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SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

Hopefully most of you have heard of the SikhNet Online Youth Film Festival by now! How many of you thought about actually making a video and submitting it to the festival competition?? Hopefully some of you :)

What’s that? You have no use for an extra $1000 US Dollars? Oh, okay, okay, you don’t have to enter. But we really would like to see your film. Perhaps you’re just thinking about entering the competition. Well now’s the time to stop thinking and start doing! The submission deadline is August 31st. Get your ideas down on paper. What’s the central idea of your project? Is it funny, moving, musical, artistic? Make a storyboard with pencil and paper, like a comic book that tells your story, scene by scene. Now you know what video you need to shoot. Go grab that video camera and go for it! It doesn’t have to be long. Even a three minute video is fine, but if your story is longer, that’s fine too.

I posted lots of good info to help you get started. If you are working on a video project for the festival please do let me know. And feel free to contact me if you need any help or have questions.

Featured SikhNet Youth Film Festival Video
Here is a fun Spoof on the popular television advertisement for the Mastercard (credit card). This was created by Sat Bir Singh who is a local youth here in Espanola. This video takes the aspects of being a Sikh and turns it into a funny and positive video promoting the Sikh Identity.

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42 Responses to “Featured Video – SikhNet Youth Film Festival”

  1. Gurinder Singh says:

    Gurfateh Sat Bir Singh ji……….not too sure about the pink turban however the video is cool, original and well presented. Thanks a million…..Bollywood look out, here come Sat Bir Singh!
    Kind regards
    Gurinder Singh
    ps You look great in a pink turban!

  2. ajit singh says:

    cool movie !!
    :) :)

  3. Tarun says:

    I really liked that video, mad props

  4. jatlee says:

    LOOOOOOL!!! oh my god especially love the wink in the end! HAHAHA! wow man i want to do something now! except i havent got a good camera or good editing tools! :(

  5. haha excellent video! brilliant!

  6. co says:

    what a great idea!!

  7. Bikramjit Singh says:

    Awesome…marvelous…wonderful… It made my day

    Gur Fateh,
    Bikramjit Singh

  8. Ok… people no excuses now about equipment and software! Where there is a will there is way. Use your digital still camera if you have to. You don’t have to be high tech…. go lo-tech…lo-fi….if you have to! On the film festival “Getting started page” we give all the resources and info to help.

    There is still a little over a month left till the deadline which is plenty of time. Your video can be really short 1minute. It’s all about the message and not about the length. Be creative and express yourself…and have fun with it?

    So…who is REALLY going to do a video?? Just do it! (email me if you need help or direction :)

  9. dre says:

    I loved this !!!!! it is brilliant…it made my tired eyes
    happy…..loved loved…..!! cheers cheers
    for the idea…brilliant

  10. kbs says:

    excellent !

  11. Que chido, vacan, majo, cool! the essence can be deeper, it´s a happy inspiration!!! I love it!

  12. Prabhu Singh says:

    I thought I’d point out, that it is Sat Gurmukh Singh featured in the video. He is the brother of Harimandir Jot Singh of Chardi Kala Jetha and an excellent tabla player as well.

  13. hari says:

    I thought I’d point out, that it is hari- brother of Prabhu and my brother above is very skilled at the power of ULTIMATE frisbee

  14. Well, I thought I’d point out that you guys better get your butt off the chair and make video! Hahaha….

    No seriously… even if it is just 30 seconds or 3 minutes long video! Go lo-tech if you have to with a digi-camera.

    The whole purpose for the film festival is to get the youth to try something new to share their life, experiences, feeelings, joy…etc.

    I’m surprised that out of millions of Sikhs and all the people that know about the Youth film festival only FOUR (yes…that’s right) have submitted videos. So…if it makes you motivated more…your chances of winning some cool cash…are good if you make a video.

    So…no more excuses about how you are too busy and don’t know what to do…and give it a try! You could even have a lot of fun with it! Wow…imagine that!??

    (ps. let me know if you are going to work on a video)

  15. Preetkamal Kaur says:


  16. Mohinder Singh says:

    Sat Sri Akal,

    Excellent video ! I am in ! I want to enter the competion but how do you get the video from me? DO you get video tape from me ?

  17. I love it! Siri Pritam Kaur, Yuba City

  18. Mohinder Singh… the details are explained here on how to send us your video (through the internet)


  19. Parmeet says:


  20. Hey someone spoofed my identity above. That’s so odd, I feel like it’s happened to me more than once this week, but this is the only confirmation I have of it. I’m the real Hari Singh (Prabhu’s brother), and I do agree that Prabhu is good at Ultimate frisbee. This is just bizarre, someone spoofing me, but at least it’s in good humor, let’s hope it stays that way.

  21. Hari: I checked out the IP address of the person who submitted and it looks like a local from here (valor telecom)

  22. Gurp Kaur says:

    such a cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee brillllllllllient video! seriously it made my day as well!
    u are soo cute….
    im in love with u singh…(totally like a bollywood style!..im a fan now!!!…lol)
    heheheh! finally got to see some seriouse and funny side of singhs on a good note!
    keep up the good work…i wana see more videos like these…

  23. A.k.Sandhu says:

    What Gurps to check out da guys hey

  24. I keep watching this video over and oveeeeeeerrrr!!! HAHAHA!!! My goodness it’s getting obsessive!!! I’m definitely gunno get some people together and make one of my own. Everyone out there, I want you doing the same too :@! LOL! Satnaam!

  25. jatlee says:

    arite im going to make one! with my phone camera lol! lets see what we can get out!

  26. Manpreet says:

    Good video , keep it up!!

  27. Suninder says:

    Hey watched it many times, real cool v.d.o and esp the wink and the smile in the end :-) Keep it up!

  28. eat your heart out, MasterCard!

  29. Happinder Singh Khalsa says:

    Paaji Bahut vadhiya

    Keep it up.

  30. gurmeet singh bajwa says:

    amazing…..this makes me more proudy being a sikh..

  31. Jasbir Singh says:

    Bale ….Bale ….

    Excellent Creative Intelligrnt.

    Raj Kere ga Khalsa.

    May the long time sun shine upon U…….

  32. Pushpinder Singh Chahal says:

    No doubt, KHALSA is priceless……!

  33. Raminder Singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

    very well made …. sikhi is obviuosly priceless and this movie is also priceless … words seems to be less to praise it. …. keep it up man

  34. Jasvinder Singh says:

    Wahguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    Veerji a very good movie inspiring sikhism for youths, but instead of that turban it should have given more impact if the guy was tying a Dumaala.

    Anyways good creation, Keep it up, may god give u more inspiration n strength.

    Wahguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  35. gursimar singh says:

    kada te kirpan should have been of sarab loh not stainless steel

  36. Harvinder singh says:


    The idea itself is “priceless” moreover the video concept is brilliant the video actually proved again and showed the world that why shri Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj said “KHALSA MERO ROOP HAI KHAAS”.!!!
    hope this video inspires many among us..


  37. Harshdeep Singh says:

    The video is awesome.A great thought given by the maker.
    Outstanding.Keep it up.

  38. ranjit singh badwal says:

    the video is awesome

  39. Nirmal says:

    Nice good video



  41. Ria vij says:


  42. Awesome………..beautiful!!!!!!