Hari Kirtan Kaur

At the party enjoying a fresh young co-conut. I LOVE these! They come from Thailand and the milk is so delicious. It’s always a treat for us to get these.

(Ok Hari Kirtan…your picture is now online! Your famous now, ok? Hahaha…)

One Response to “Hari Kirtan Kaur”

  1. Santokh S. (Malaysia) says:

    I feel so thrilled seeing you guys. And I also cry with happiness to you all. Your inspiration and devotion has left a mark on me. I am now considering finding a true life partner who has your spirit and courage. Kindly recommend woman who’s willing to accept and mold a 49 year old Sikh from Malaysia and bring him (me) into your fold of meditation and inner joy. I am willing to leave all the comforts that surround me for this wonderful life of simplicity. I am a punjabi sikh. divorced and will willingly accept any gora sikh woman with children, divorced or widowed as a life partner.
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    Presently staying in Malaysia alone.