Guruka Singh – Talking about “Judgement”

Here is the next video interview with Guruka Singh on various topics. In this video I asked Guruka Singh about the issue of people being judgemental of others (especially related to being a Sikh). Watch the video to see his response :)


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  1. asdf says:

    Meditation, path of religion is personal journey.
    No one can have knowledge of what is going on inside of another person.
    It is my personal belief that the only person you can judge is yourself. Only Dharam Raaj has been given the duty of judging other people….

    Kundalini Meditation

    Hiss ! Kundalini sting ego mine
    With nectar poison so sublime
    Piercing my rainbow Lotus shrines
    Making me to myself Divine !

    Kundalini bless me with thy blaze
    Delusion, suffering fear efface
    Spine darkness; with they lightening light
    Fragrance me ! Negative karma ignite !

    You are livingness ! its Life you keep
    Oh Mother of the mystic deep !
    Remove shadow of death from me
    In Shiva deathlessly to be !

  2. Khalsa says:

    Wow; that was very educational, and inspirational!

    Thank you very much for putting that up!

  3. Jagvinder Singh says:

    dear gurmustuk ji
    wahegurujikakhalsa, wahegurujikifateh!

    i needed a small favour from you. could you please tell me how to post in gurmukhi for my blog?
    i am using a blogger account, and i downloaded the font, and managed to use it, but it still appears as romanized text on my blog. i would be very glad of you could give me a solution.

    Thank you!

  4. satvinder says:

    Beautiful vichaar,

    I love the way Guruka Singh ji talks about our relationship with Guru Ji.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are wonderful Guruka Singh Ji!
    Never in your life you can imagine what your words mean in my little life.
    I will listen to this interview again and again, till i know every word by heart. So i will have your strength and maybe one day a bit of your wisdom!
    Waheguru, you are wonderful!

  6. jatlee says:

    this is beautiful! its the truth!

  7. Sifar says:

    Being judgmental is so much a part of us that without even realizing we pass judgment on others. E.g. when Guruka Singh jee says that he has met nicest Sikhs who do not keep hair and that he also has met some of the worst who keep their hair and tie turbans. I’m also kind of being judgmental when I’m analyzing Guruka Singh’s statement but that’s how we are. We do the same things that we criticize others doing to us.

    Bani says that our man (conscious) has been polluted for so long (all the different species we were born into) and it can only be purified by being in the company (sangat) of Gurmukh piyare (beloved of the Guru). Our Man (conscious) is like an onion bulb. As onion has layers which are so bitter in taste, likewise our man (conscious) also has polluted layers wraped around it. We take off one layer of pollution by doing Saadh Sangat only to find that there is another one right beneath it. It will take a while for us to get all the layers out, that too by Guru’s blessings.

    All in all, it is a great effort by Bhai Guruka Singh jee in presenting views on the issue. If the quotes from Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaaj can be included on the topic, it will be more interesting and hence more understandable.

  8. A.k.Sandhu says:

    Do you belong to te Guru
    Or do you belong to your mind?

    This question is going aroung in circles in my head
    I’m still saying it in my mind.
    It’s a powerful rethorical question.

    Keep it up your sewa is becaming effective

  9. Pritam Singh says:

    This video has given me a brand new “updated” mind set from my way of thinking. I will definantly humble myself a lot more now that Ive had this video shared with me from Sikhnet Ji.

    I can now admit that I always judged other Sikhs and didnt judge non-Sikhs. When non-Sikhs called me names all I could do was smile, but I was caught up in the who is Sikh who is fake who is more humbled when in reality it did pull me further away from myself bit by bit.

    Thank you for sharing this video with me because hearing Mr. Garuka Singhs wisdom has completely reprogramed my mind everytime I watch a new video.

    VeerJi you should do more video like this in the future and more often because they have a huge effect on others. I think of it like a sonar wave: It starts out small and from one point but spreads the further out it goes from the original place it was emmited, and almost like a cave it echoes and echoesand never stops unless you plug your ears and dont want to hearing {by being judgemental}.

    All I can say is wow. I dont get to sit in on any lectures around here and feel greatful to hear the wisdom of a humble GurSikh.


    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  10. G says:

    sifar you got it wrong.

