Love of Music (Gathering of Friends)

Hari Bhajan Kaur Singing at Gurdwara

Every once and a while Hari Bhajan Kaur organizes time in the evening for whoever wants to come to the Gurdwara and just sit together and sing/play Gurbani free flowing. You could call it is a Gurbani "Jam" if you like. Basically anyone can sing or play along with whatever instrument. Everything is very casual  and totally improvised as you go, and flows based on who is there. This reminds me of a similar music session with Sikh friends in Malaysia.

A few weeks ago I saw an email sent around inviting people for a musical get-together. I wasn’t able to attend, so I scheduled my computer to record it. Luckily they used the Gurdwara sound system (microphones) so I was able to get the audio.

Here is an audio file of them getting started with a very meditative (I think one might call it "Alaap" style) …Waheguru chanting. I love the background guitar and other female backup vocals. Keep in mind that this is a live recording of an improvised session.

[Audio:] Download

If you like this track you can hear/download more music sung by Hari Bhajan Kaur in the Audio/Video Archive. (Or do a search on the blog for her name and you’ll get all the info and downloads).

7 Responses to “Love of Music (Gathering of Friends)”

  1. Mohinder Singh says:

    Very nice bibi ji !!! May waheguru always keeps you in chardhi kalan!

  2. jts says:

    awsome simran….improvised? anything that comes from the heart like that isnt improvised..its godsent. like the gurus bani.

    again awsome.


  3. Jagvinder Singh says:

    Hey gurumustuk, wjkk wjkf!

    Ive started blog, do check it out. Its a humble attempt.

    p.s.: i’ve linked ya.

  4. Manjit Singh says:

    Sat Sri Akal,

    very Proud to see that sikhs living out of India are so much attached to Kirtan and such beautifull kirtan, waheguru is always with you

    Manjit Singh

  5. Kanwaljit Singh says:

    I have first heard your voice at sikhnet. Its different. specially the mool mantra and waheguru jap. It has got high gravitational pull to make other fall in deep meditation. Tell me where i can find more shabads or CDs etc.

    Advice Please keep the music close to indian classsical music if possible. i have tried to give demo to others but they rejected it as music was bit high and western. If you can change a bit then you can help a lot to those jo raste to bhatak gaye hai.

    Kanwaljit Singh



  7. Orvinder says:

    I think the recording is absolutely harmonious!  As for it not being ‘classical indian’, I think you should just let the harmony and rythmn come to you and go with what suits you best.   As a Sikh female living in the West, I prefer the Western style Kirtan and Shabad.  For the youth in the West, we need something with a bit of a Western twange to it, to help encourage the younger generation to listen to Kirtan and Shabad.
    P.S. You have a very beautiful voice.