Of Gurus, Queens, Madness and Veils

by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

There is a story in “The Sikh Religion” by Max Arthur Macauliffe about a Raja from Haripur who came to Goindwal during the reign of Guru Amar Das. He brought his queens with him for the visit. History records a particular event that happened with one of the Raja’s queens. Let me share Macauliffe’s telling (with some slight changes in verb tense to make it easier on the eye):

 "Sawan Mal (one of the Guru’s Sikhs) went in advance to the Guru to announce the Raja’s arrival. The Guru said, ‘Let His Highness come by all means when he has eaten from my kitchen.’ The Guru’s condition was accepted. He received the Raja in private audience on the top story of his house, next in order the Raja’s prime minister, and lastly the Raja’s queens. They were all gratified with a sight of the Guru.

One of the queens lately married would not remove her veil. The Guru quietly said to her, ‘Crazy lady, if you are not pleased with the Guru’s face, why have you come here?’ On this she at once become insane and, casting aside her clothes, ran naked into the forest. Efforts were made to stop her, but she succeeded in escaping and baffling pursuit."

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5 Responses to “Of Gurus, Queens, Madness and Veils”

  1. Aquanaut says:

    Incredible insight, unsurpassed depth, rare mysticism, an amazing outside-the-box interpretation!! Let us hope the fake sadhs of Punjab don’t begin to use this amazing story of spiritual liberation and social emancipation to exploit and entrap innocent women driven by the search for truth and purpose.

  2. I was reading the story and had another take on it.
    Knowing how painfully shy young Indian women can be, consider how this young ‘girl’ was so caught up in her shyness and reserve that her unwillingness to remove the veil was an attachment to her limit. “oh I am shy and foolish girl and nobody and I do not deserve this…..” Not an untypical attitude. Rather a more mature attiude would be to embracing that moment with gratitude to be in the presence of “Sache Patishah” and surrender herself and embrace that moment to have the blessed darshan of Guru-ji.

    Her stubborness was rewarded by the total abandon and oppositeness of discarding all propriety rather than embracing the gift of the Guru’s sight……….we all must have had moments like this. Where we learn through our mis-takes?!

  3. Aquanaut says:

    Mata Ji,

    All attachments are limiting and a drag. The challenge is to re-evaluate them from time to time and to strive for freedom and emancipation
    despite their limiting effect.

  4. inder mohan singh says:

    this is not a true story. why guru ji told her in this way. this is just opposite to our guru teachings. go to sikhmarg.com where many scholars give their opinions to not to believe such false stories. guru ji loves every one and this is just a fake story. so dont waste time in spreading these fake stories and study shri guru granth sahib ji and open your eyes and mind. guru nanak dev ji always said that i am worse than everyone. guru ji give love to all and not curse anyone. so dont believe in these childish stories. guru ji also command us to not to believe in miracles, horoscope and magic. so why they perform miracle. it mean they are not following their own teachings? please stop telling such stories to your kid. these are fake and just read guru granth sahib ji to remove the dirt which is settle in our minds. bye wjk wjf.

  5. what about the young wife?