  11. Bikramjit Singh says:

    I searched for the crooked in others, met not a single one
    Upon searching my own self, “I” found the crooked one.

    -Bhagat Kabeer Ji

  12. anildev_malhi says:

    All of us, at one point of time have been judgemental, and I think that most of us in the future even after watching the video will be judgemental. It’s difficult to shirk the ‘holier than thou’ attitude, especially among Sikhs. Before keeping my hair, i was branded as a ‘bad’ person, and upon keeping hair and tying a turban, im suddenly a saint. Internally, I know that i am the same person, im just trying to slowly obey all the rules of Sikhism.

    On another note, i have been unable to download this video and the previous 2 videos posted in your blog. I can only download the HTML address. Really don’t know what’s wrong.

    Take care and Rab Rakha.

  13. Hari Prakash Kaur says:

    This is one of the best videos I have heard Guruka do. I try to watch all of his videos because I have gotten so much from them, but this one hit home. I have been following the path for a little over a year now and have had more judgement from the sangat then by family and strangers. People wanted to point out what I was doing wrong, but no one was offering a course on how to be a proper Sikh. Of and on I felt I wasn’t good enough to represent Sikhism and felt embarresment when I was around the community of Sikhs. I was afraid they might see through me and think I wasn’t good enoough to be on this path. My Mata Ji kept telling me it doesn’t matter. You are where you are at becaues that is where you are suppose to be. There is no right way or wrong. That is what Yogi Bhajan was trying to say. Wear a turban, don’t wear a turban. Eat meat, don’t eat meat. Shave your legs, don’t shave your legs. It all comes down to your relationship with God and Guru. Everything else is just everything else. Guruka’s videos have helped me so much to discover more of what this path is about. He has been my Sikhism couse 101. Thank you for the gift of the teachings. Like Yogi Ji said, “If you want to master it, teach it”.

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    “To Help protect your security, Internet Exploere blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options”. Just click on that line and select “download file”

  15. Sifar says:

    G jeeoo

    My apologies as I’ve very limited brains. But that’s what I could make out (judging) when the example of good and corrupt Sikhs was given. I apologize once again if that example infers to something other than “Judging”….

  16. S I N G H says:

    Thank you so much for posting that video up!!!!!

    There are all sorts of people in the world. Some receive joy from inflicting pain on others; selfish people. And then (thank GOD) there are those with GODLY qualities of uplifting other people; these people receive their happiness from making other people happy.

    It is my personal opinion that only an enlightened being can talk down to another. For they have the knowledge of where they are leading that other person towards. Anyone else; the most they can do is take you for a ride: what happens if you fall of the cliff at the end? Only an enlightened being, even through journey may not appear pleasant, can lead you to the final destination!!!

    As in the words of Yogi Bhajan:

    Remember in essence and in conscience that your love can bring you the total sum of God if from you come the Word of God. Dirty words from you spread the dirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spiritual chiseling or if it’s the brickmaking of the slave in Egypt; mud does get on you. That’s why the life of the teacher is a very painful life. – Yogi Bhajan

  17. Deva Kaur (Orlando) says:

    Sat nam…Sat Siri Akaal!

    I enjoyed the talk very much!

    Is there any way to bring up the volume? I have difficulty hearing the videos even at the top volume of my computer.



  18. brahmchari says:

    one time the earth remarked to GOD, you have made me bear too much weight; GOD inquired as to what may be causing such distress to the earth. when it came to the answer: the earth replied there are too many thankless people living on me which are causing such grief. (not all the heavy mountains and trees) those that forget the good that another person has done for them are called akrithgaan (thankless people). those are the ones causing unbearable weight for the earth.

    in essence, GOD has given all the freedom of choice. the ultimate responsiblity one can take on is to never forget GOD, even for a moment. this is the greatest karam, action, philosophy.

    we go on carrying on with our daily lives until our bodies may transpire on this earth, but that is not the end of the journey. The karam one may commit are judged in the court of dharam raaj. from there our soul are processed accordingly.

    what is/what may be has been written down like a roadmap. what will occur may be witnessed by those bestowed with such knowledge. they can say that this event will occur on this day; a natural disaster on that day – it is all preordained. Those that can tap into such knowledge can witness the phenomena beforehand.

