My Experience at Sikh Student Camp (UK)

Well, the time is nearing for the next Sikh Student Camp (in England) and I’ve been thinking alot about all my Sikh brothers and Sisters over in England who I met last Summer at camp and elsewhere. I wish I could be there again this year. Those two weeks in England were amazing and really opened a lot of doors for me in many ways.

I was raised in a very different way than your average Sikh and was not used to what I see often today in the "Sikh World" (Sikhs fighting with Sikhs, stupid politics, hurting others, judging, criticizing, slandering, fanaticism, empty ritual, etc.). Many of my interactions with Sikhs left a feeling of being judged or looked down upon, like I was doing something wrong and was being mislead. So, when I went to England last summer as an adventure to connect with my Sikh brothers and Sisters I had no idea what to expect. I sort of expected the same thing, and thought it might be the normal non-experiencial and intellectual stuff which seems to be dominant. I can’t tell you how surprised I was on how different things were to my expectations. Maybe I just don’t get out enough (All these years behind a computer)?

It was so refreshing to meet other Sikhs who shared love for the Guru in a heart centered and open way. Without condition or judgement. At the camp everyone was included and welcome. Whether they had cut hair or wore a super turban didn’t make a difference. The things we did were meant to give people their own personal experience of being a Sikh; Something that they could take away with them, and give a better understanding of what being a Sikh is about, and WHY.

I had such an experience in England. The camp, the feeling, the sangat, the experiences, the new friendships, the sharing, the learning, the emotions, the release, the crying, the laughing, the running, the meditating, the singing, Feeling one with everyone. This is some of what I got at camp.

Guruka Singh Khalsa This year SikhNet’s very own, Guruka Singh will be teaching at Sikh Student Camp (UK). Many of you may know him through the many wonderfull video interviews that I have posted here and on SikhNet. I have learnt so many priceless things from Guruka Singh over the years and never fail to have a big smile when I see his glowing face :) He has a certain joy and loving way of connecting with people. Whenever I have some challenge in my life he always has something positive to say and makes me see it from a different perspective. I know he will be great at camp and share lots of "Gems" with everyone.

So, if you are 17 years of age or older and want to have an experience, head over to England for a Sikh Student Camp. It’s ony a month away (Aug. 20th), but It’s not too late! You don’t have to live in England to go to the camp! But if you do live in England then you don’t have any excuses :) Take a week out of your year to work on yourself and connect with your soul. You deserve it!

If you are interested in learning more about the camp or registering you can visit their website at:

Ps. You can see some of the pictures and videos from my adventures in England and Sikh Student Camp from last year on my blog archives: August 2005 and September 2005

14 Responses to “My Experience at Sikh Student Camp (UK)”

  1. Randeep says:

    Gurumustukh,vjkk vjkf!

    we’re all sorry that you cant make it to camp this year… its was amazing to have you over last year. we are all really looking forward to Guruka Singh coming over and spending time with the Sikh Student crew.

    I’ve heard so much about Guruka Singh, and have really appreciated the videos you’ve put up with him.

    This years gonna be a blast!
    Hope all the family are in chardi kalaa.
    Best wishes and lots of love,
    randeep singh


  3. jatlee says:

    sikh student all the way! this camps gonna be amazing to bad im gna miss it! that means theres one space free! hurry gna be all booked soon!

  4. navpreet kaur ( london) says:

    Gurmustukh, you took the words straight out of my mouth, regarding your experience at camp. Sikh student camp 2005 was the first Sikh camp I ever attended- it was an amazing experience. There was so much anand throughout the whole week!!

  5. what is your definition of fanaticism

  6. varinder kaur (west london) says:

    AMAZING EXPERIENCE, nothing compares to the spiritual vibes felt at SS CAMP!!!


  7. Meena Kaur says:

    I thought Sikh Student camp was amazing last year. I am sorry you wont make it this year Gurmustuk. BUT i have to say i cannot wait to see Guruka!!!
    Camp totally touched my heart. All the years i had been going to the gurudwara i understood nothing. felt nothing. Last yr the experience that i had i cannot describe!!!! Amazing people. Inspiring lectures. The most touching kirtan……

  8. man i wish i could go there…

  9. kbs says:

    Dear Mr. Otpreka singh ji

    following is a link where, i hope , u could find the definition of the word u were seeking

    vjkk vjkf

  10. thank you kbs, i said ‘your definition’ not wikipedias definition…

    i believe calling people fanatics is just the easy way out

  11. Prabhu Singh says:

    True Sikh fanaticism wouldn’t be a bad thing. I joke sometimes that I’m a fanatic because I love the Guru and as much as I try or people try to convince me, I just don’t have as much interest in non Sikh-related activities. I would rather meditate and recite Gurbani than go to a movie. I would rather say out loud that my religion is the best, than pretend that I don’t believe it! There’s really no denying that the zenith of all spiritual wisdom and the embodiment of all truths is in the Sikh Dharma. All religions are great, and we have the best of each.
    I think Gurumustuk Singh Ji is probably referring to the negative type of fanaticism. This would be the type of fanaticism where you believe ‘your way’ is the only way and you try to force that on others. This was never taught by the Gurus and has absolutely no place in the Sikh Dharma. Although I believe my way is the best for me, I see that everything is a play of God’s and thus belongs to God’s will not mine. Whatever my judgements are should serve me or perhaps someone else. If these judgements don’t serve, but harm, they are not worth sharing or repeating.
    Only through love will one know God, so doing anything religious is useless if there is no love. My love and devotion drives my religious practice and my daily life. This leads me to different decisions than others, and yet others (on the internet) have had the nerve to lecture me because I’m not doing things their way. I try to explain my reasons, but some people don’t want to hear it and they just consider my reasons ‘wrong.’ How can they know what is right or wrong for me? Only my Guru can instruct me what is right and wrong and I will never let anyone interfere with my relationship to the Guru.
    Every breath of life is an opportunity to remember God. Through the Guru we have the opportunity to use the power of the word to connect with God. Why should we waste even one breath or one word to say something negative?

  12. inder mohan singh says:

    just reading prabhu lines and i can say that he is totally right. by the way prabhu i like your pictures and more than that i like your love to gurus and your feelings. bye wjk wjf

  13. Sub says:

    WOW!! i can feel all the positive vibes from sikh student camp already! Just counting down the days til it starts… Cant wait!!

    Hope to see you all there!


  14. unknown says:

    hahah lmaoo i <3 da super singghh ;)