Yummy Food

Just some of the yummy dishes that were made for Dharam’s going away party.

9 Responses to “Yummy Food”

  1. jatlee says:

    ahh man! always eating lovely food without me! you wait im gna post up pics of lovely food on my blogg!

  2. UK Wala Singh says:

    being a lacto-vegetarian i’v always had problems finding a balance between remaining vegetartian and eating healthy. While most people find vegetarianism as healthy, eating Lynda McCartney Sausages & all the processed vegetarian frozens food are quite far from being healthy.

    i’v always wanted to know how to cook GOOD & TASTEY healthy western vegetarian food but i fall quite short and usually settle for beans on toast…lol

    maybe we could all share how to cook simple yet good healthy vegetarian food, like making burgers and freezing them to eat at a later date rather than eating processed foods.

    GMS plz help, maybe all the readers to this blog could input, because i know Punjabi ppl find it hard to experiment with food and always stick to dhall roti…which is healthy too but variety is of key :)

    my biggest problems is what to take to uni for lunch?

  3. Sukhmani says:

    Aaaw i am now really hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A.k.Sandhu says:

    ohhhhh jatleeeeeeeeee!! U better watch ur diet

    u don’t wanna grow fat doya!!

  5. UK Wala: There is actually a lot of healthy and vegetarian food you can make. In the past I featured a really great cook book on my blog. This is one that I grew up on and is awesome. Has all kinds of yummy foods. For take away…for big groups…desserts…etc…


  6. A.k.Sandhu says:

    ohhh uk wala
    as u live in da uk pop in Subway.
    It’s my favourity AND HEALTHY TOO.

  7. UK Wala Singh says:


    yup i do love Subway Veggie Delite but lately i’v been takting notice of how they serve not only my food but others before me and i’v noticed that even though they do change their gloves. They still touch the meat and touch the vegetables…watch it for yourself :(

    Thankx GMS Ji, i’ll check that out

  8. jatlee says:

    its all about fruits! and not eating much and not filling your self up! and its about rockys too! mmmmmmmm!

  9. A.k.Sandhu says:

    Uk Wala
    Hear this i’ve even been served without any gloves
    God knows they could’ve been picking their buggies