    This is why gurbani has stated that all are doing the duty as given to them by the great guru and has revealed to us “THE POWER OF ARDAAS”!

  19. inder mohan singh says:

    first i want to say that its v good videos. there is god in each person. but i’ve a one a sikh we cannot cut our hair. if we cut our hair then we are disrespecting our gurus. yes i agree many sikh who wears turban are not good but its because they did,nt attach themselves to their gurus bani. shri guru gobind singh ji command the sikhs to never cut their hair and we must live according to the god will. i dont hate people who cut hair. god is also inside them and they may be much better person than sikhs. but i strongly believe that as a sikh we must never cut our hair. otherwise sikhi will come to end. as in punjab lots of boys have cut their hair. once punjab was a sikh land where our gurus gave very useful teachings to sikhs. now not many people (esp young guys) wear turbans. so now they are more better person by disobeying their gurus? look into the history. bhai taru singh didn,t allow the mughals to cut his hair and choose death. yes i know by only wearing turban you can’t be a sikh. you must follow your gurus teachings only then you are sikh. but still hair and wearing turban are the identity of sikhs and we must respect our hair and turban. please forgive me if i said something wrong. but hair are necessary for sikhs. if not then why to get up early morning and take bath. guru nanak ji said that by taking bath you can clear from outside but remain dirty from inside. so you have to clean your mind and soul. i am writing our gurus instructions and these are belows:

    keep long hair coz they are god gifted.
    always speak truth.
    take bath early morning and do path.
    remember god name (waheguru)
    always be in chardikala
    always help the needy persons
    give 1/10 of your earning in donation
    all are your brothers and no one is your enemy.
    respect women
    keep away from five evils.
    always feed the people who are hungry.
    respect all the religions.
    avoid racism.
    aviod tobacco and liquor
    lead family life but rememder god

    i am not 100% right. i have done lots of mistakes in my life. but as a sikh you must follow your gurus teachings. these are my personal feelings and if my sikh brothers wanna cut hair they can. its their life and i think they can be much much better person than me. but please if you want to be sikh then you must keep your hair uncut.

    guru gobind singh ji speak to sikhs that

    rehat pyari hai muj ko sikh pyara nahi.

    i love the rehat (discipline of sikhs) not the sikhs.

    ok bye. i am not an intelligent person. just writing some gurus teachings. each person has his life and judgement. you cannot force anyone. just love each and every person and think about humanity afterv al our father is one and we remember him by different names. for sikh he is waheguru, for muslims – allah, for christians – jesus, for hindus – rama. but he is the one and we all are his children. so spread love and do sewa that is real sikhi. but it would be more better if we keep our sikhi symbols also. wjk wjf.

  20. Ritu says:

    Thank you SO much Guraka Singh Ji and Gurumustuk ji, so much to think about and try to apply to everyday life. Yours words really do make a huge difference….Keep up the great work.

  21. taran says:

    cool man…. I have always beleived that people who see bad in others are only reflecting their own misgivings on other people, frustration about your inner dirt makes some people lash out at others and condem others.

    “a person with dirty windows looks out and sees only dirty people walk by”

    I think that many people do not like themselves and for that reason find it had to like others, learn to love yourself and also accept your own misgivings and you will be able to accept other people and their misgivings.

    This hatred is inherrant in human nature in every society you go to it stems from insecurity and fear.

    Fareeda jeh too akal lateef, kaley likh na lekh, apne girivaan meh sir neeva kar dekh
    fareed if you consider yourself a wise person, then do not write black stains on other people , look within yourself and hold your head low

    I love the messages of peace and acceptance I have been reading on your blog. keep it up, many people appreciate it.

  22. sifar says:


    Sikhs featured on

    Spread the word.

    Chardi Kala….

