which was started by the Sikhitothemax website, which has already revolutionised gurdwaras all over the western world, especially in the UK. Hopefully they will suceed in thier endevours.

  3. Jagjit says:

    i tried downloading the file but couldnt run the software…

    can any1 pls help me out..

  4. Fateh All,
    Jagjit Ji, you will need to have Java Runtime Environment installed from the Java website at Then just run sikher.jar and the program should run. Read the ‘readme.txt’ included for information on how to install Unicode fonts.

    Pindu Ji, Sikher does have roots in STTM, but I see it as a new application which is more futureproof and portable, and makes use of community driven involvement. I want to make it clear that nobody is in competition here, we’re just trying to do the best we can, to help as many people as we can to understand Gurbani, and hopefully learn a thing or two ourselves along the way ;). By God’s Grace, we will be sucessful! There is certainly no end to the challenge ahead of us, but we’re enjoying this journey as we make it! Satnaam.

  5. Indeed this will be the future tool for Sikhism….everywhere!

  6. Harleen says:

    sikher is a true site for foreign sikhs who are clueless about what Sikhism is. It is easy for them to read and make judgements which is against sikh belief. Maybe, there are some true Sikhs around. Sikhs do not criticize or gossip. Sikhs are born to live in thoughts of and work of becoming devine or saints. Sikhs are in search of banis that reside within a Sikh. A sikh bows only to guru granth sahib. Sikh does not owe to anyone or desire anyone.

  7. Prabhjeet Kaur says:

    Your Comment…fateh ji…
    i want to download this in my pc but software couldnt run…wat shuld i do ?