NEW – Audio Translation of Daily Hukamnama

Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji

Starting today SikhNet is testing out a new service which will allow you to listen to an English translation of the Daily Hukamnama from Harimandir Sahib. My friend Sukha Singh from the UK has gracefully accepted my request to help with the translation seva. I just heard the first recording from today’s Hukamnama and enjoyed it a lot. I’m excited :)

Normally when I read the basic english translation of the hukam I don’t always get the deeper meaning of the hukam. This audio translation I think will help me start to understand the message better, and learn Gurbani better. I hope the youth and other English speaking Sikhs will take advantage of this service to deepen their connection with the Guru and get a better understanding of the Guru’s message to us all.

We are doing this service as a test for the next month. If people find it usefull then hopefully we will continue it on a regular basis after that. So, if you are interested you can start to listen to this every day. Let us know what you think. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

View Hukamnama and Listen to the Translation
Direct link to audio only translation of hukam

Hukamnama PodcastAlso Get the free Hukamnama Audio Podcast.This will enable you to have different options to get the daily hukamnama automatically. Whether it is on your computer or on a portable MP3 player like the Ipod.  Cool eh?

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8 Responses to “NEW – Audio Translation of Daily Hukamnama”

  1. BCSikhYouth says:

    Great work Singh ji!

    Here is an article related to this topic:

    Hukamnama Sahib

  2. mandeep singh says:

    Jo Bolaaaaay SOoooo NiHaaaaaall

    Saaatt ssriii aakkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

    THIs is just too too chardi kala… words cant express how awesome this is.

    Ive been reading the hukam for years now and its just got better. Gurus words are being hear out loud and translated into the deeper meaning.
    Big Big up to Sukha Singh Khalsa, who\’s love of the Guru and desire to serve has brought this here.
    Big Up to GMSTK SIngh… who is just leading sikhi into the age of aquariaus.

    Beautiful Seva, Gurus Kirpa, keep it up please, im hooked for life…

    Anything I can do please dont hesitate, in the service of humble gursikhs…

    Dhan Guru Nanak

  3. Sarib Singh Khalsa says:

    Please keep it up!

  4. Hardev Singh says:

    This is the best news ever!!!!!
    keep up all the good work
    collaboration and working together towards the betterment of the Panth and society at large is what we have been given this life for.
    chardhi kalaaaaa

    Not worth the dust under the feet of those who serve Guru Maharaj

  5. Gurmustuk Virji,

    How do I get the Gurmukhi font for my browser that you’re using here:

  6. Ennis: The font download link is on the side navigator….or download from here:

    With Internet explorer for viewing the pages it uses a dynamic font…but other browsers or viewers will require that you have the font installed.

    You can even have the hukam and audio emailed to you directly by signing up at: (second option)

  7. Raminder Singh says:

    Our Pyare Gursikhs, Sukha Singh ji and Gurmustak ji.

    Waheguruji Ka Khalsa. Waheguruji Ki Fateh.

    This podcast is just what we need each day to get through day. Please continue this sewa, without ever considering to withdraw it.

    May Waheguruji bless you fulfilling all your aspirations.



  8. gurmukh peeareo sat sri akal .i am really pleased to join such a great sabha .may waheguru bless us to follow his dynamic path