  23. G Kaur says:

    brahmchari Says:
    July 25th, 2006 at 9:02 pm

    “one time the earth remarked to GOD, you have made me bear too much weight; GOD inquired as to what may be causing such distress to the earth……. (thankless people). those are the ones causing unbearable weight for the earth….
    …..we go on carrying on with our daily lives until our bodies may transpire on this earth, but that is not the end of the journey. The karam one may commit are judged in the court of dharam raaj. from there our soul are processed accordingly.”
    when i read that what came to me was….isn’t this statement sayiny that God is someone other thn alll of us…like he is some kind of authorty? as Gurbani says…creator lives in his creation…Its alll Akal;waheguru! or am i mistaken?
    not judging the comment, but just asking a question to clearfy something about my minds thinking:) Thanks!

    videos awsome…
    helps to bring out the best in all of u. sometimes we just need the word of waheguru from another soul…
    im jus having really hard time saying that we are all one…so basicaly its one soul helping its own part.(im saying this cuz i see/feel all of us are connected as one. other soul’s words are ours/waheguru’s wors . and by no means do i feel like this all teh time but jus by guru sahib jis kirpa thats what i get from the teachings and want to achive it)

    many thanks! now i’ll try not to judge my sister.. and prolly less fight will take place between us!
    why do we want others to be like us? or follow Sikhi be on the right path? why do some of us try so hard and at the end jus get misrable?

  24. Guruka Singh says:

    Sifar Ji – Thank you for your comments. My point was a simple one: people often judge others by their appearance. When one sees into the heart, one sees who truly lives in that body. That’s it. Perhaps I did not express it well.

    Gur fateh! …..G

  25. Karan says:

    Guruka Singh ji your response to the question that was asked was brilliant. Thank you very much.

    Waheguru, is great!!!

  26. Sifar says:

    Bhai Guruka Singh jee…


    That’s right. Judging others based on their outer appearance is very common phenomenon. But that can be said for people who are not Sikhs like those Americans, Canadians, Europeans, who do not know who Sikhs are and who when see a Sikh would connect them to 9/11, assume that Sikhs are Arabs, they are bad, they are anti American, terrorists etc… etc…. But what is very common with in Sikh community (point raise by GMS) is that some self appointed righteous Sikhs measure others (Sikhs) as per their mind set, what they know is the definition of wrong or right. Without having any authority, they blame others for not being true Sikhs, not following Sikhi etc… etc… They judge others to be disgrace to Sikhi and on the other hand, others judge them to be fanatics.

    When you said that some of the nicest people you met are Sikhs who do not tie turbans and some of the most corrupt Sikhs you have met are the one who tie turbans, I believe this is also passing judgment and in a way you are contradicting your self as in the video you said that God made everyone perfect the way they are, and it does not matter if that person is a patit, a fool, a liar, a thief….. so calling someone corrupt or bad is not seeing God in them as “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all”.

    I am again reiterating as I did in my 1st comment, that the video is really great and provides a real spiritual insight into the topic.

    Bhul chuk De Kheema…

  27. G says:

    sifar ji

    again, in your second paragraph you got it wrong! sorry.

  28. singh sahib says:

    In reality, there is not need for all these complications and rituals people may apply on themselves; Guru Nanak made a very simple path for all to follow, and that is the rememberance of GOD’s name. All else is irrelevent. You may wear indian clothes, or gatra on top. All these superstition don’t matter.

    Sikhi is not terrorist group where we can go around and blow up airplanes. That is the very fibre that our religion is against. The problem we see in the news these days stem from the very source of this topic, and that is judgement. If we are not judgemental, I believe there would not be very many problems on this earth. What would have happened if the SGPC did not accept the ‘white’ sikhs into the religion and disavowed Yogi Bhajans efforts. That was not the case; the exact opposite happened and Yogi Bhajan was named pioneer for spreading sikh dharam into western hemisphere. Although his technique may not be popular, the end result speak for the efforts.

  29. Hari Singh says:

    WOW – You have an absolute jewel there Gurumustuk. What a wonderful Gurbani oriented talk. May Waheguru bless you and that wonderful Kohinoor, Guruka Singh. I hope I will remember his words always – Such beautiful Gurmat advice for us all.

    And Bikramjit Singh such an appropriate tuk: “I searched for the crooked in others, met not a single one. Upon searching my own self, I found the crooked one.” (Kabeer Ji)

    Many thanks, Hari Singh

  30. PCJS says:

    I actually watched first few seconds of this video and realized hypocricy right away. If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all. Well that’s a good one. However, in first few seconds, you started judging people calling patits, cheat and whatever and yet you are preaching that judging others is a curse.

    Have a curse-free day :-)

  31. PCJS: I think you are misunderstanding judgement from observations. It’s one thing condeming and criticizing people. It’s a whole other thing when you make observations and are trying to help a situation and make people aware of something in a positive way.

    One can look at this many different ways. You say the video is hypocritical, but I don’t feel that way. We all relate and understand things differently. We could go round and round arguing…but that wouldn’t be the best use of my time. Hopefully you and others can see the heart of the message in the video and not get stuck on picking out things.

    Sat Nam

  32. talbir singh says:

    Dear Gurumusuk singh

    i do see the heart of your welll deliverred message about judging people.
    i have some difficulty putting this into practice. i cannot for instance see god in adolf hitler- extreme example i know. this is not with repsect picking things out but perhaps a good parallel to draw.

    Kind Regards Waheguru

  33. Dilpreet says:

    God Bless you.

  34. jaspreet kaur says:

    congratulations and thank you Sardar Guruka Singh ji…Wishing that Waheguru enables you to share many such videoes with us.Your thought are amazingly clear and touched me deeply.Best of all I think they are so easy for youngsters to relate to…I have strongly recomended them to my son who started his 3 rd semester in Wharton and I hope he will enjoy your talks as much as I do…in that case I will have to add another thank you to you..I live in Chandigarh and I have been telling all my near and dear ones to listen to what you are sharing…looking forward to hearing you in person in our town some day soon…Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh…Jaspreet kaur

  35. Guruka Singh says:

    Please understand that in this video I am using the term “patit” in its exact meaning which is to indicate someone who has understood that he belongs to his Guru, but then turns his back on his Guru. It in no way refers to anyone’s appearance or dress.


  36. Guruka Singh says:

    My humble thanks to everyone who has sent me blessings, prayers and thanks. I am very grateful to all of you. I am my Guru’s servant and he keeps me as he pleases.

    Blessings and love to everyone from Espanola, NM USA.


  37. Sukhpreet Singh K says:

    rehat pyari hai muj ko sikh pyara nahi – this is noted above by indermohansinghji, it is the first time i have come accross this, i need everybody’s help to confirm that Guru Gobind Singh ji did actually affirm this, please help me on this everyone. Guruka Singhji Gurumustuk Singhji you also please advise me on this, i just want to learn.

  38. Hi,

    When Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji asked for heads as sacrifice to Akal Purakh, he actually beheaded them meaning that all your temporal or secular connections are gone and you have become the sons of Akal Purakh in which the colour of the skin or tribal links disappear. As a dead person has no family or secular interests, so are the Khalsas. The Five were made alive by sprinkling water with “SATNAM” recitation.

    Such is the nature of the Khalsas/Nirmallae Sants that Banda Bahadur was especially instructed Not to get married or seek secular power as the kings do. But he deflected from the tenets of Khalsas and suffered along with the blind to spirit donkey Khalsas.

    A Sikh being a spiritual student, should be able to impress the local Christians by rendering expositions of the Parables as I do. Such a Sikh by grace of God and not a fanatic of turban and beard.

    I have written a Book in Punjabi that introduces to the subject but for better understanding, best are lectures or telephone discussion.

  39. gagandeep kaur says:

    thank u Gurkha Singh ji for a very inspirational, elevating & a beautiful talk.

  40. Roopesh Tyagi says:

    I  needed this peace that the gentleman is offering for free here and am feeling so relaxed. of course, i admit i have severe issues in my life but i pray all resolves peacefully. peace must alwaz be the first option.

    Indeed He knew before I wud even think what I needed at any point in time.

    Peace and  JAI GURUDEV!

  41. Roopesh Tyagi says:

    Chaudhry Nijjhar Saheb Ji,

    My respects to you, you being my elder. I have listened to some of your comments, i liked some , dint like some. Pardon me if i am wrong, isnt is wrong to identify castes in speeches who was responsible for that and this?   bakki, having said this, i see you have no other cause but to spread peace in ur own unique way.

    You are welcome to write to me at [email protected]   or I might drop a mail to you, Sir.

    Thanks for reading me, Peace